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Gazal shouts at Hamida but Dua comes there and slaps her hard, all are shocked. Dua shouts how dare you talk to my mother like this? Gulnaz is proud of Dua. Dua says enough of this injustice, if anyone wants to test my patience then come in front of me. Rahat says I pray that you get more strength.

Hina says how dare you raise hand on Gazal? she is about to slap her but Dua grabs her hand and glares at her, all look on. Dua says enough.. I have heard enough and if you talk to me in loud tone then you will be responsible for your insult. Hina says you shameless woman, how are you argue with me? don’t forget your limits. Dua says you don’t forget your limits, you have lost right to shout at me? I took you as my mother but you accepted my Sautan so I am ashamed to take you as a mother.. you are not even a respectful woman, let alone be a good mother, you should be ashamed of doing rituals when everyone is ashamed of this wedding. How can you forget that you had to bear the pain of handling a second woman and you made me wipe your tears for years but when I am burning in this fire then you celebrating my defeat? how could you be so cruel? your heart is of stone. Hina says you are crossing a line.

Dua says you want respect as an elder but where were you when injustice was happening with me? you cheated me but its your nature to keep doing sins to hide your past sins. Hina is hurt hearing that. Dua says you are responsible for Gazal’s parents’ death. Gazal became an orphan because of you and you destroyed my life to hide your sins. Hina says whatever happened with you was becuase of your own antics so stop throwing your sins at me. Dua says what sin did I do? that I loved you and took care of you?

I loved this family more than my own family.. that’s my sin? what was my sin that I always took care of my husband? I always ensure that you all have everything in the house but I didn’t even get love and respect. What did I get in return? a husband who isn’t loyal and a mother in law who is shamelessly against me. I am a daughter in law so stop treating me like a servant. I fulfilled my duties but you forgot yours. Gazal thinks I thought Dua would breakdown but she is very strong. Dua tells Hina that I am a human so I feel pain too.. I want to tell all the girls to learn from me. She goes to Noor and Kaynaat to not remove their identities in love of their inlaws, don’t bow down too much that others think they can crush your self respect. They nod at her. Dua tells Hina that people think my love and innocence is my weakness. Hina asks her to stop her drama of being an innocent girl.

Dua shouts that its you who does drama. Haider says Dua! Dua says you can talk? you didn’t speak up when you had to so let me talk. Dua tells Hina that I saw you doing drama and crying for Rahat’s love again, he cheated on you but you still begged for his love.. thank God I am not pathetic like you. I know how to snatch my right. You called me this house’s queen and you were right, I always be a queen of this house. Don’t think that I would be begging for your son’s love and attention. She tells Haider that he did a bad deal so Gazal can beg for his love. Hina says if we don’t deserve you then get lost, go back with your mother. She tries to drag her out of the house. Hafeez tries to stop her but Hamida says let Dua handle her.

Dua pushes Hina away and says don’t force me to cross my limits otherwise you will cry all your life about this moment. Ijaz thinks this woman won’t spare anyone. Dua tells Hina that don’t think you can do anything just because you are an elder. You people can’t think that I am a weak daughter in law that you can stop. Who are you to throw me out of the house, I have a right on this house too. Hina asks her to shut up otherwise.. Dua shouts otherwise what? you will do what you did with Gazal’s mother? enough of your cruelty, if you do something against me then I will show how I can protect my rights. All are shocked to see this Dua.

Scene 1

Dua shouts at Hina to stop being cruel with her otherwise she won’t spare her. Hina asks her to leave the house. Dua says I would have when Haider brought another wife and I took divorce from him but why should I leave when its my father who helped you all to build this house? Haider used to work odd jobs and my father taught him everything he knows, He gave him work and Haider made this house with the skills he taught him. It was me who built this family, you were busy crying over Gulnaz but it was me who raised Ruhaan, Noor and Kaynaat as a mother. You never thought about your kids but it was me who raised them and took care of them. I have made this house into a heaven so I want to see how Gazal turns it into a hell now.

Hina tells the family to stop Dua, she is cursing this house to become a hell. Rahat says we are ashamed so we can’t stop her so you should also shut up. Gazal asks Haider to speak up, your mother is getting insulted. Hina cries and tells Haider that this girl is insulting me so much so make her stop. Haider says let it be Ami. Hina says I can’t hear her curses, I should die now. Dua asks her to shut up, she says stop doing drama. Hina tells Haider that his wife has become shameless. Dua says wife? our relationship ended when he planned to marry this cheap Gazal, Haider is not my husband and I am not his wife.

Hina asks her to get lost then. Dua says I am staying back to break relationship. Hina says this girl has lost all respect and insulting me. She asks Haider to speak up for his mother. Dua says your insult will be from Gazal soon. Hina says my son will answer you now. Dua says he can’t speak up after breaking my life, he broke my dreams so he can’t even look at me. I have seen you cry over your husband bringing another wife but you are laughing at my pain? if Haider has an ounce of shame then he would be embarrassed to see what you are doing today. If he takes your side today then I will be convinced that he has lost his self respect too. Hina asks her to shut up. Dua says you are ungrateful woman. Hina tells Hamida that look at her upbringing, your daughter has no manners.

Dua says you are talking about manners? I learned to respect my elders but I know how to show reality to elders too. Its my upbringing that’s stopping me from destroying this family. You might be an elder but you don’t deserve any respect, you have no respect in my eyes from anymore. You taught me to always wear a dupatta as that’s a woman’s respect but the real respect of a woman is not in a dupatta but in her heart. I gave this speech to Haider too. I always wore dupatta because of your happiness, I changed my thoughts because of you but you are not my mother or my mother in law anymore.

You have no respect from me so this dupatta doesn’t mean anything on my head anymore. I will live on my terms from now on, this Dua will live in the house on her terms. She takes off her dupatta from her head while all look on. Hina and Haider are shocked. Dua glares at Hina while she is horrified. Rahat tells Hina that your hatred changed Dua like this. Hamida says Dua has won the first fight. She asks the band to play. Hafeez says we shouldn’t be scared anymore. Gazal tells Dua how dare you insult Hina and my Haider? Dua smirks and says he loved me but still cheated on me so how can he be yours? I want Haider to become yours only because I don’t want to wish for a disloyal man like him. You can him for all I care. His happiness and sadness is yours now.

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