The Evil Eye Starlife update Saturday 15 June 2024

The evil eye 15 June 2024: Piya is running behind Pari but sees her feet upside down, she is shocked. Pari jumps and climbs on wall like a witch. Piya scolds her but Pari says I didnt do it deliberately.

Piya coems in Pari’s room to see her grabbing things with her big braid. Piya stops her and says you cant do this infront of anyone. Ansh comes outside Nishant’s house and rings bell. Piya is going to door but Vedsheree calls Ansh and asks where is he? He says I came to meet Nishant to talk about Piya. Vedsheree says you cant talk to them, he told me.. Piya married again and has a daughter as well. Ansh is shocked and leaves before Piya opens door. Pari calls Piya. Piya says I am coming. Ansh hides so Piya doesnt see him, she goes inside. Ansh sees her earring fallen there and recalls his moments with her, he puts earring there and leaves.

Adi is in car waiting for Ansh and says I dont have Pari. Pari is standing on building balcony, her paper falls down so she jumps from bulding and uses her braid to land safely. Paper falls on Ansh’s car. Pari jumps to get it. Adi is shocked to see her. She says you came here to see me? Adi says will you help me? She says okay.

Pari comes back in balcony. Piya comes to her and says what are you doing here? Piya sees her earring missing.Ansh comes to car and recalls Vedsheree’s words.

Piya comes out of door and sees her earring tucked in a pot. She recalls how Ansh gifted those earrings to her and had put it on a pot. Flashback ends. Piya cries and says Ansh.. She sees him driving away and cries.

Scene 2Ukayan says to Nishant that I will show what danger you are working on, she shows glimpse of Urvashi without showing her face, she says that evil power is strong, you both did a mistake by coming here. She grabs them by her braid.

Ansh says to family that its fine if Piya married again. Chitali says what about your happiness? Ansh says its fine. Vedsheree says Urvashi has been waiting for you. Ansh says I am not ready for wedding, I cant keep her happy so I cant do this with her. Mohana comes there and says you are doing wrong by not giving him mother’s love, he is alone and needs a mother.

He might not his birth mother but can find a loving mother, I gave you birth but you got love from Vedsheree. Ansh recalls his memories with Vedsheree. Mohana says Vedsheree accepted you and made sure you dont become evil. Ansh looks on.

Moahana says to Ansh that Adi should get a good mother like you did with Vedsheree, what if Vedsheree didnt accept you? You would have been like Karan and your fate would have been same, do you want that for Adi? For him to cry for his mother? You dont want a mother like Vedsheree for him? Ansh says but Adi doesnt like Urvashi. Shekhar says you took a time to open up to Vedsheree too. Mohana says Adi needs a mother. Ansh says okay, I will marry Urvashi only when Adi says yes and accept her, he leaves. Urvashi looks on.

Pari is running around and playing with Piya, she suddenly grows a braid. Pari says I want to save my friend, I can jump high. Pari says if I help someone then you wont be angry? Piya says why are you asking so many questions? She says nothing.

Urvashi says I wont let Adi stop our plan. Mohana says do anything but make Adi say that he accepts you as his mother.

Vedsheree’s family starts pooja. Ansh dresses Adi as Krishna. They all do pooja together. Piya does pooja with her family too. Piya recalls how she did it when Adi was a baby.

Pari thinks that I have to go to Adi’s house to help him. Piya asks Pari to not worry Guru Maa, I am going out, she leaves. Pari tells Guru Maa that she is going to meet her friend.

Urvashi hangs Adi from balcony. He cries for help. Urvashi says say yes to me or else nobody would help you.

Pari comes to a rickshaw and gives him address to Adi’s house. She arrives there and sees celebrations going on. Urvashi is still handing Adi from balcony. Pari sees it and tries to help him.

Naman is sad and says dont know where Saman went. I cant forget her. I am yours. Suddenly he sees a light raising in sky and says this means trouble for hunters.

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