Sacred Relationship Update Thursday 17 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 17 June 2021: The Episode starts with Mishti coming to Kuhu’s room and seeing the mess. She asks what did you do. Kuhu says you did the same with me, you became the owner and made me maid’s bahu. Mishti says Parul is Kunal’s mum. Kuhu says she is a maid, so you returned the company to Kunal to become great Mishti, you showed our place, you gave the compensation to Kunal, thanks a lot for destroying my life. She says don’t think my anger is my weakness, get out of my life. She goes. Mishti cries and picks Abir and her marriage pic frame.

She says Kunal accepted Parul as his mum, it was a good day, Kuhu spoiled it. Kunal cooks food for Meenakshi. Kunal asks her to give him a second chance. Everyone claps. Kunal calls Jugnu. Jugnu gets the khandvi. Kunal says its mum’s favor. Meenakshi sees Kunal and Parul’s pic in the newspaper. Nidhi says Parul has become heroine in the pic and Meenakshi is sidelined. Meenakshi goes. Abir comes to his room. Mishti asks him to see what did Kuhu do. She says we have not told the family about her mistake, she broke all our photo frames. He says relax, we will fix it. She says Kuhu is such. Abir says she is kiddish like Kunal, you have to show patience. She says I always listen to you, you know Kunal and Maa better, but I know Kuhu better. He goes. She cries.

Kunal asks Kuhu how did she get hurt. She says why do you care, you don’t discuss anything before taking imp decisions. Kunal does the aid to her hand. He says I should have spoken to you before, I get awkward about it. She says you spoke to Mishti about it. He says no, I just spoke to Abir, I asked Mishti about her real parents. She says you should have asked me. He says Parul is living here, try to understand my situation, Parul was being treated like a maid, I couldn’t see that. She asks what about Meenakshi. He says I love her, I thought of her, just you can help me, please. He hugs her. She asks him not to take Mishti’s advice, Mishti made Abir tell that to you. Kunal says why, because she wants my property, don’t be silly.

Kuhu says I know she returned the company, I don’t trust her. He asks won’t Abir know her truth. She asks how, like in Mehul’s case, sorry. He says you should have not done this, you may hate Mishti, its your fav passtime. She says sorry, its because of Mishti. Mishti gets hurt and shouts Abir. She doesn’t see him. She says Abir used to make painting and do poetry before marriage, and now…. you love me and can’t hide from me. Abir makes a painting. He recalls Mishti’s words. Parul comes and says you are regretting to tell my truth. Abir says no. She says I knew this would happen.He says Nanu laid the foundation of this house, Ketki, Kunal and I have to keep it strong, I m not worried, everything is… She says awesome, don’t lie to me, you have risked many relations for my sake, Mishti and your relation is weak, you have to support her, her sister isn’t able to accept her, you know its true, Mishti needs you. He nods and thanks her, calling her best friend.

Jugnu says Abir asked me to make his bedding arrangements on the terrace, sorry. Mishti says its okay. She goes to sleep. Abir comes and thinks she is sleeping. He lies to sleep. She thinks shall I talk to him. Abir thinks I have to take first step always. She thinks why won’t I get angry, he was going to sleep there. He thinks why did I come back. She says maybe mosquitoes were troubling him. They sleep. Its morning, Abir wakes up and sees her. She wakes up. He acts to be sleeping and says don’t go, I miss you. She says okay. He says thank you Charmy. She pulls his hair. She scolds him. He says maybe I was saying Chorni. She says I was getting this for you. He says sorry, I also came here to end the fight, I can prove it. He shows the photo frames fixed. She says you have hidden the truth, you wanted to ignore who did it. He says if you think so, Maa will win. She says let anyone win, but we are losing.

Shaurya says Varsha didn’t eat anything, she isn’t getting up. Rajshri asks why, is she unwell. Jasmeet says she is worried for Kuhu. Rajshri says sometimes you speak bitter. Vishwamber asks Jasmeet what does she want to say. Jasmeet says Kuhu isn’t a Rajvansh, if Mishti angrily throws out Kuhu…. Rajshri asks what. Shaurya gets angry. Vishwamber says you think so, this would have happened if Abir and Kunal were not such, they are Ram and Laxman, Abir will never snatch Kunal’s business. Varsha comes. Jasmeet says its in Meenakshi’s hands, Kunal isn’t that family’s son. Rajshri goes to Varsha. She says I don’t know what Meenakshi can do, Mishti and Abir don’t regard Kuhu and Kunal as outsiders, Abir and Kunal’s love is enough to keep them together. She feeds Varsha.

Nanu asks Parul to get tea. Kunal says I m so late, I want coffee in a flask. Abir says you can take it yourself. Mishti says I will get it. Kuhu says my husband, my rights, I will do it. Abir says I agree. Kunal says I agree with Mishti. Mishti gets the flask. Parul comes. Nidhi asks who is there. Everyone gets shocked and see Meenakshi working in the kitchen, wearing Parul’s clothes.Meenakshi asking don’t I have a right to do this. Mishti and Parul try to stop her. Meenakshi says my family has shown me my place. Parul says you still have your own place, let me do this, I like to take care of everyone and cook food for them. She asks Kunal to explain Meenakshi. Meenakshi says no, nothing is same, you took my place in the office so I took your place in the kitchen, Kunal did right to tell the truth to everyone, Abir said that I want to keep the family in control, I did many mistakes, this is also my mistake.

She says I have taken a decision, I will not manage my business from now, Kaushal will manage it, and Kunal you didn’t know business, I have taught it, now Kunal will teach the business to Parul, I think she would have done well if she got a chance, right Abir. Abir asks her why is she emotionally torturing everyone by the melodrama, sorry. Meenakshi says forgive me, I m sorry. Nanu and Kaushal say its your business. Parul says yes, Kunal learnt everything from you, he is just because of you. Meenakshi thanks Parul. She says whatever happened yesterday, it was by your son Kunal’s wish, he will decide it now.

Kunal says I want you to come with me to the office, like every day, please. Parul and everyone ask her to go to the office. Meenakshi sees Abir. Abir gets upset. Meenakshi says fine. Abir leaves. Kuhu thanks Meenakshi for keeping their request. Kuhu and Kunal say you are the world’s best mum. Meenakshi goes to get ready. Kunal says you are facing all this because of me, I m really sorry. Parul asks him not to be sorry and focus on his work. He says thanks, but I m really sorry. He leaves. Mishti looks on.

Parul says Kunal forgot the coffee, Abir didn’t take his breakfast. Mishti says relax, I will give him the flash. Kuhu takes the breakfast for Abir. She asks him to share why is he so upset. He asks why didn’t Mishti come, is she upset. She says Mishti is such, I thought you are worried for Meenakshi. He says Mishti is my support system, she is upset since you broke the photo frame. Kuhu asks did she complain about me, she isn’t my sister. She goes. He thinks they are still fighting. Mishti gives the flask to Kunal and says everything will get fine. Kunal says mum will forget things easily, your sister snatched the bed and I got a back ache. Mishti says she isn’t my sister, she always accuses me for everything, its tough to be with Kuhu. He says I wasn’t saying this. Abir says I will go mad, wait, I will come. Mishti and Kuhu collide and fall down. Abir looks on. Nidhi helps Mishti. Kuhu says you are helping her first. Nidhi helps Kuhu. Mishti says how immature. Abir rushes and asks Kunal to take him, else Mishti and Kuhu will trouble her. Kunal says Mishti was telling me that Kuhu always blames her. Abir says take me along, we will go on a drive, come. He jokes. He calls Jugnu and tells some plan. They leave.

Parul sees Mishti and Kuhu arguing. Kuhu says you want to prove that I m Parul’s bahu. Mishti says I m Parul’s bahu also, my life is simple. Jugnu comes and says Kunal and Abir left me and went for a movie. Kuhu and Mishti say without me…. Kuhu goes to get the chilli. Meenakshi reads the news. She throws the newspaper. Kaushal asks is everything fine. She says nothing is fine, Parul is standing in front of me, there is confusion, the shareholders and investors are thinking whom to talk, me or Parul. He asks what will happen now. She asks him to call Kunal. She calls Laxman and says I m giving you an imp work, Abir and Kunal shouldn’t know this. Abir asks Kunal to have tea. Kunal says we should have gone somewhere else to have tea, will Kuhu and Mishti’s fight end. Abir shows the holi video. Kunal says its bhaang, not love. Abir says they love us. Kunal says I think Kuhu doesn’t even like me. Abir says I m sure she loves you, we will do something that they love each other. The kidnappers come. Abir and Kunal get kidnapped. Mishti is on call to manage Abir’s work. Kuhu acts to be busy. Mishti says I have to go NGO for work. Parul asks her to go.

She asks Kuhu to help. Kuhu says I have to go for client meeting. Mishti says I will help you, I can work from home. Nidhi says Mishti has become Meenakshi to do work and also manage work. Kuhu comes to help Parul. Parul says you both can do anything. Mishti thinks Abir left me and went to watch a movie, shall I ask Kuhu, forget it. She gets a call. The man says I have kidnapped Abir. She asks who are you. He says kidnapper. She jokes and asks him not to call her again. She says someone was joking that Abir is kidnapped, it can never happen. Kuhu asks what, Abir is kidnapped, why will Abir do this. Mishti says because of you. She gets a message … your husband is kidnapped. She asks Mishti to see the message. Mishti says don’t panic, Abir and I had a fight, he is playing this prank to trap me.

She cleans the shelf. She gets Abir’s diary and reads it. She reads about khichdi chor and says it means it was Abir, I think he doesn’t know that it was me, I will tell him. Ketki comes and asks did you read the news. Nidhi says I will do the reading, the kidnappers are spreading terror in Rajkot. She says the kidnappers look for rich people for getting a ransom, until police catches them, I won’t go out. Ketki asks Mishti not to go out alone. Mishti says I had to go to NGO. She recalls the caller. She calls Abir and Kunal. She thinks their phone is off, are they in problem.

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