Sacred Relationship Update Thursday 29 April 2021

Sacred Relationship 29 April 2021: starts with Abir saying we will get engaged soon and then I will be all yours, my house and everything will be yours. She says I live in joint family, and my life is full of family drama. Abir says I didn’t tell you a secret, I have…. She says romance… He asks how do you know. She says you are my Abir, I know everything. He says I have an idea. She asks what. He asks her to guess, she is smart. Meenakshi says nothing is fine. Parul asks what does Mehul want. Meenakshi says Mehul has a motive to…. Kunal comes.

Parul asks them to talk and goes to get tea. Kunal says our got a deal with Japanese clients, find any interior designer to get the house renovated, I know I made many mistakes, Abir is away because of me, don’t give up, I will do anything
to have Abir at home, he is going away, stop him please, I lost a lot, if I lose Abir, I will be a loser. She says enough, Abir isn’t leaving because of you, he is going because of Mehul. Kunal says Mishti… Meenakshi says Mishti isn’t taking Abir away, I request you, don’t fight Kuhu now, my fight is for Abir, and for you…. He says don’t worry, I won’t fight with Kuhu and Mishti, Abir should stay in this house. She hugs him. Parul looks on and signs her.
Rajshri says Maayka misses daughter with a hope that she is happy in Sasural, we miss you. Kuhu says yes, I m special, Nanu says my presence is sweet so he doesn’t eat sweets when I m there. Rajshri says we will go out somewhere, Mishti, you and me. Kuhu says just we will go. Abir calls Rajshri and says there is much work, we have to stay here at night. Rajshri asks him for Mishti. He says she is very busy. Mishti says liar, I m here. He asks Mishti to talk. Rajshri scolds her for not calling her. Abir says very bad. Mishti says Abir is a bad boss, he didn’t give me time to have food. Rajshri says its really bad, Mishti leave the job and come home. Abir says no, we have to prepare Diwali package. Rajshri says if you are doing job Mishti, then don’t give any chance to your boss to complain. Mishti says fine. Rajshri ends call and says we should go for a night out. Mishti says liar, cheater, thief, you are stealing Rajshri now. Abir says but I always take your side. She smiles. Haath me ho haath tera…..plays….

He does shayari. They are on the way, sitting on the bus top. Mehul talks to Bharat on call. He looks around. He says I need time, amount is big, if I give any advance, can you calm the people for some time. He goes to steal the idol. Parul stops him and scolds him. He asks her to mind her tongue. She asks him to leave his bad habits. She says you tried to break this family, but this family won’t break, we are together. He says I m taking Abir with me, maybe I take this house as well, go and ask Meenakshi to explain you, tell her that she is losing the game, you should worry for your future, not this family, its your wish, tell Meenakshi to give me what I asked you, else. She says your intentions and threatening didn’t change, I have changed, the day Abir knows your truth, he will unite with us and face you, I promise.

He says we will see, I will see how many family members stay united in the morning. He goes. She says Babuji’s life was at risk last time, while facing this devil, don’t know what will happen now. Mishti smiles and jokes on Abir. He says sorry, I didn’t sleep well since many days, I got a good sleep near you. She asks where are we. Abir reads marriage bureau board. He goes to ask the man. The man says its my turn, this is the only marriage bureau that’s open all night. Abir goes and tells this to Mishti. She says we shall leave. Abir says we can marry right now, tell me Mishti, will you marry me now. Meenakshi wakes up and says Abir….. Mishti says this way… I want to marry you, but our engagement. He says there will be problems. She says nothing will happen. He says our families will support, what if Rajshri, Vishwamber lose trust in me and if you refuse for marriage… She stops him. Parul says Abir didn’t come back, he isn’t at NGO office. Meenakshi asks where is he, where is Mehul. Parul says he was near the temple and he went to his room. Meenakshi asks her not to talk to Mehul. Parul says call Abir, or I will call Mishti.

Mishti cries and asks how did you think I will refuse to marry you, don’t you trust me. Abir says its a fact, I couldn’t give you anything. Mishti says you gave me what I wanted, I don’t want anything else, I understand your feeling. He jokes. She says when everyone saw us together, I felt like I should run away with you, I was afraid that they will ask me to leave you, but now they won’t tell this to us, if anyone says, we won’t agree, even if you agree, then I won’t agree, I promise Abir, no one will make you away from me. Dil ka dariya….plays….She hugs and kisses him. He gets a call. Parul asks where are you. Abir says don’t worry, I m coming home. Mishti thinks I won’t let you leave the house, I won’t let your dad hurt you.

Kuhu and Rajshri coming home. Kuhu says I have liked the night out with you. Rajshri says I couldn’t give you much time because of Mishti. Kuhu says Mishti will get married and be with her husband. Rajshri says even you will be going to your husband. Mishti comes. Kuhu asks them to talk. She goes. Rajshri asks did your work get over. Mishti says I have come to talk about tomorrow morning. Rajshri says yes, what will you wear in engagement. Mishti says I have to go to Rajgarh, promise me, you won’t tell anyone, I doubt Mehul, he is hiding something from Abir. Rajshri gets shocked,
Mehul greets Meenakshi. She leaves the breakfast. He asks her to eat something. She refuses. He asks what will happen when I tell Kunal’s truth to everyone. Nidhi gets tea for him. Meenakshi sends Nidhi. She asks what do you want. Mehul says you are Abir’s mum, explain him not to leave the house. She asks do you think I want Abir to leave the family. Parul receives courier for Abir. Mehul snatches it and says Abir gave me this right. She says Abir is my son, Abir Rajvansh. Mishti asks Rajshri to understand, there is fair in Rajgarh, its only chance to know Mehul’s truth, I was hurt when Naman blackmailed you, I don’t want Abir to get hurt, I have to go there. Rajshri says no.

Mehul asks Meenakshi to see the card, Abir liked the design. Meenakshi reads Abir Kapadia weds Mishti Agarwal. Mehul taunts her. He says now Abir isn’t yours, but mine. She scolds him for using Abir. Abir comes and says I have done this, not dad. Mehul acts good. Mehul lies to him. Meenakhi asks was this your idea. Abir says yes, I asked dad if I can join his name to mine, and he said yes. Mehul says its an honour for me. Meenakshi drops the card. Parul picks it and cries. Abir thanks Mehul and says now my name will be Abir Kapadia. Mishti says Abir will break down, I promise I will come back soon. Rajshri says not tomorrow, we won’t argue now. She goes. Meenakshi asks why do you want to leave my surname. Abir says I want to connect with dad’s name. Parul says this name is bad, don’t do this. Meenakshi says Abir is ashamed of my name, let it be. Parul gets angry and asks him what is he doing. Kunal looks on. Meenakshi stops Parul. She says Abir I won’t stop you, change the house and family, one truth can’t change, you are my son and will always be. Kunal gets shocked. Meenakshi asks Parul not to cry, let Abir go. She blesses Abir.

Mehul also prays for Abir and family’s happiness. Kunal taunts him. He sees the card and throws it away. The card falls near the diya and catches fire. Kunal goes. Abir sees the burning card and cries. Mishti requests Rajshri. Vishwamber comes and asks what’s the matter, did Meenakshi say anything. Abir calls Mishti and gets angry when she doesn’t answer. Mishti says there is nothing such. Rajshri says Mishti is adamant to spend time with you. Vishwamber says I thought Mishti won’t think of me. Mishti hugs him. He says she loves me a lot. Rajshri says Mishti loves you a lot, until she is with us, I won’t have any complains. Meenakshi plays sitar. Abir plays guitar. Mehul smiles and says great.

She asks him to just leave. He says you should have heard me before, I didn’t know winning would be so easy, just Mishti was the thorn before, if you didn’t try to make Mishti and Abir away, you would have had Abir.

She says every mum becomes a lioness when its about her child. He says you are in my control no, I will get money when I convince Abir, you went to Rajgarh behind my back. She says you will get what you want. He jokes. They see Abir. Kuhu asks Mishti to wear good clothes on her engagement day. She says no liking still. Mishti says its good. Kuhu says you would be happy, your dream is coming true. Mishti says sorry. Kuhu says I don’t want sympathy. Mishti says sympathy is for weak people, you are strong. Kuhu says I have no choice than to be strong, don’t take depressing things, there will be crying and depression after your engagement, I will tell the truth to everyone. Abir asks Mehul are you fine. Meenakshi asks him to ask Mehul if she troubled him. Abir asks Mehul not to trouble Meenakshi. He says I didn’t decide to hurt her. She thinks my son didn’t go away from me, I didn’t go to Rajgarh, so I know your down counting started.

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