Starlife TV: Not without my family September teasers

Not without my family is a new series showing on StarLife TV. And according to the full story earlier discussed on this blog, the series has one of the longest episodes on television spanning over two thousand and still counting.

Also, since the show started in 2009, there have been parralel plots mirroring the relationship of different couples as they unfold. At the very beginning, the show had been about Akshara and Naitik Singhania (Parents of Naskh and Niara), But later it shifted to Niara and Kartik as well as their siblings.

It is from this backdrop that Starlife TV brings ‘Not without my family‘ to the African audience. And although the show only started August 27th, the September teasers and the series in entirety starts from the later plot that focuses more on Niara and Kartik. I guess this should explain why the teaser starts from episode 2081 right?

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Saturday 1 September 2018
Episode 2081
Naira behaves rudely with Kartik when he tries to console her. Akshara waits eagerly to meet Tina. Naira calls Naitik from Akshara’s phone. Later, she hides from Akshara when Naitik calls back.

Episode 2082
Kartik saves Naira from a few goons. Naira tells her friend about Akshara. Meanwhile, Akshara learns that Tina is Naira when she discovers that she is from Udaipur.

Monday 3 September 2018 Episode 2083
Akshara is delighted to see Naira. But, Naira refuses to reveal her identity to her. Later, Akshara requests Naira to return home. Tejani asks Negi to vacate the orphanage. Akshara tells Varsha about Tina’s true identity.

Episode 2084
Varsha suggests that Akshara should convince Naira to return. Kartik apologises to Naira for his misbehaviour. Naira agrees to return to Udaipur, only if Akshara supports the orphanage.

Wednesday 5 September 2018

Episode 2085
Naira tells the children about going back to Udaipur. Akshara shares the good news with Naitik. The Singhanias make arrangements to welcome Naira.

Episode 2086
Akshara, Varsha and Naira reach Udaipur. The Singhanias and Maheshwaris eagerly wait for Naira. Naitik is happy to see Naira. Later, Naira plans to return to Rishikesh.

Tuesday 4 September 2018

Episode 2087
The Singhanias and Maheshwaris celebrate Naira’s return. Naitik believes that Naira deliberately stayed away from the family. Naksh asks Naira the reason why she stayed away from the family.

Episode 2088
Naman and Karishma discuss about Naira’s strange behaviour. Later, Naira decides to return to Rishikesh. Naitik sings a song for Naira. Akshara tells Naitik about Naira’s changed behaviour.

Thursday 6 September 2018

Episode 2089
Naira decides to leave the house. Akshara is dejected with Naira’s rude behaviour. The family is also worried on seeing her strange behaviour. Meanwhile, Varsha questions Shaurya about a deal with the client.

Episode 2090
A dejected Akshara questions Naira about her rude behaviour. She asks Naitik to find the reason behind it. Later, Naitik tells Akshara that Naira hates her and that she had left the house because of her.

Friday 7 September 2018

Episode 2091
Akshara apologises to Naira for her mistakes. Naitik tries to clear the misunderstanding between them. The Singhanias decide to mend Naira and Akshara’s relationship. Later, Naira and Kartik bump into each other.

Episode 2092
Kartik visits the Singhanias to meet Naitik. Naira is shocked to see him. Meanwhile, Jasmeet’s cousins discuss about their plan to stay at the Maheshwari House.

Saturday 8 September 2018

Episode 2093
Naitik thanks Kartik for helping Akshara. Naira refuses to forgive Akshara. Later, she tells the family that she will go back to Haridwar after a month. Naitik and Naira have a chat.

Episode 2094
Nani asks Akshara to stop Naira from leaving the house. Naira falls ill and faints. Ranveer and Ananya visit the Maheshwaris. Akshara decides to leave the house. Why?

Monday 10 September 2018

Episode 2095
Naira confronts Kartik for interfering in her personal matters. Ananya is surprised to meet Naira. Meanwhile, Kuhu locks Happy and his parents in a room.

Episode 2096
Naitik apologises to Akshara for blaming her and promises to mend her relationship with Naira.

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Episode 2097
Naitik informs Kartik about leaving for Nigeria along with Naman to help Manoj. Meanwhile, Akshara apologises to Gayatri and Naksh for her conduct.

Episode 2098
Naksh tests Naira’s feelings for Akshara. Kartik overhears Naira telling someone that she hates Akshara. But what is he doing in Naira’s room?

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Episode 2099
Kartik becomes a paying guest with the Maheshwaris. Naira visits the Maheshwaris with Akshara. Meanwhile, Naira does something to make Akshara happy.

Episode 2100
Naira misses her father. The family suggests that Naira join the dance academy. Meanwhile, Naman and Karishma are keen to get the file that Kartik gives to Akshara.

Thursday 13 September 2018

Episode 2101
Naira decides to fulfil Naitik’s dream of starting a dance academy. Meanwhile, will the Singhanias accept Yash’s marriage to Rose?

Episode 2102
The Singhanias are shocked to see Rose in an Indian attire. Meanwhile, she is upset for failing to impress Yash’s family. Later, Akshara is happy to see Naira working towards fulfilling Naitik’s dream.

Friday 14 September 2018

Episode 2103
Rukmini asks Yash to come home with her. Naira and the Singhanias play a prank on Bhabhima. Bhabhima is elated to meet Naira. Later, Vishambharnath grows suspicious on seeing Kartik in the house.

Episode 2104
The Maheshwaris visit the Singhanias. Later, the families play a game. Akshara gets emotional when Bhabima asks Naira to show how she reacted when she met Akshara at Rishikesh. Will Bhabima accepts Yash’s relationship with Rose?

Saturday 15 September 2018

Episode 2105
Naira dances at Bhabhima and Devyani’s insistence. Rajshri asks Varsha to gather information about Kartik. Naira challenges to prove Rose as a perfect girl for Yash. Will Rukmini let her succeed?

Episode 2106
Rukmini agrees to help convince Nandini to accept Rose and Yash’s relationship. Later, Naira gets injured while playing basketball with the family.

Monday 17 September 2018

Episode 2107
Kartik apologises to Akshara and Naira. Nandini is not happy with Yash and Rose’s wedding announcement. Will Yash go against Nandini?

Episode 2108
Akshara tells the family about Rose’s parents. Nandini finally agrees to Yash and Rose’s marriage. Later, Akshara and Naksh realise that they need a degree in dance before opening their academy!

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Episode 2109
Akshara tells Naitik about Yash and Rose’s marriage. Naira is surprised to see Pungi at Singhania House. Meanwhile, the Maheshwaris search for Ananya’s gold chain. Who has stolen it?

Episode 2110
On learning that the Kohlis are the Maheshwaris’ tenants, Kartik confronts them for cheating. A grateful Rajshri thanks Kartik for helping Vishambhar. Later, Kartik apologises to Vishambhar for his past behaviour.

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Episode 2111
Kartik agrees to stay with the Maheshwaris. Rukmini gets busy with the arrangements for Yash and Rose’s engagement. Meanwhile, Rose’s mother goes to Rukmini’s house.

Episode 2112
Martha opposes the idea of celebrating her daughter, Rose’s engagement as per Indian customs and shares her past with Akshara.

Thursday 20 September 2018

Episode 2113
Yash and Rose get engaged. The boys and girls compete against each other in a dance contest. Later, Mr. Kohli apologises to Kartik for his mistake.

Episode 2114
Mohit confronts Anmol for behaving strangely with the family. Naira punishes Anmol and his friends for teasing Pungi. Later, Mohit insists that Anmol apologise to Pungi.

Friday 21 September 2018

Episode 2115
Gayatri shares her feelings for Kartik with Rose. Akshara tells the family members that Martha wants Yash and Rose to get married in a church! Gayatri takes up the responsibility of organising the wedding.

Episode 2116
An auspicious date is set for Yash and Rose’s wedding. Vishambhar asks for Rukmini’s approval to organise Yash’s sangeet at their house.

Saturday 22 September 2018

Episode 2117
Naira stops Kartik from leaving when the Kohlis are asked to vacate the house. Together they select a church for Yash and Rose’s wedding. Meanwhile, the family awaits a special guest.

Episode 2118
Kartik is in love with Naira. Rose asks him and Gayatri to dance at her sangeet. Naira secretly gets food for someone in her room. Who is that?

Monday 24 September 2018

Episode 2119
The Singhanias attend Yash and Rose’s engagement. Akshara gifts a necklace to Rose. Later, Naira warns Kartik not to interfere in her dance performance.

Episode 2120
Akshara welcomes Salman Khan on the stage, and Rose gives a superb dance performance with him. How will the family react when they learn that Kartik has invited a Salman Khan look alike to the party?

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Episode 2121
Naira dances with Kartik after Gayatri injures her leg. Meanwhile, Akshara learns that Naira is helping Chandu to escape from the police. Will she support Naira this time?

Episode 2122
Rukmini asks Mohit and Nandini to spy on Chandu. Kartik decides to organise a poetry conference. Naira confronts Rukmini for blaming Chandu. Later, Rukmini gets an electric shock.

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Episode 2123
Naksh feels intimidated by Kartik’s presence in the house. All the family members get dressed up for the mehendi ceremony. Later, Kartik recites a romantic poem for Naira, which makes Akshara question him.

Episode 2124
Martha and Nandini apply mehendi on Rose and Yash’s hands. The Singhania and the Maheshwari men recite poems for their wives. Later, Pungi assaults Anmol and his friends for insulting her.

Thursday 27 September 2018

Episode 2125
Akshara reaches the warehouse to find the necklace. Two truck drivers knock her unconscious and steal the necklace from her. Meanwhile, Naira and Kartik learn that Akshara is in trouble.

Episode 2126
The family is worried about Akshara. Later; Akshara manages to send her location on Naira’s phone but will Naira and Kartik be able to trace her?

Friday 28 September 2018

Episode 2127
Yash plans his bachelor party at his house with Naksh and Kartik. Meanwhile, Naira too has plans to party with the girls!

Episode 2128
Kartik mistakes Naira to be a ghost. Later, Naira and the girls try to scare the boys. Meanwhile, Mishti and Kuhu get drunk!

Saturday 29 September 2018

Episode 2129
Akshara confronts Anmol for bringing alcohol to the party. Rukmini is angry with Rose’s friends for serving alcohol to Mishti and Kuhu.


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