Titli Starlife update Sunday 9 June 2024

The Episode starts with Titli saying three days didn’t get over and anything can happen. Garv downloads the pic. Ishani takes Ankit’s phone and deletes the message. She says I don’t want to do wrong with an innocent girl. Garv thinks who was this who sent the message and deleted it. Ishani says I won’t let you do injustice with anyone.

She switches off the phone. Garv calls on the number. Dhrishti says I will apply the spray. Titli thinks all the misunderstanding will end soon. The guests leave happily. Titli gives the prasad. The ladies praise her and bless her. Its morning, Maina and Manikant do the aarti. Maina doesn’t give the aarti to Titli. Titli prays. Monica’s Saas gives her a gift and hugs her. Garv looks at Titli. Monica’s Saas says the credit goes to Titli, she made me realize my mistake, she is special, I m sure that you have kept a special gift for her. Titli says we all celebrate the festive together. Monica asks Garv didn’t you get any gift. Garv says I know what I should give to my wife. He gives her a diamond necklace. Manikant gets upset and leaves.

Dhrishti asks Garv to make Titli wear it. Garv thinks I got a costly gift for my wife. He makes Titli wear it. Chintu gets their pic and shows it to Jaishri. He says Titli will prove everyone wrong, she will win everyone’s hearts. Jaishri prays. Hiral looks on. Manikant takes sindoor to fill Maina’s maang. Alpa makes Koel fall over Maina’s side. Maina falls. Manikant fills Koel’s maang. Maina gets angry. She asks did you do this intentionally. Koel says no, I fell down. Manikant scolds her. Koel cries.

Koel says Alpa’s leg was in between… Alpa says don’t drag me into this. Manikant says you are a bad and disgusting woman. Garv asks him to mind his tongue. Manikant argues. Garv defends Koel and asks Manikant to stop shouting. Titli asks Garv to calm down. Manikant taunts Titli. Maina asks Titli to stay out of their family matter. Titli says I still have few hours to prove myself right. Manikant says you and Koel are same, you both know to ruin homes. Garv says you just command people.

Koel says stop it Garv, don’t fight. She apologizes to Manikant and Maina. Titli faints. Garv holds her and asks her to open eyes. He takes Titli. Doctor checks Titli and says BP is high, do you have stress. Monica says yes, she didn’t take food. Doctor asks Titli to have food and take medicines. Koel says she has kept a fast. Monica says its affecting her health. Titli takes the medicines. Garv looks on. He thinks she didn’t keep the fast for my long life. Monica says Titli is ill, think about her. Koel says everyone knows about it, but one has to keep rituals.

Manikant says husbands keep fast for their wives these days, so they have no control on their house, man is the head of the family. Adi stops Monica. Monica asks Garv to take care of Titli and solve the fight. Garv takes a water pipe and splashes water on Titli. He cleans her sindoor and scolds her for breaking the fast. She asks him to stop it. She says Koel kept the fast when she had 104 temperature and didn’t break it for Manikant’s sake, you don’t care for me, you took the medicines, you don’t love me. She shows the medicines. She says I didn’t take the medicine. She cries. He stops the water. She says I held the medicine in my hand and didn’t take it. She says I don’t know about the effect of fast on husband’s age, but I can’t break the traditions and faith of someone, I thought you understand me, I think I have to always prove myself.

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