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Dua tells Gazal to come to her house, Gazal says I don’t want your husband to insult me. Dua says Haider is strict but he always helps others, he gave me permission. Gazal says why do you need permission about everything from him? shouldn’t you be equal to him? Dua says I respect his wishes that’s why I respect his authority, lets just go home and get you ready for the interview.

Haider sees Dua’s missed calls. He tells Ravi that he has some more work to do.

Dadi comes to Gulnaz and Hina, she asks what happened? Gulnaz leaves angrily.

Dua, Ruhaan and Gazal arrive at the house. Hina rushes to them and asks if they are okay? Ruhaan says don’t worry. Gazal says he protected us which I didn’t expect. Dua says Haider allowed me to bring Gazal here. Dadi says really? Gazal says you are all so scared of Haider, she tells Dadi that you should have kept him in childhood. Dua asks Gazal to go to the guest bathroom. Ruhaan says there is no hot water there. Dua takes Gazal to her room. Hina tells Dadi that Gazal has lost a lot because of us but its good that Dua is taking care of her but Haider will never understand. Dadi says should we tell the secret to Haider? Hina says no, that secret can burn the peace of this house down. I can’t let my kids’ lives destroyed because of Gazal.

Haider comes home and thinks to talk to Dua as he couldn’t take her calls. He gets Ravi’s call and is angry about business.

Dua brings Gazal to her room and gives her dress to her. Gazal says I don’t want to, Haider will scold me too much. Dua says he won’t say anything. I will call him and tell him that you are here. She calls Haider but he thinks to surprise her. He cuts her call. Dua tells Gazal that Haider must be busy with work so he won’t come soon. You can go and get ready.

Scene 2
Gulnaz is angry and recalls how Hina slapped her. Noor asked what happened? Gulnaz locks her outside the room and says I will never forget this slap.

Dadi asks Dua why did you bring Gazal here? You know Haider doesn’t like her. Dua says Haider allowed me to bring her here, she will get ready and leave before Haider comes back home. Dadi says don’t make him angry. Kaynaat comes there and sees her hand hurt. Dua asks what happened? The servant tells her how Gulnaz pushed her and hurt her. Dua gets angry and goes to Gulnaz’s room. Gulnaz asks what happened? Dua says we don’t raise hands on women in this house. Gulnaz says you are behind this, you put Ruhaan in danger. Dua says you shouldn’t have hurt Kaynaat. Hina says I told you to not hurt my kids. Gulnaz shouts what will you do? will you slap me again? Dadi says that’s why you are red. Gulnaz tells Dua that someone else raised hand on me too. Dua says you can never get the respect that Hina has, don’t test her motherly love.

Haider comes home and asks the servant where is Dua? She says in the room. Haider asks if Dua is okay? The servant thinks he is asking about her family and says she is not okay at all, she leaves from there.

Gazal takes a bath and wears Dua’s dress. She starts getting ready in her room. Haider comes to their room but doesn’t find Dua there. He knocks on the bathroom but Gazal doesn’t hear him as she is wearing headphones.

Dadi tells Hina that I am angry, you should have called me before slapp Gulnaz. The servant comes there and says Haider is looking for Dua, he went to the room. Dua is shocked and runs there.

Haider is outside the bathroom and says Dua don’t be angry, I will come inside. He enters the bathroom and sees her back to him. Suddenly the electricity goes off. Haider comes closer to Gazal and hugs her from behind. The lights come back and they are shocked to see each other.

Haider sees Gazal in the room and moves away from her, she falls in her arms but moves away. He shouts what are you doing in my bathroom? Gazal says what is this way to apologize? You were talking about respect but this is your respect for a woman? Dua enters the room and looks around for Haider. All the family members come there. Dua says Haider and Gazal are not here. Haider tells Gazal to stay in the bathroom, what will you tell the family? Gazal says I will tell them you tried to take advantage of me. Haider is stunned and says it was a mistake. Gazal tears his hair and says this is proof against you. Haider says you can’t say that to Dua. Gazal says you have been married to her for years and still don’t know her? You won’t be saved. Gazal and Haider come out

of the bathroom. All family members are shocked. Ruhaan says what were you both doing in the bathroom? Dua says he must have been helping her. Haider stutters and says I came to look for Dua but found Gazal in the bathroom and came to help her as the lights went off, she was scared. That’s it. All look on. Haider tells Dua that he wants to talk to her. Gazal looks on. Dua goes with him. Dadi says Haider looked pale. They all leave from there. Ruhaan tells Gazal that he will make her hair. She says just go and save Dua from Haider. She pushes him out of the room.
Haider shouts at Dua and says why did you bring that girl back here? Dua says you gave me permission. He says what? Dua says you allowed me to bring her here.

Are you okay? Haider says just ask that girl to leave. Dua says she will leave soon. Haider says then I will go back. Dua says have lunch here at least, just forget about the bathroom. Haider says don’t talk about that.. I mean its not your fault, I am not angry anymore. Dua thanks him and says I will prepare lunch for you.

Dadi talks to Hina and says Haider must be angry. Hina says I am worried about Dua, she is helping Gazal but she doesn’t know the full truth, we did a crime against Gazal but the truth shouldn’t come out. Dadi says don’t be emotional and open up the secrets. Hina says I won’t.

Hina comes to Gazal and says I apologize for Haider’s anger. Gazal smiles and says you are like my mother, don’t apologize. Hina says I wish I could help you against those goons. Gazal says don’t cry please. Dua comes there and asks what happened? Gazal says she was apologizing to me for some reason? Hina says there is no reason.

Gulnaz is angry about Hina slaping her, she says I came to this house seeing the wealth but I got nothing. He didn’t even leave his first wife for me and she slapped me today. I want everything now, I will own all this. I will throw Haider and Dua out on the roads using someone.

Haider comes to the dining table and finds Gazal there. He stuters and says bathroom.. I mean I have to go now. Dua asks him to calm down and have some lunch, you should respect food. Gazal says I should get going now. Haider says she must be going to hell. Dua asks Gazal to eat and then leave. Dua feeds food to Haider. Gazal smiles seeing them happy. She thinks Haider is lucky to have a wife like Dua. Gazal says I will go to the bathroom now. Haider coughs so she laughs. Gazal gives a letter to Dua and says I will leave now. Dua calls Ruhaan and asks him to drop her off for an interview. Ruhaan says I am always up for this. Gazal and Ruhaan leave. Haider says I will leave now. He goes away. Dua says he seems unsettled today.

Haider comes out of the house and finds Gazal waitinf for Ruhaan there. She thinks I can take him on today. Gazal says I am not safe when you are around, just leave. Haider shouts that this is my house. Gazal says I know you have a big house and you are rich but you can’t buy a girl’s honor with your money. Haider says what? Gazal says I know I am pretty but what you did with me in the bathroom.. you should remember that you are married. Haider says I have no interest in you. Gazal says that’s you hugged me so tightly? Haider asks her to stop saying that. Gazal acts like crying and says what if Dua didn’t come there and save me? Haider says I am not like that, you are mistaken. Gazal says you will never accept your crime, if you are innocent then why did you lie to Dua? Haider says enough, I was right about you, your meeting with me is always disasterous, stay away from me and my wife. Ruhaan comes there and says lets go. You are getting late for the office? Haider starts leaving but Gazal goes behind him, she says I gave a letter to Dua and told her about your antics, she keeps you on a padestal but she should know what you really are. Haider is stunned. Gazal leaves from there. Haider thinks Dua is gullible and might take the bathroom incident wrongly, he goes to Dua. Gulnaz hides and hears all that. She thinks Haider tried to take advantage of this girl? I will use this information to destroy their lives.

Haider is searching for Dua in the house. He comes to his room and finds Dua reading the letter. Dua says I can’t believe you can do this with Gazal. Haideris shocked.

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