Staying true zeeworld update Thursday 1 June 2023

Staying true 1 June 2023: Sanjay waits for Paragi at a roadside tea stall. Paragi comes jogging and apologizes for being late. He says she need not explain her so much as he is not Batra, offers her water and tea. She asks why didn’t he go back to Bhopal as family will not understand. He says why will they not understand, she is his wife and its his duty to support her. She asks him to repeat it. He repeats and asks her to concentrate on training and bother about family. She says he need not worry as she will attend pooja tomorrow and says she will go now as she came between 10 minutes break. Batra notices them and stops his car. They both get tensed. Batra leaves. Sanjay says they should check if Batra is single as he always gets jealous seeing a couple. He hugs her and sees her off.

Vinod tells Sushma that Paragi has gone for IAS and civil service training there and not any regular tuitions that she asked Paragi to attend pooja. Sushma says she is performing pooja for Sanjay and its important for a wife to sit in pooja. Vinod says she is wrong. Sushma says arelationship should be followed from both sides, only Sanjay is following it and left his business meeting for Sanjay. Vinod thinks why only girls have to go through the delimaa and stuck between duty and family, Parag is stuck in a difficult situation.
Chandna calls an insurance agent who gives her husband’s insurance claim papers worth 25 lakhs. She says she will sign them after her daughter Paragi comes and thinks she should hide it from Atul and Kinker or else they will waste insurance money like they mortaged house and wasted money, Paragi has equal rights on the money and she will not let brothers snatch her right. Atul’s wife Shiva provokes him to do something before his mother transfers whole property and money in Paragi’s name and makes them a beggar.

Batra returns and sees guards missing at main gate. Paragi opens door for him remembering him opening door last night and punishing her. She thinks let him give her tasks and she will complete each of them. Vinod and family reach temple 1 hour earlier for pooja Sanjay meets them and says he missed them. Sushma thinks her son is happy seeing them. Pramod taunts Sanjay if he is busy serving Paragi here. Vinod warns him to behave at temple. Sushma asks Sanjay if his wife will attend pooja.

Batra gives another task to students and makes a team of 2 each. Paragi asks why is she not given a partner. Batra says he is her partner and they all compete against each other. Paragi says he paired girl with girl and boy with boy, but paired her with a boy and its injustice. Batra says machine guns, terrorists, and bombs don’t have any gender and hence Paragi shouldn’t mind. Paragi says he is right, even IAS officers are also just IAS officers and not male or female. Batra says let us meet in a ground for the task in 2 minutes. Paragi’s friend praises her. Paragi gets tensed that pooja will start in an hour and hopes Sanjay handles the situation there.

Sanjay apologizes Pramod for skipping business meeting. Pramod says he has become joru ka ghulam/wife’s slave. Sanjay asks when a husband troubles his wife, he is a monster, but when he supports his wife, he is a slave; they are standing in a sacred Mahadev and Parvati temple and should change their primitive thinking and think of equality. Pramod stands fuming. Batra evaluates all students and gives a though task for Paragi. He asks her to tie weights to her hands and feet, hold a paint gun, and shoot him thrice in 5 minutes and if he shoot her thrice before that, she loses and its marks will be considered in final exam. Friend thinks Batra gave them easy task and more time. Paragi says she understand his intention of preparing her for the toughest situation. Vinod tells Sushma that she gave a good upbringing to her son, but her thinking has changed and hence should stop forcing her new thinking on her son. Baby tells Sushma that they came from Bhopal to Mussoorie, but her bahu being in Mussoorie couldn’t come at all. Sushma says she wants to check if her bahu will come in 30 minutes.

Paragi thinks she will finish task in 5 minutes and will attend pooja after seeking special permissions and prays god to help her.Paragi checks time and thinks still there is 1 hour left for pooja, she will finish the task in 5 minutes and thinks she will finish her task in 5 minutes and then reach temple on time. Batra notices Paragi checking time repeatedly and thinks she must want to go somewhere, so he will delay her task. He says she will take the task last and asks other students to start the task. Paragi gets tensed and thinks what will she she answer Sushma. Sushma in temple thinks pooja time has started, but Paragi didn’t reach on time. Panditji says pooja is postponed for 30 minutes as other couple is performing pooja. Mohan says they need to respect temple rules.

Sanjay messages that pooja is postponed for 30 minutes. Paragi relaxes and notices that Batra is delaying her task when shechecks time, so she will not check time. Batra thinks Parag’s time for going somewhere has ended and asks her to star the task. Paragi bears 2 shots at first and gets tensed when time is about to end. She notices Batra from a mirror and shoots him thrice winning the task. She tells Batra that girls are burdened with responsibilities from childhood and know how to tackle their problems and leaves task venue asking Rumi to get a pass for her to go out of campus.

Chandna keeps insurance papers in cupboard thinking she will distribute the money among all her 3 children equally. Shiva peeps into her room and asks Atul what will he do now. Atul says mom had stolen papa’s insurance papers and told that wife has first right on husband’s money, he will use her own tactic on her.Paragi gets ready for pooja and try to leave campus when Rumigives her pass to go out of campus. Batra stops her and says she has one more task left. Paragi says she finished her task. Batra says she needs to prepare a brunch and serve her team and show her team spirit, even team spirit will be counted in final evaluation. Paragi thinks she has 12 minutes left for pooja, she can serve brunch in 7 minutes and reach temple in 5 minutes. Batra with students wait for her thinking he will break her ego. She enters with a dish. Batra asks what did she prepare so soon.

She says what farmers eat and work in fields for whole day, nutritious sattu porridge, onion, and chilli. Rumi helps her serve it. Paragi taunts Batra that she gave him whole onion to show his machoman power and break it with a punch.Sushma says Paragi didn’t reach on time and failed in her task. Baby taunts Sanjay and asks him to start pooja. Paragi reaches just before pooja starts and joins Sanjay. Mohan says she proved that nobody can weaken her determination. Paragi performs pooja with Sanjay while Batra on the other side vents out his anger and thinks of taking revenge from her.

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