Anupama starlife update 8 June 2024

Vanraj calls Kinjal. Kinjal sees the call, but doesn’t pick it. Anupama asks her to pick the call. Kinjal tells that she has messaged Toshu that she is safe and is coming home, then also she is getting the call. Pari starts crying. Choti says I didn’t do anything. Anupama says who said that you have done something.

She asks Kinjal to stop the car at the side so that she can take Pari. Kinjal stops the car. Anupama takes Pari in her lap. Choti gets envious and says she wants to come to the front. Kinjal says anything can happen. She gets pushed by Choti accidentally and loses the balance. The car hits the pole. Anupama sees Pari and Choti conscious and Kinjal unconscious. She tries to get down and sees themselves stuck on the cliff, and the car is about to fall down from there. Toshu says Kinjal has

messaged that she is coming. Vanraj is about to go, but Babu ji stops him and says message Anupama, she will bring them here. Anupama tries to pick Toshu’s call, but couldn’t reach it. She asks herself that she is a mother and can’t lose. She asks Choti to try to get out from the other door. Choti tries and the door seems to be locked. She says we will die. Anupama says she will not let anything happen to anyone. Malti Devi tells Anuj that Anupama haven’t come home till now, as Choti has class. Ankush says she didn’t pick my call also. Anuj calls her. Choti tries to come to the front. Anupama asks her to sit there itself. Anupama asks Choti to give her bag. She takes Pari’s toy and takes her bag. She tries to call, but there is no work. The car moves. Choti says we will die. Anupama says she will not let anything happen to her children. She apologizes to Choti for shouting at her and asks her to say the poem told by Anuj. She asks Choti to handle Pari, as she is crying continuously. Choti takes Pari. Anupama sprinkles water on Kinjal’s face and asks her to get up. She tries to open Kinjal’s side door, but the door seems to have locked.

Vanraj tells Anuj that Anupama has taken Kinjal and Pari on a picnic. Anuj says we shall enquire where are they, rather than blaming. Vanraj tells that when I asked Anupama not to take her, then why did she take them. Anuj says Pari is Anupama’s daughter also. Baa asks why you both are fighting. Vanraj says she took them to tease me. Anuj says you don’t matter to Anupama, so she will never tease you, and tells that it was Kinjal’s idea to go on a picnic and she didn’t know that Kinjal didn’t inform anyone at home. He says she messaged me when she came to know that Kinjal didn’t tell anyone at home. Vanraj asks why she didn’t send them back. Anuj asks why you can’t talk sensibly and says sometimes you stare with your eyes and says Vanraj Shah is back. He says will you just shut up. Baa and Dimpy asks them to calm down.

They argue. Babu ji gets worried for them. Anuj asks him not to worry and says he will go and search them. Vanraj tells Toshu that even they shall search them. Baa prays for their well being. Anupama manages to open Kinjal’s side of door. She keeps unconscious Kinjal out of the car. She asks Choti to give Pari to her. Choti gets shocked and says don’t leave me Mummy. Anupama asks her to listen to her and give Choti to her. She asks Kinjal to hold the baby. Kinjal is semiconscious and holds Pari. Just as Anupama gets down, the door gets locked. Anupama breaks the window glass with stone and asks Choti to come. Choti comes near the window and Anupama pulls her out. She hugs her and sits on the ground. Kinjal gains consciousness. They see the car falling from the cliff.

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