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Hina says you are shameless so you can stay in the guest room as you are not part of the family anymore. Dua smirks and says I have already decide where I will live. She takes her luggage and goes towards Hina’s room. All are shocked.

Ijaz tells the goons that we don’t have much time, we have to finish him fast. Hafeez is calling Dua but she is not picking up.

Dua goes to Hina’s room and starts throwing her stuff out. Hina says what are you doing? Hina says this is my room. Dua says this is the room of the woman who was left by her husband. So its fitting that I should stay with you now. Our fates might be same but end won’t be same, Rahat left after slapping you. He slapped you twice so you should be thankful that I am ready to stay with you. Gazal says you can’t talk to her like this. Dua shouts at her to shut up or she wants to be slapped again? she asks her to stay out of it. She tells Gazal that you will stay in this room too when Haider brings his 3rd wife. You will be in the same condition now.

Scene 1

Dua tells Gazal that you will come to this room too when Haider brings another wife, you will be worse than me but don’t worry we will accomodate you in this room too. Gazal asks Haider to speak up. Dua says don’t you know that your husband doesn’t interfare in women matters.

Gazal thinks I thought Dua would breakdown but she isn’t. Dua lies on Hina’s bed and says this room is better than mine, I would like to be alone. She tells Hina that she can shift to her room. Hina says you shameless woman. Dua says you are shameless as you never stood up for your rights but you wanted luxuries of this house. I am at least pissed at my disloyal husband but you accepted your husband cheating on you and still begged him. Hina glares at her. Dua says you sold your self respect that’s why your son never cared and repeated his father’s mistake. You should have learned to stand up first. Hina says what’s wrong with you all? no one is going to stop her? she is insulting me so much. Dadi says who would stand up for you? Hina asks Gulnaz why is she silent now? Gulnaz says Dua is still being mellow with you. Hina asks Haider to speak up for her, take a stand for his mother but he looks away. Hina says this woman has insulted me so much so take my side. Haider says you have crossed all limits of injustice, I am not that person who can support my mother against my wife if my mother is wrong.

I am sorry but I can’t speak for you today. Dua says who are you calling your wife? you have no right, I am not your wife and you are not my husband anymore. Hina tells Haider to remain silent but this girl keeps blabbering, she asks Dua to leave. Dua says I am staying here to see this house destroying, I want to see Gazal destroy you and I will be laughing at you then. A day will come when Gazal will break you down. Hina asks her to shut up, if you stay here then I won’t stay in this house. I am leaving the house. She starts packing her bags and says even my kids are not taking a stand for me anymore. Gazal panics and thinks I will be alone if she leaves. She tells Hina that you can’t leave. Hina says no one respects me in this house, I should leave. My own kids are not caring for me anymore. She tries to leave but Dua stops her. She says you lost so early? I lost my husband, I lost my room but I am still here.

You are leaving the house and no one is stopping you, not even your Haider. You want to leave your house for this room? You can keep it as this room is cursed, you wanted to give rights to Gazal but if I come to get my rights then this house will be sold and you all will be on the road. And I have a right to claim my rights so think before you fight with me again. She tells Gazal that Hina can’t save you from my wrath. She starts leaving. Dadi asks Dua where will she live? Dua says don’t worry, I will live on the first floor with you. She leaves from there while Haider looks on.

Ijaz asks his goons to ready the car as they have to take Ruhaan from here. Hafeez hides and thinks what should he do?

Dua is setting her room. Haider comes there but Dua stops him and says you can’t come inside. Haider says please don’t do this, I will stay here with you. Dua says you have lost the right to stay with me. Haider says please forgive me, I can beg you but please let me stay with you. Dua says I don’t have a place for you in my heart or in my room. Just leave. I gave you rights to order me so I don’t like seeing you begging. Haider says you are feeling pity for me? Dua says not at all but I don’t want to see my enemy begging. Haider says enemy? I am your husband. Dua says you lost that right when you planned to marry another woman. Haider says I am yours, I won’t go anywhere. Dua says then stand outside, she locks the door and cries. Haider says I am not going anywhere. He sits outside the room and Dua cries on the other side.

Haider sits outside Dua’s room and pleads with her to open the door, he says I am not going anywhere. Gazal comes there and says you saw Dua’s behavior, I can’t see you crying. Dua hears her. Gazal tells Haider that he has a life waiting for him. Haider pushes her away and says I am not going anywhere, I will die but I won’t move. If Dua is not with me then I will stay around her. You know I used to live with Dua, I was in her heart and see where I am today. I will stay near her, I am not going anywhere. Hina comes there and says what’s wrong with you Haider, I told you many times that this girl will just give you pain. Dua is hurt hearing all this. Hina shouts that this girl has trapped my son, he is crying because of her, she says I can’t see you like this. You should accept Gazal. Haider says I am totally broken and only Dua can repair me. I would rather bear Dua’s hate then accept someone else’s happiness. I will dying crying but I won’t let anyone wipe my tears. Hina says you don’t listen to me. She asks Gazal to come with her, he doesn’t see anyone but Dua. Just come with me. She drags Gazal from there. Haider begs with Dua to open the door, he says I am nothing without you. Dua cries on the otherside.

Ijaz tells Ruhaan that he should smile before dying. Ruhaan is unconscious and Ijaz points a gun at him. Hafeez hides and sees all that. Ijaz says I have one bullet so lets play a game. He points at him and is about to shoot.

Dua is crying in her new room and recalls her moments with Haider in their room. Haider cries outside her room too. Saari baatain plays as they both miss each other. Dua says this pain is burning me from inside, please help me God. You have to give me strength to fight this war. I have to protect this relationship.

Ijaz shoots at Ruhaan but the bullet doesn’t fire. Ijaz puts the gun in Ruhaan’s hand and points at himself. He shoots but gets saved. Ijaz laughs and says its my time. Hafeez is scared seeing all that and says he will kill him, I have to do something. Ijaz says I shouldn’t kill you, you are important to us. Hafeez tries to call Dua but makes some noise. Ijaz goes to check but he hides. Ijaz says who is it? he goes from there.

Haider says I destroyed my Dua’s life, I thought I was doing the right thing but I have lost everything. I am totally broken now. Haider falls asleep outside Dua’s room.

Hafeez sees Ijaz leaving and goes to Ruhaan. He tries to free him and says I have to wake him up. He shakes him up and sprinkles water at him. Hafeez says you have to wake up. He throws water at him and Ruhaan gets up a little. Hafeez is about to take him but Ijaz comes there and hits him. He smirks at Hafeez.

Dua sees Haider sleeping outside her room and opens the door. She sadly looks at him and is about to kiss his face but recalls how he married Gazal so she moves away. She says I am sorry, I can’t see you in pain like this but my self respect stops me. You have to be punished for what you did but forgive me please.

Gazal is sleeping when Dua comes to her. She wakes up and gets scared.

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