Sacred Relationship Update Friday 18 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 18 June 2021: The Episode starts with Kuhu messaging Kunal. Mishti tracks Abir and Kunal’s location. She goes. Kuhu checks the tracker and says they went to watch a movie, there is no cineplex on the highway, it means they got kidnapped. She goes. Meenakshi gives an interview. The reporter says we are inspired seeing the way you have handled your husband. Meenakshi says thanks, I want you all to meet someone who is my inspiration. She calls Parul there. Parul says sorry, I will come later. Meenakshi asks her to come in, the reporters want to ask her some questions, she has done the inauguration yesterday.

Meenakshi answers on Parul’s behalf. She says Parul just knows Gujarati and hindi. Parul says yes, she is right, I don’t know English, Meenakshi taught me whatever I know, I have no work here, I m happy at home.She says Meenakshi made me part of her house and raised Kunal, he has got successful, thank you very much. The reporter says Meenakshi is amazing, thanks for the interview. Meenakshi thinks I have shown Parul her real place today.Mishti and Kuhu run out of the house. Mishti says Abir and Kunal are really in danger. Kuhu stops her. Mishti says I have to go. Kuhu asks where are you going. They argue. The taxi driver waits and goes. They see a scooty. Kuhu says I will drive it, hold me tight. They leave. The man shouts for his scooty. Meenakshi says I can manage the kitchen, but can Parul manage this business. Kaushal says no.

Meenakshi says I know the price for keeping the family united, are we not imp for this business. Kaushal says you are much imp, I don’t know about myself. She says I m worried for Abir and Atul. He says he is busy in acting classes. She says if Parul changes mind, Abir is connected to a NGO, what about Atul. He says Parul won’t do this. She says we thought the same about Mehul, right. She sees the interview. Kaushal says Parul took all the credit. Peon comes and says client wants to meet you. Kaushal says tell them that I m busy. Meenakshi asks him to meet them. Kaushal says they want us to organize summer festival, its late. Meenakshi asks him to call the reporter fast. She says even time will stop for me.

Mishti comes to the dhaba. The man says some goons came and kidnapped two rich guys. Mishti shows the pic. He says yes, it was them, their phones fell down here. He gets the phones and says don’t call the police, the kidnappers have threatened. Kuhu and Mishti argue. Kidnapper calls them and says I have the guys captive, get money to me. Mishti says it could be a trap, too late, don’t be foolish. Kuhu says I will go and find them. Meenakshi meets Mr. Shukla and says we will organize the fest. She says I have made this company by my hardwork, Kunal will manage the work, he isn’t my son, but he learnt the work from me, once this happens, you decide whom to give the credit for this work, I promise the festival will be a memorable one. The reporters look at her. Kuhu reaches the location and tries to find out.

The goon catches her. Mishti beats the goon. Kuhu sees Mishti. Mishti and Kuhu tie up the goons. Mishti says you will take us to Kunal and Abir. She asks Kuhu not to make mistake. She asks where to go. The goon says take a left.Meenakshi comes home and asks where is Kunal. Nidhi says I saw your interview, it was nice, why was Parul there in the video when she doesn’t go to office. Meenakshi says its okay, I can’t say anything. She asks Parul to be careful, the spices have to be refined, get the work done well. Parul says yes, this won’t happen again. She goes. Kaushal says I heard that Kunal refused for the summer festival last year, you should have asked him once. Meenakshi says I taught him to accept or reject projects, you think I should ask him. He says I didn’t mean it. Parul says Meenakshi can never take wrong decision, do as she tells. At some resort, the goon pushes Mishti and Kuhu in the pool. Kuhu and Mishti ask each other, are you fine… They see Abir and Kunal dancing. Kuhu asks are you fine. The man asks Kunal to save them, the girls have beaten them a lot. Kuhu and Mishti look at them. Kuhu says you should get the award.

Abir says we wanted you to chill out. Kuhu says you could have taken us to a shopping mall, you got us kidnapped.Kunal says this was our plan, we knew you are safe, goons were ours, come out now. Kunal says don’t get angry, I booked nail spa appointment for you. Kuhu smiles. Mishti says I will take you Kuhu. Kuhu says you go with the stupid boys. Abir says sorry, our intention was right. Kunal says sorry. Mishti says its okay. She hugs Abir. Kuhu hugs Kunal. They push Abir and Kunal in the pool. Kunal says my suit is much costly. Kuhu says you made us fall and we made you fall. She scolds the fake kidnappers. She says don’t let them go anywhere, we will go and change. Mishti says I had a doubt already, now bear the punishment talking to Nanu. He jokes on Meenakshi. Abir says the girls banned our entry in the rooms. Nanu says I told you not to upset them. Kunal asks him to help and say what to do to impress them.

Nanu says you have to do romance. Kunal says Kuhu and Mishti will fail us. Nanu says you both are married now, you both are on honeymoon with your wives, and I have to give you ideas, that’s bad, go and enjoy your honeymoon. Abir says thanks for the suggestion. Kunal asks what will we do now. Abir shows the engagement invite board. Kuhu and Mishti go to check in the rooms. The lady says the rooms aren’t ready yet. Kuhu says you were right, Abir and Kunal played the prank on us. Mishti says I m always right, you have to understand. The lady says you have just one room. Kuhu says what, but Kunal also made the payment. She says Mishti, I also have a right on the room.

Mishti asks her to come. Nanu says Abir and Kunal went to a resort with their wives. Parul says without informing Meenakshi, no, I will call Kunal back. Nanu says you won’t call him or tell Meenakshi, children went out for the first time, let them enjoy, Abir is Meenakshi’s son, he will not give up, Kunal is like you, he may come back, but keep this to yourself, promise. Parul says sure. Meenakshi looks on and asks are you also hiding things from me, you look worried. Parul says nothing, Kunal didn’t tell me and left, its wrong, I will explain him. Meenakshi makes the plate fall. She says sorry, it fell down by mistake, I will clean it, or will you clean it. Parul says yes.

Meenakshi says we shouldn’t interfere in our work, its my work to worry for Kunal, I will explain her. Kuhu says I m going home. Mishti says I heard the spa is amazing, I don’t care about the clothes, what happened now, don’t you want to go home. They see the girl upset about her outfit. Kuhu says you are right, what’s the problem. The girl says I forgot my dupatta at home. Mishti asks is your name Charmi. The girl says yes. Mishti recalls Abir’s words. She says you love Ishani right, but he will just see your heart, not clothes. Kuhu says I will help you. Mishti says you always spoil things, I know you, I m coming along. Abir and Kunal look on. Charmi winks to Abir and goes. Abir says Charmi is so sweet, she is helping us on our engagement day. Kunal says I m scared that we may spoil someone’s engagement. Abir says we are engagement experts.

Nidhi asks Kaushal why did he say that. Kaushal says I just said that Kunal is talented. She argues and says Parul and Kunal aren’t our family. He says Parul is part of family and Kunal is the son of this family. Nanu comes. Nidhi goes. Nanu says message Abir that Meenakshi is finding Kunal, just inform him, we have to keep them away. Kaushal sends the message and asks why did we do this. Nanu says if Meenakshi knows this, then their romantic movie will become horror movie. Kaushal cries and says I messaged Meenakshi by mistake. Nanu cries and says donkey.

Charmi says thanks for decking me up and attending the engagement, attend the qawwali. Kuhu and Mishti agree. Nanu asks Kaushal to get Meenakshi’s phone. He dances when Meenakshi sees him. She asks what’s happening. Abir and Kunal sing tumse milke….. and dance with Mishti and Kuhu.Nanu stops Meenakshi and asks don’t you have any time for me. She asks what, I have much time, I m tensed about Kunal, I thought to call him. Kaushal asks shall I call him. She says I decided to keep the summer festival, I have to talk to him.

Nanu asks what will happen now. Ketki asks what happened. Kaushal and Nanu give excuses. Ketki says really, I thought you are scared that Meenakshi read the message, I saw your faces, I read the message and deleted it. They bless Ketki happily. Ketki says I have messaged Abir, it didn’t get delivered. Kunal asks is another room available. Mishti and Abir argue about Charmi. Mishti gets angry. Abir says I m sorry Charmi, I mean Mishti, you look very cute when you are jealous. The lady says that man’s wife isn’t fine, they didn’t check up, sorry, no room is available. Kuhu says its a big mess. Kunal says we have to go back now. Mishti says you stay in our room, we will stay on the pool side. Abir says done, we won’t go home. Kunal and Kuhu go to the room. Abir goes after Mishti.Meenakshi says I m worried for Kunal, I can find out by tracking app. She tracks Kunal and Abir’s phone. She sees the resort location. She thinks Abir used to leave me and go, now even Kunal left.

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