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Dua comes to Gazal’s room and she is scared seeing her. She moves away and shouts for Hina. Dua says she is sleeping after taking sleeping pills. She laughs at her and says no one is going to come and save you. Gazal tries to run but Dua grabs her. Gazal pleads with her, Dua says should I break your legs?

Gazal tries to run but Dua has locked the door already. Gazal begs her and says I was wrong. Dua says you had big plans to destroy my life and win Haider’s love but you are unlucky, you can’t even feel safe in this room. I might have left this room but my essence is still present, I am everywhere in this room. Gazal says I will remove your identity from this room. Dua says you might do that but how will you throw me out of Haider’s heart? Haider is still lying outside my room, he would never come to you. Gazal says you are probing my wounds? Dua says I haven’t given you wounds yet. I should give you some. She brings a suitcase and says you might fit in it. Gazal gets scared and says you will murder me? Dua says that’s how you think but I want you to pack your stuff. Gazal says I am not leaving this room. Dua says you are going to leave this house in 15 days. Tomorrow will start the deadline. Gazal shouts what are you up to? Dua says let me show it. She gives her some pint and says you might need it.

Gazal thinks she is plotting something. Dua says you will bear a lot of pain. You have to wake up tomorrow early to start working in the house, you are the daughter in law now. Gazal says I am not a servant here. Dua laughs and says you might think you are a queen here but you will become that after doing all household work, you wanted to become Haider’s wife then you have to fulfill duties of this house. You will have to wash dishes and cater to everyone. I am going to live a lavish life and you are going to live like a servant now. Best of luck from tomorrow onwards.

Gazal shouts enough, get lost from here, I am not scared of you, I got married to Haider in front of your eyes and you couldn’t do anything. Dua says I have another gift for you. She brings a box and says you might need it. Gazal looks on and opens it to find a calendar. Dua says you can count your 15 days seeing that. You will be thrown out and will have nowhere to go. I should put this in front of you.

She puts the calendar on the wall and says this will remind you of your status. She marks the date and says you will leave the house on thie day. Gazal says I am not going to leave even in 15 lives, I am Haider’s wife. Dua says you forcefully married Haider, he married you out of pity. I will snatch my right, my Haider and my house back from you. Gazal says you said that Haider is mine and now you want him back? Dua says I am miffed with Haider to make him realize that he did a mistake by pitying a cheap girl like you.

I want to bring your real face out that’s why I am being stern with the family. You think I hate my family? I love them but I want to show them my worth, I will show them if they try to break me then this house will be broken. You are a guest for 15 days and then you have to go far away. Gazal takes off the calendar and tears it in anger. Gazal says enough, I will throw you out of Haider’s heart before 15 days. Dua says it doesn’t matter what you want, she puts the calendar back on and cleans it. She says you can’t change your fate by tearing the calendar. Just remember the date. She goes from there.

Scene 1

Gazal thinks to take care of Dua today only.

Gulnaz and others call Dua, Ravi says Hafeez was calling us all but he is not picking now. Dua checks her phone and finds many missed calls from Hafeez. She reads the message that he found Ruhaan but he needs help.

Gazal is calling Ijaz but he is not picking up.

Ijaz has tied Hafeez and Ruhaan both. Hafeez shouts for Ruhaan to wake up but Ijaz grabs him and says you thought you could run away with him? you think you followed me here? no, I brought you here. I saw you following me and I plotted all that to trap you. He sees Kaynaat calling him and says your lover is calling. Hafeez asks him to shut up. Ijaz says I know everything. Gazal gave me the news, we are very dangerous so don’t make me angry. He beats him and says I will beat you because Dua beat me up. He keeps beating him, Hafeez faints and his wallet falls down. Dua is trying to call Hafeez, Ijaz takes the call and laughs evilly. Dua shouts to not hurt my brother, I won’t spare you. Ijaz says you should beg me to leave your brother alive, he ends the call. Dua cries and worries about Hafeez, she says I shouldn’t have send him there alone.

Gazal comes there and claps. She says why are you crying if you are lioness? you were saying big things but now you are crying? tell your mother that I am taking over your family slowly. You couldn’t even protect your brother from me. Dua shouts at her to shut up, I will punish you so badly for this. Gazal laughs and says if you worry about Ruhaan and Hafeez then you should be begging me, you don’t deserve my pity. I have to take my beauty nap now, she goes from there. Gulnaz says I will kill her today. Dua says we can’t do anything as Ruhaan and Hafeez are in their trap. Gulnaz cries and says I am worried for them.

Gazal calls Ijaz and says you have made me proud. We are strong now, they can’t run away at any cost. He says don’t worry, I really enjoyed seeing Dua crying. She ends the call. Gazal thinks I will throw Dua out of Haider’s life.

Kaynaat worries about Hafeez and says what if Gazal hurts him? Dua says don’t worry, we will save them. Dadi asks how? Dua recalls a memory. The flashback shows how Dua used to find things for Haider, and gave him a tracker so he won’t lose his things but Haider told her that he has her so he doesn’t need it. The flashback ends. Dua says Haider might be away from me but his things are still with me. I knew they would take Hafeez’s phone but I had put a tracker in his wallet, we can track their location. She promises to bring them back.

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