Snatched 26 February 2020 update

Snatched Wednesday update. ajays says where is my sweets? and you had to make me eat it according to the rule. elaichi says when kids can break the rules why can’t us. Elaichi says everything is bound with love, Ajay says i know that. Just give me a little time.

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Shreya comes and says ayush i have packed your bag. They are all leaving, shreya says i will come a little late, mummy wanted to come as well. i will come with her. bhushan says should is stay? shreya says no why would you miss the match, you should go i will come with mummy. They all leave, shreya calls someone and says this the same well wisher, i have sent you the mail. can’t mention my name. but ayush has kept that money i a brown paper. I have sent everything in the mail.

Sanjina says i want ajay to go as well. ajay says shut up, Shreya says why are you scolding at her? he says because i dont want another time to upset everyone. Shreya says will you come with me sanjina? sanjina says no i will stay here with ajay. shreya says you should spend time with him alone, and he has not eaten everything. I wish you could come. I will miss you, there is always a next time. shreya leaves.

sanjina brings food, he says is this a place to eat. Go from here. she says why should i? do you wanna eat? he says no, she says you have not eaten anything. he says i am not hungry, she says at least you can eat the sweets mammi ji made. He says i have fasted for that. she says fasted? She wont have given you one. Ajay says only ajju knew that i fast and now you do too. now go from here.

A man stop ayush and says you will get more money for losing/ Ayush says i play for the land, i will see you in the righ. Dadi says to the opponent if you have so much money give it to poor people they might pray for you to win. Ayush is practising, officer comes and says we wanna check you. everyone is shocked. Shreya says he is the renowned boxer how can you put allegations on him. Officer says some fixer has given him money. bhushan says he never accepted the offer. Ayush says let them search, its okay. Shreya says to elaichi dont woryr munmmy. They take out the packet from the bag. officer says is this yours? Ayush says its from m bag, surely mine. oficer says open in and show us the money you have taken. Ayush opens the packet, its his protien powder. Shreya is dazed. officer apologizes and says we had to act on the information.

Shreya says to bhushan you should go i am going to washroom i will be back in a moment, She goes to the room and looks for the packet, sanjina comes in and says what are you looking for bhabhi? shreya is dazed. sanjina says tell me what are you looking for? she shows her the packet and says this? Shreya says what are you saying, let me go i would miss the match. Sanjina says you wanted ayush to miss the match actually.

Ayush comes the ring, the match starts. shreya says what are you saying? sanjina says okay lets agree, we dont know what am i saying. sanjina says this phone? is it yours? Sanjina says have you listened that stick in the beard thing? you made a little mistake that ruined your plan. you took my phone with you, your mom called on your phone. sanjina tells her when she picked the phone, her mom said did you put money in the bag? you are not doing anything wrong you have to expose these outsiders. Sanjina says how could you do this? we all know how important this match was, i didn’t want to believe it all. the email you sent had a reply. The photographers you sent, i saw them. You can’t stop someone from getting what is in his fate. and ayush is one of the best boxers who has support of his family. And you wanted to do this to them. sanjina came there and told ayush a well wisher called and said there is a packet in your bag, she says please throw it away before officers come. He said what if this is your plan to win my heart? sanjina says this could be, but i can’t be so bad to get your pardon. And i would have done this in front of the whole family, trust me i did this for ajay and you. you know he fasts for you when you have a match. i dont want to compromise your love for him, please throw away this packet before officers come please.

Sanjina says then i left before you all came here. then i thought you would accept your mistake but you didn’t. what you get after doing all this? in fact you are losing what you got. they all love you. you are lucky to have in laws like them. You don’t value them. you didn’t think how would they feel if they get to know this. shreya says i thought.. i think i made a mistake, please dont tell anyone sanjina. Bhusha will kick me out of house. please i beg you dont tell anyone. sanjina says i wont tell anyone. i cant do anything like that. You are not daughter in law of this house i am just.. no one has even accpeted me. but i am worried for you. Its would be better if you clean your heart.

Sanjina says you are lucky understand this. And one more thing, next time you do something like this, i wont take a moment to tell everyone. I wont let this family break not matter what. sanjina leaves, shreya sits there in tears. All the family comes in saying hipp hip hurray, they all celebrate. Shreay stands in a side. bhushan asks shreya what happened? she says i am not feeling well, i was breathless. I was suffocating. maybe because of bp. he says are yo okay now? She says i.. elaichi says lets go home and rest. bhushan says yes let ayush come then we will leaves.

Ayush comes home and binds the thread on the tulsi plant. he says i accept ajay in this house with all my heart. Everyone i dazed, bhushan says i know you are glad but dont forget that we are bugged from ajay, we can’t forgive him like this.

You dont have to be emotional. Ayush says i am not being emotional. just accepting the truth, you know if sanjina wasn’t there my career would have ended. Kirlok says what are you saying? ayush says if those officers came 20 minutes ago, they would have found the packet, sanjina saved me. He says thank you so much. dadi says who could do this? dadi says sanjina you know? Sanjina says no i dont. Ajau is quie, ayush says wont you say a thing? your brother has wont now break the fast. This man fasts on all my match days and never told anyone. he hugs ajay.

Sanjina comes to shreya’s room. She says bhabhi you didn’t eat food so here are fruits for you. shreya says i am not hungry. sanjina says you have to eat, i feel so happy whole family sat together and ate. I came here to remind you dont try to crack this family. this is your house as well. If you still cant understand i will tell everyone your reality.

Amar says to ayush change your decision, ayush says i wont do that. Shreya recalls what sanjina said. bhushan comes in and says they will pardon him now. i can’t forgive them so easily for such mistake. Shreya says relax, come here. he says you are so stressed dont think too much. Whatever they are thinking is not in our control. dont let it ruin your day and health. trust me everything will be okay. He says shreya thanks for taking care of me. she says come sleep. dont think too much i will be always there for you.

Ajay sees sanjina coming and pretends to sleep, she comes in the room and sees him. He says turn off the lights, she sees fortune cookies on he side table, she says are they for me? He says what? She says i really love them. She says ajju sent them? so cute i love them. he says i am sleeping dont disturb me. she says so your brought them? to thank me. He says they are not for you but you can eat them. she says how can i when they are not for me? He says eat them. she says you brought them for me. He says i didnt have change so the shopkeeper gave me. You know i love the message in it. one please. she takes out one, She reads something good and beautiful is gonna happen today. she says maybe someone else is going to bind thread. He says this is all stupid, she says you try too. He sees the chit and says its blank. she laughs. He says can i sleep? She says one more. She eats, the chit says the wedding gives you permission to tease a mam forever. Ajay reads you are liable to your own stupidity. She laughs and says wow that is so perfect. Ajay says good night and sleeps.

Scene 2
Next morning, bhushan says shreya get up. We have to go. She says good morning, he says we have to go. she says i dont feel good, he says i forgot that you are not well. i am so sorry, she says dont be. he says we will go tomorrow. she says no dont miss it because of me. I will go, it will be better. He says should i bring something? she says i will be fine, i will be joining you on jog from tomorrow. He leaves.

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