Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 28 April 2021

Sacred Relationship 28 April 2021: starts with Mehul greeting pandit. Mishti hides from him. Pandit says strange, some girl came to ask about you. Mehul thinks Meenakshi is doing this. He goes. She says I have to tell everything to Abir, I can’t move from here, people are coming for Aarti, Mehul will see me, I will inform Rajshri that I will be late. Meenakshi and everyone come to meet Kuhu. Meenakshi wishes Kuhu. Abir asks won’t you take a selfie with me. Kuhu takes selfie with him. Varsha asks about Kunal. Meenakshi says there is a meeting in office, he will try his best, sorry Kuhu. Kuhu says its okay, I m glad you have come. Abir says Kunal will come for sure.

Rajshri says if Abir said, then this will happen. Vishwamber says we got mahurat for Abir and Mishti’s engagement. Rajshri
says there are two mahurats, one is after two months and other is just in two days. Nanu gets sad. Meenakshi says fix the date after two days. Nidhi says then Abir will go, why don’t we keep the date after two months. Nanu says Abir will go whenever he wants, we can’t keep the children away for our sake, Meenakshi is right, engagement will happen after two days. Abir asks where is Mishti. Rajshri says I want to ask you, she messaged me that she is busy in NGO work, she will be late, was she not there. Abir says yes, she will be there, I didn’t go to NGO today, I will call her and find. pandit finishes aarti. Mishti asks about Mehul’s family.

Abir says where are you Mishti. Rajshri asks him did he find out. He says she is in NGO, she will come. He tracks her and says Rajgarh. Pandit says Mehul used to live here with his wife, she was pregnant. Mishti says Meenakshi. He says I don’t know name, she used to keep fasts and liked kheer a lot, I used to tell her that her child will also like kheer. Mishti thinks Abir. Pandit says she stopped coming to temple and then even Mehul didn’t come. Meenakshi says I have got Kunal’s pic, you can open your fast. Kunal says pic won’t be needed. Kuhu smiles. Bekhudi…plays… Kunal thinks don’t know where did Kuhu hide that reporter. Abir says I told you Kunal will come, start puja, I will get Mishti and come. Mishti gets sad. Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays… Mishti sees Abir’s pic. Pandit gives her a red thread. She leaves in the cab. Abir is on the way. The cab breaks down. Mehul passes by in another cab.

Driver says car is fixed. Mishti gets shocked seeing Abir. He comes to her and says I was waiting for you all day, I thought you are preparing some surprise, you are here, why are you here in Rajgarh. She says don’t ask me anything. He asks don’t I have a right. She says we have right on each other. He says you lied to me, what’s the truth. She says your dad’s truth. He asks is he fine, what happened to him. She says he is fine, he is lying, he is hiding something. He asks what. She says I don’t know, I don’t have all facts. He asks how can you blame him. She says he asked you to leave the house, then he asked me not to leave the house. He says he didn’t wish you to get blamed. She says he lied to me. He says he was finding mum’s necklace. She says he went to Meenakshi’s office. He asks why did you go there, did you come in mum’s words. She says no, she didn’t tell me anything. He asks did you get any proof. She says trust me, I m not lying. He says I should go now.

She says I m not lying. He says you got selfish, you can’t see me, I m leaving everyone to live with you, you are spying, its Meenakshi’s work, I want to stay away from this negativity, where there is no trust, there can’t be love. She shouts stop Abir……Her imagination ends. Abir asks why are you shouting, I m here, are you okay, I was asking why did you come here. She thinks no, I have no proof. He asks are you okay. She faints. He holds her. Driver comes. Abir asks him to get water. Driver says she didn’t eat anything since morning. Abir says she kept the fast, I didn’t ask her how is she, where can I take her now. Driver says temple pandit can help, she had gone there. Mehul comes home and says Meenakshi you can try to run, you can’t hide from me. He smiles. Kuhu does Kunal’s aarti. Driver says I will arrange some food. Abir runs towards idol and gets some sugar. Varsha records Kuhu and Kunal’s fast rituals. Kuhu breaks Kuhu’s fast. Abir breaks Mishti’s fast. Jasmeet and Nidhi also complete the fast rituals.

Mishti gets conscious. Meenakshi says I got gift vouchers for you Kuhu. Jasmeet says Karwachauth is solution for all problems. Varsha smiles. Meenakshi blesses Kuhu. She gets a call and says its imp call, excuse me. She answers the call. Mehul says I know what you have done. Rajshri says sorry, I m eager to gift you something. Meenakshi says I m coming. She says Mehul I have no time to talk to you. She ends call. Rajshri gives the specially handcrafted shawl to Meenakshi. Meenakshi thanks her. Rajshri asks how shall we keep engagement, in Gujarati way. Meenakshi says Abir and Mishti are deciding everything, we shall do as they want. Kunal says I have to make an imp call. He goes. Meenakshi thinks my family is shattering, is there no one who can save my family. Abir asks am I any Jinn or devil, how did you faint seeing me, you didn’t tell me about the fast. Pandit comes and asks did you get the person you were finding.

pandit saying I don’t remember it well, Mishti was asking me about some person, what was the name of that man, Mehul…. Abir looks at her. The driver says I spoke to a food stall owner, just come, I don’t have money. Abir says I will just come and goes. Kunal says it was same place where they insulted me, they could have told me if they didn’t had to do the alliance, same girl is getting engaged to my brother, they want me to respect her, my brother would be leaving us, Mishti has won once again. He hears Kuhu thanking her friend. She says thanks, you acted like a journalist so my husband has come and broke my fast. Kunal angrily goes. Pandit says I recalled something when you left, this may help you, there will be a fun fair happening in the village, the people who would come here, they used to stay here before, you can ask them about Mehul. Mishti thanks him for help. She says I will come and meet you, don’t tell Abir that I came here to find about Mehul. Pandit asks why. Abir says yes, I want to know the same, why.

Nanu says there will be music and dance in Abir’s engagement. Kunal says surprise, I m sure everyone forgot, but I remember, its two month anniversary of Kuhu and my marriage. They all smile seeing the cake. Jasmeet says Kuhu is so lucky. Kunal asks Kuhu to come. Abir says I don’t know whom to trust, I m fighting with everyone since long, I can’t trust you. Mishti asks him to stop. Yeh rishte….plays… He says I have to go. He leaves. She cries. Kunal and Kuhu cut the cake. Kunal says I know I told negative about Mishti, I m sorry. Rajshri says mum gets hurt when children make mistakes, when children realize mistakes, mum feels much proud. Kunal feeds cake to her. He asks Kuhu to eat cake. He says why to bear little, sometimes you should get a shock, aw you look cute, you thought you can fool me by calling any random stranger, don’t worry. She looks at him. He says we have to take a selfie. Kuhu goes.
Abir says maybe there is a reason, don’t ask her if you aren’t ready to hear it. He sees a decorated bus. Mishti comes there, wearing a saree. Abir smiles. Dheere dheere….plays…. a dupatta falls over them.

Abir holds her. She thinks I can’t say anything against your dad without proof, I know its tough to lie, I have no choice, I hope you will forgive me. She says I planned a surprise for you, you are leaving your family to stay with us, I came to Mehul’s house, I want our marriage to happen here, I was lying to pandit, I m sorry. Abir says sorry, I didn’t wish to fight, thanks for telling the truth. He hugs her. She says you kept fast for me right, did you see the moon. He nods. She breaks his fast. They take tea and chips. Jaaniya….plays…. She says you know this fast… women keep it for partner’s long life. He says I know, I kept the fast for you to get credit. She says I will use this long life to protect you. He says I love you Mishti. She says I love you too Abir. She thinks I will come here again, I will find out what is Mehul hiding. He says our engagement is fixed, its day after tomorrow. Kunal says I have imp work, I will just come. He leaves.Meenakshi says where did he go at this time. She turns and sees Mehul. He asks where were you all day, no more excuses, don’t try to lay thorns in my way, you know what I can do. Meenakshi asks did you sell your manners.

He says I m just talking, if you want your son, name the property to me. She says its my property, who are you to ask me. He says you think you will change the game, you went to Rajgarh. She says I have no time for you and your threatening, you don’t care, I don’t risk my family to play any trick. Kuhu goes for jogging. She sees Kunal’s car. She says what is Kunal doing here. He asks why didn’t you wish me anniversary, didn’t you like the cake. She says don’t touch me. He says you left the house, why did you play drama to call me here. She says I have learnt playing games from you, congrats, I have become like you. He says you will get divorce papers tomorrow. She says fine, my family will be hurt, then they will support me, what about you, think about it. He asks what. She says your family will also be hurt, Abir will get super angry, your mom will question you, when Abir is already leaving the house, why are you giving him another reason, everyone will be against you, you will lose everyone, you will be called an epic loser. He says that’s enough. She says okay, I will talk to you when you are alone, I will tell you everything, the way you have applied the cake on my face. Abir says congrats, it looks like you don’t want to do this marriage. Mishti says there is nothing such. He says I know, there is some magic and much love in every love story, we have much logic, drama and…. She says much love. They smile.

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