Bitter sweet love starlife update 17 June 2024

The Episode starts with Vaibhav coming home and greeting Vandu. She asks him to leave. He acts and irritates her. She shouts. Mrunal comes and asks her not to shout. She says I also have a share in this house, he came here to meet me, not you, you aren’t anyone to talk in between.

Pammi says Tara is Kunal’s daughter, it’s a big mess. Guneet says we did right to get the test done. Bobby says we will fight for custody. Vedika says yes, we won’t leave our girl for Sonia. Pammi thinks how did this happen. Vedika says Tara is lovely, her heart has gone on Kunal, not on Sonia. Kunal worries. Bobby says thanks for making me Chachu. Vedika says I became Bua. Kunal looks on. Vandu pushes Mrunal away. Vaibhav says you shouldn’t care whatever we do. Vandu and Vaibhav argue.

She says you have ruined my life, what do you want now. He says just give your share of property to me. She says don’t be mistaken that you will get anything. He says what is yours, its mine. She says I have broken the relation. He says I won’t break it, give the house share to me and then I will sign the divorce papers. She holds his collar and scolds him. Mrunal says leave him. Vijay and Aaji ask her to shut up.

Vandu says let me live my life well, go away. Vaibhav scolds her and accuses her for an affair with Kunal. He says just name the house share to me, don’t force me to become a goon. Mrunal says there is no value of decency. They all go. Vandu cries and says I had loved Vaibhav and wasted my life’s 5 years, I lost believe in love. Vijay says no, don’t lose your faith because of people like Vaibhav, the world is good because of people like you. Tara wakes up and runs to hug Kunal. She says I m there to care for you. Kunal stops himself. He gets away and says I can’t do this.

Vedika says Tara is your daughter. He goes upstairs to his room. Tara runs after him and knocks the door. Pammi says who can accept the child after 7 years suddenly. Vandu recalls Vaibhav’s words and cries. She says I have to talk to some expert lawyer. She calls Akshara. Abhira takes the call. Vandu says I need some legal advice from Akshara. Abhira says mumma isn’t here right now. Vandu says oh, okay. Abhira says I m also law final year student, you can ask me, I might help, what’s your name. Vandu says Vandana. Abhira says I m Abhira. Vandu says I had loved from heart and got married, but my husband and sister have an affair, they cheated me, I m asking him for divorce, he is asking for my property share, what shall I do.

Abhira says fight until you win, your husband has no right on your property, you don’t have to lose. Vandu says thanks, I got courage hearing your words. Abhira says thanks, girls like you give me courage to study law and help those in need. Vandu says you will become a good lawyer. Abhira says thanks. Vandu says think well before getting married, don’t marry when you don’t find the right life partner, study well, all the best. She ends call.

Tara talks to Kunal. He goes out of the house. She asks him to listen. He says leave me alone, stop disturbing me, did you understand, or shall I scold. Vandu looks on and calls him out. Pammi says Sonia will make this a reason to come here. Vedika says Sonia is Tara’s mum, we can’t stop her. Pammi says you listen to me carefully, Sonia has moved on, Kunal has a right to move on. Vedika says right, we all are with her, but his life has loneliness, just a life partner can fill it. Pammi says yes, someone who never leaves him, I will find a nice girl for him. Vedika says everything should happen good with him, I wish a right girl comes in her life, they should be right for each other.

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