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Dua tells Gazal that Haider is all yours, its your duty to take care of him, its your responsibility to take care of your mother in law too as she cries too much. You will have to take care of the family but I know your bitterness will keep them all straight. She says you will have to hear Dadi’s taunts and still take care of her.

Gazal thinks how will she do all that alone? Dua says you made our servant run away so you will do all the work now. You will take care of Haider’s sisters like their mother. You are his wife so you have to take care of everyone. She says you pretended to marry Ruhaan so you are his half bride. You will treat him as a second husband? Gazal asks her to stop it. Dua shouts that you made fun of relationships so I will show you how to cross limits now.

She caresses her face and says I want to gift you on your face reveal ceremony. She makes her stand with Haider and says you can take him as a used man by me. She tells Haider that I wish you like all her troubles. She tells Gazal that I pray your life is filled with troubles and I pray that Haider marries again so you feel my pain. She says if he couldn’t be loyal to me then he would never be loyal to you so I wish you both life filled with troubles. Hafeez says I pray for Dua’s strength. Hamida tells Dua that she has made her proud today. The band starts playing. Dua goes from there. Hafeez says it will be fun to see their destruction. Dadi says Gazal will pay for all this. Gulaz says Gazal’s victory will be her destruction now. Kaynaat says I pray for Dua’s strength. Hina says Dua insulted me in front of everyone, she will never be happy. They all leave. Gazal looks at the broken house dummy and recalls Hamida’s words that she will never have a family as she is a shameless girl. She grabs glass pieces and her hand starts bleeding. She tells Ijaz that I will give so much pain to Dua and her mother.

Scene 2

Dua comes to her room and recalls insulting Hina. She falls down and cries as she recalls insultind Haider. She says why am I paying for all this? Dadi comes there and consoles her. She says its time that God will make them pay for their deeds, its time to make them cry. Dua cries and says I have lost all hope. Dadi says you have to be brave now. Dua says I did a mistake by insulting them all, I did sins today. How could I misbehave this much? I have laughed at Hina’s wounds and I insulted Rahat too. I have probed Hina’s wounds, I did a mistake. Dadi says you showed them reality. Dua says I should die for not respecting my elders.

I have made fun of the family and Haider.. he is innocent but I insulted him too. She falls down and apologizes to the God. She beats herself up but Dadi stops her, she asks her to calm down and says they should be insulted for not respecting you. She tells Dua that weak people are not allowed to live so keep your anger alive, you have to play like Gazal to win against her.

Gazal recalls Dua insulting her and says I promise to make Dua and her mother pay for this insult.

Dadi tells Dua that people don’t let weak people live so you have to be strong and play like Gazal. You have to stop this destruction and throw Gazal out of the house. Dua says I have already lost fight. Dadi says no, the fight for truth never ends, didn’t you see how they all were scared to see your strong side? its time to fight otherwise you will repent for life. Just take on your enemies and use your anger to challenge them, everyone should realize that you kept this house in control so attack that Gazal so much that she runs away. Dua says you right, its not my time to cry, now Gazal will cry and will be pained. Dadi says I pray for your strength. Dua says I thought to leave the house but Hamida Maa told me that I can’t leave the family under Gazal’s shadow,

I will bring out her real face. Dadi says your mother is strong to give you strength, she is a lioness. Dua says Maa has saved me and brought me to light. Gazal hears all that and says if Hamida is a lioness then I am a hunter, I will break her down which will break Dua’s strength.

Haider comes to Hamida and says you can curse me all you want but because don’t be silent, please don’t say that I don’t value your favors. You are like my mother so I can’t bear your anger towards me, you can slap me if you want. Hamida moves away and says you have broken my trust, you can’t be my son if you have done a sin like this. My kids would never hurt someone but you have broken my daughter.

Haider says I did a mistake because I.. he recalls Gazal asking him to not tell anyone. Haider says I did this mistake as a son. Hamida says what about Dua? why did you punish her? Haider says I will try to rectify my mistake, just give me a chance. Hamida says I am giving you a chance so do as I say. Throw that Gazal out of the house and break your marriage. Haider is stunned. Hamida asks him to divorce Gazal. Gazal is outside the room and says Haider can’t listen to her, I have to stop this. Hamida tells Haider that I gave you a chance so give her divorce, will you be able to do that? Haider says I can’t do that. Gazal smirks. Hamida says then divorce Dua, you can’t keep two wives like this. Haider says I can’t do that, I can’t divorce her. Hamida says what do you think of yourself? you think you can keep two girls for yourself? they are your wives and they have rights but if you can’t give those rights then you can’t keep them. Haider says I am tied. Hamida says you don’t have right to write someone else’s fate. Haider says I will keep Dua happy. Hamida says you have caged her already so stop all this, who will you divorce? will you divorce Gazal or Dua? Haider says please don’t do that. Hamida says you are a weak man. She leaves from there.

Dua is in her room and goes to the washroom. Gazal comes there and thinks I will finish Dua’s mother today. She goes to her room and hides in the cupboard. Dua goes to the washroom and cries recalling how she gave up Haider to Gazal. Gazal takes out some clothes and starts to leave.

Hamida tells Hafeez that we will leave today. Gazal is leaving Dua’s room and sees Hamida coming there. Dua hears someone and is about to enter her room.

Gazal tries to hide in Dua’s room but Dua hears a noise and starts coming out of the washroom otherside Hamida is coming to her room. Gazal is scared that she will be caught. Hamida enters the room but Gazal hides in the cupboard. Dua comes out. Hamida says I curse that Gazal to become one legged and die painfully.

Hafeez tells Kaynaat he will be hurt to leave her, he loves her. Kaynaat says but nothing will happen to us now. Haidar has broken Dua, even if Hamida accepts me, I wouldn’t be able to marry you after what my family did with Dua. Hafeez reminds her of their memories and asks her to forget all the worries. He says poetry for her and she smiles. He says I know you are worried about Dua but don’t worry, she has decided to stay and fight. I have seen that nobody can beat her when she decides to fight.

Hamida tells Dua that she will pack the bags, Dua goes with her. Gazal comes out of the cupboard and says I will give so much pain to this Hamida.

Hafeez tells Kaynaat that he will go and talk to Hamida about them. She says no, the right time will be when Dua gets the rightful place in this house. I don’t want Gazal or Ijaz to spoil our relationship so we should keep it a secret till then. Ijaz hides and makes their video.

Hamida is going to her room when she hears Dua crying and standing in a corner. She goes to check on her but its Gazal wearing Dua’s clothes. She runs away from there and Hamida goes behind her. Dua hears her calling and thinks I feel something is wrong. Hamida comes out of the house thinking Dua is leaving the house. She recalls how Dua said that she has lost everything and she wants to leave. She says what if she has lost hope again? She doesn’t find her. Gazal plays Dua’s clip so Hamida panics and says please talk to me. She keeps following Gazal thinking its Dua. Otherside Dua feels something is wrong. Gazal brings Hamida to the shed and hides. Hamida looks around for Dua, Gazal thinks now I will teach her a lesson. She stands in a dark corner so Hamida goes to her and is shocked to find Gazal there. Gazal recalls her slapping her and insulting her. Gazal tells Hamida that Haidar won’t divorce me but it would be you who would leave this world. She stabs her.

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