The Cost Of Love Update Wednesday 28 April 2021

The cost of Love 28 2021: Sheetal threatens to ruin JD. She asks him to see his bad days starting now. JD tries to explain. She calls the lawyer. Suraj says we will explain them how to celebrate valentines…. Chakor smiles. They dance on Janam Janam….. Everyone claps for them. JD’s man enters the party in disguise. He serves the drinks. Manav and Aparna find Ahaan emotionless like a statue. Uday says people say love is a game, one who follows the rule wins. Kaira says heart has one rule, never break the lover’s heart. Vikram stops Richa from drinking much. Richa argues and goes.

Kaira says the game we are playing is simple. They ask Suraj and Chakor to stay close and make rounds, while holding the balloons by their backs, they shouldn’t let the balloon fall or burst. Suraj and Chakor move around. The balloon bursts. Suraj and Chakor smile. Kaira says so sad, your punishment is you have to propose Chakor now. He gives a rose to Chakor. She says I hope everything becomes like before. Suraj says I hope I get all my answers, you have to do something for me, you have to come at the cliff after Shivratri puja, will you come. She smiles.

The sharp shooter enters the party. Vikram looks around. Richa pats him. She asks whom are you finding. He says mom and dad, don’t know where they are. The lawyer says like you said, I have done the same, JD’s name is removed from your business and property. JD gets shocked. The lawyer says your property will equally go to Vikram, Ahaan, Kaira and Richa, by chance if you die accidentally or in a mysterious way, your entire property will go in charity. Sheetal says superb, send its final draft, I will sign it. JD stares at Sheetal. He says thanks, what could be better valentines gift than this, I don’t need to give time to business now. She asks business or someone else. She goes.

Sanchi says love is a cure for all illness. Veer says then hospitals would have been less needed in the world. They all clap. Veer and Sanchi dance on Ruk jaa….plays…. Richa stops Vikram. Deep asks is everything fine. Richa says fine, you know normal nok jhok is imp between husband and wife. Deep says you should be together, ups and downs don’t matter. He gets a call. Aarohi spies on him. Someone pulls her away. Aarohi sees Pankti. Pankti says don’t shout, its me Pankti. Aarohi says you here…. come everyone is finding you. Pankti says you take me in secretly, no one should know I m here. Aarohi asks her to wait, be careful, I didn’t tell Deep that I m Aarohi, he thinks I m Tara, he shouldn’t know this, I will just come. She goes. Aarohi goes to Deep and says I need your help, Pankti thinks I m Aarohi and wants my help, she shouldn’t know I m Tara. Deep says but how do you know Pankti.

She says I don’t know, but she knows Aarohi. Deep goes to Pankti. Aarohi says Deep will take you in. Deep says I have an idea. Imli comes and does shayari. Ranvijay comes after her and does shayari. Veer asks shall we start the game. Sanchi asks Imli and Ranvijay to stand opposite. Ranvijay stands in front of Imli and says I can’t get my eyes off Imli. Imli signs him. Sanchi asks him to start the game. They stand holding the balloon by their backs and move round. Balloon bursts. Veer says you lost, you are in hurry to dance with Imli. Ranvijay says I m ready to lose thousand times to spend time with her. Sanchi asks him to dance then. Ranvijay and Imli dance on Tuney maari entriyaan….

Ahaan calling out Pankti. Her dupatta flies over and falls on his face. Tere liye….plays…. She cries. He goes to her and covers her up with the dupatta. He asks are you fine, why did you go away, knowing I can’t live without you, you took away my happiness and strength, I know you went to keep my dad’s word. Aparna asks Manav did he do this to save Ahaan from society, did he help them, who came to save Ahaan’s life today, no one, respect is imp, but why can’t they understand a small thing that love is most imp. Manav says if you were in my place, what would you do, no one makes life complicated, it just happens, I wasn’t worried for ourselves, I was worried for Kaira and Richa, Sheetal, our family, world will create troubles for us, I wanted to save our family. Ahaan says you did what everyone wanted, you didn’t think what you want, what I want, you felt I will forget you. Jackie looks on and aims at Ahaan. Ahaan says I forgot living without you, you are scared that we will get defamed because of your past.

Pankti comes in between and says yes. Jackie stops. Pankti says my fear is true, I was mad to think I can also fall in love and become a reason of happiness for others, but no, Manav reminded me my truth, I can just become a reason for others’ sorrow, I want to find a new identity, its my life’s goal from now on. Ahaan says we will go court tomorrow and marry, Poorva will become witness from your side, Uday will become witness from my side, then you will be my wife, you won’t be called anyone’s mistress. JD scolds his man. He says Pankti came in party and left, you didn’t know. The man says I was reaching her but… Jackie was here, don’t know who has sent him. JD says I know. He calls Anita. She says JD calls me when his family doesn’t listen to him, he is a problem. She answers call and says Pankti came in the party, but we lost her. He asks did you send Jackie, did you go mad, how dare you plan an attack on Ahaan, stop using your brain. She says I did this to lessen your tension. He says handle Jackie, don’t do anything without asking me. Pankti says first someone’s mistress, then someone’s wife, but where is Pankti in all this. She asks him to see the broken idols, they used to get worshipped before, now no one sees them, can you join this again and make them suitable for puja. Jackie hides and sees them.

She says even if you join them, this can’t be suitable for worship, there is just one way, that’s to melt them in soil and make a new one, even I have to remove the stain on myself, I have to make a new Pankti, just go. Jackie aims again. He gets a call from Anita. She asks him not to shoot Ahaan, if JD sees him, he will not leave them. Jackie says fine. Pankti says Lord will make us meet once again.Ahaan says you care for everyone, except me. They cry. He says you asked me to leave, you didn’t think what will happen of me, how will I live without you, my identity will end with your leaving. She says no, don’t say this, I love you, that’s why I want to become something, so that you don’t need to take my burden, you don’t need to save me from society. He says to hell with society, we will go far. She asks how, our family is part of society, I don’t want any JD to embarrass me again, I have to become something equal to JD, I have to earn a big name that people forget my own name, just fame can wipe all my old stains, if I don’t go today, I can’t get my love ever, if you love me, then wait for me.

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