Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 16 June 2021


Sacred Relationship 16 June 2021: The Episode starts with Abir saying sorry for fighting. Mishti says I always had Rajshri and Maheshwari with me, I think you are right, I didn’t learn to keep family united. He says I didn’t mean that. She says I will learn it if you teach me. He says fine, when there are fights in the house, I feel like I got a cut on my body part, I do anything without thinking, you do the same. She asks if things get bad. He says then ask the partner for advice. She asks will you help me. He says always. She thanks him and hugs. Parul sweeps the lawn. The cameramen cover the event preparation. The guy asks Kuhu to make the servant away. Parul says sorry and goes. Abir and Mishti look on. Mishti says she isn’t a servant. Kuhu says she is a family member. The girl says sorry, how is she related to Kunal. Abir says I will say. Meenakshi and Kunal come.

Parul says children call me Maasi. Meenakshi introduces Mishti as the new owner of the company. She says new logo will be launched tomorrow, Mishti is Abir’s wife, she worked with Kuhu. Mishti recalls Abir’s words. She says Kunal, I have a surprise for you. She says Kunal doesn’t talk much, he gifted me the company to tell that the entire family accepted me with all their heart, I have also accepted the family, its my family, and red pear travels is just of Kunal. She sees Abir. Kuhu and Kunal look on. Kunal asks but why. Abir messages Kunal… Mishti realized it needs hard work to run a company, so she is stepping back. Abir says we decided that Kunal will work hard and we will have the profits. Meenakshi praises her sons. Kuhu asks who will relaunch the company now. Meenakshi says yes, if Mishti gave the company to Kunal, then Kunal’s mum will relaunch it, problem solved. Kunal sees Parul.

Its morning, Kunal says Mishti, I gifted the company by my wish and you returned the gift. Mishti says it was amazing gift, but you can value it the best, I can’t handle it. He asks don’t you think that if you were born in Vishwamber’s house, it would have been good. She says we can’t choose our parents, I had no option than to accept the truth, my parents were bad, but your case is different, your mum is good. He says I just have one mum, I love her. She says Parul loves you a lot, she left all her rights for your good upbringing, we are lucky, I realized it, you will also realize it soon. Jugnu gets parcel for her. She says its a gift for Parul from Abir and my side, a new saree for launch event. She asks Jugnu to give the saree to Parul. Meenakshi talks to the media. Mishti gets Parul there. The guy says she is Maasi, we didn’t identify her yesterday.

Mishti says Meenakshi and Parul worn sarees of same colour, twinning. Kuhu says wow, its new saree. Parul says Mishti gave this saree to me. The man compliments her. Parul says its beautiful saree. Meenakshi says Kuhu, you should have given the saree to Parul, she is your Saas. Kuhu says Kunal calls you as mum, so you are my main Saas. Meenakshi hugs her. Maheshwaris come. Media asks them to say a few words. Rajshri says red pear is result of Kunal’s hard work, we are proud of him.The lady asks tell us something about Mishti, she returned the company to Kunal. Varsha says her behavior is sweet, she loves us a lot, she thinks everything for the family, these sweets is for Kuhu’s Saas. Abir says you are still talking boring things about business. Kunal says don’t pull my leg today. Abir jokes. He says I feel proud to see you taking decisions, you have to accept one thing. Kunal says I respect Maasi but Meenakshi is my mum.

Abir says I feel proud of your decisions, I know you will the right decision. Abir says I will chill with Varsha and Rajshri. Mishti asks him to come. Varsha says Meenakshi and Kunal will launch the logo right. Mishti says I don’t know. Varsha says I will give the gifts to Meenakshi. Kuhu gives the credit to Meenaksjhi. Meenakshi says I wanted to sell the company but Kunal worked hard and made it successful. Mishti asks did I do right to give the company back to Kunal. Abir says yes, now Kunal will also do the right, company logo will relaunch by his mum’s hand, Parul is his mum.Kunal says you know this ceremony and I m yours, you trusted me, you have to trust me again, will you support me. She says yes, I m always with you. Abir signs Kunal. Kunal walks past Meenakshi and goes to Parul. Everyone looks on. Kunal says you did a lot for this house and didn’t ask for anything, not even your right, but today I will give you your right.

Heasks Parul to launch the logo. Meenakshi is shocked. Varsha asks why is Kunal doing this. Rajshri signs don’t know. The lady asks why are you making your Maasi do this work. Kunal says because she isn’t my Maasi, but my mum. Abir and Mishti smile. Everyone is shocked.The man asks is Parul your real mum. The lady asks Varsha to give the gift to her son-in-law’s mum, its the right time to give it. Varsha goes to Parul and gives the gift. Parul cries and thanks her. The man asks Kunal is his mum Parul, not Meenakshi. Kunal says she has given me birth, this is her right. Mishti says I didn’t think, my family doesn’t know about it. Abir says I know, I will just come. He goes and says Kunal is like Bal Gopal, Devki gave birth to Kanha, but Yashoda raised him, Devki was content that he is safe and happy, we don’t celebrate the day when Kanha called Devki his mum, but Kunal wants to celebrate this day, we shall become a part of his happiness. Nanu says yes, Parul gave him birth but none can take Meenakshi’s place.

Meenakshi says I m happy if Kunal is happy. Parul says you will always be Yashoda. She hugs Meenakshi. Kunal asks Parul to relaunch the logo. Parul goes with Abir and Kunal. She cuts the ribbon. Everyone claps. They unveil the new logoReporters asking weird questions if Kunal is an illegitimate, if Meenakshi will disown him. Mishti asks the reporters to stop it, its an emotional moment for them. She takes Meenakshi. Kuhu comes and apologizes to Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks her to just stop it. She says I have accepted you and Mishti as daughters, Kunal did this because of you both. Kuhu says I didn’t know, I didn’t tell my family about Parul. Meenakshi asks how did Varsha get gift for Parul. Kuhu says she got the gift for you, Mishti doesn’t discuss anything with me, when she returned the company to Kunal, I liked the gesture, the company is just of you and Kunal.


Meenakshi says Mishti did this. Kuhu says I don’t know, she is clever, Kunal is your son, you are my Sasumaa. Meenakshi says its just to please heart. She leaves. Mishti asks Abir why didn’t he tell her that Kunal is making Parul do the inauguration. Abir says I didn’t know.She says liar, you are behind this, thanks, finally Parul got her rights. She hugs him. Jasmeet hears them and goes. Mishti says I m worried for Shaurya and Varsha. Abir says I know they won’t care for this. Shaurya says Kunal, you should have told this to us before. Nanu says we decided to hide this. Kunal says sorry, I was also trying to accept this. Vishwamber says the truth didn’t come out in a good way. Kuhu comes and says Meenakshi went somewhere, she was crying. Kunal goes. Shaurya says if you had told us before, we would have not hindered Kuhu and Kunal’s alliance. Vishwamber asks Nanu to tell them everything. Abir says I m worried for Meenakshi. Mishti asks him not to be negative. He says I m realistic, I face reality and know mum, she will be much angry.

She says I wish you or Kunal prepared Meeakshi in advance, she is strict and angry, but she is a mum. He says she likes to control everyone, she would have manipulated Kunal and stopped Parul from inauguration, she did a lot to separate us. She says yes, she can do anything, stay calm. Jasmeet asks why didn’t go with Kunal. Kuhu says Meenakshi thinks Mishti did this. Jasmeet says yes, she was happy and hugging Abir that Parul got her rights. Varsha comes and asks Kuhu did you know that Kunal is Parul’s son. Kuhu says yes, Kunal is still struggling with this truth. Jasmeet says Mishti did this. Kuhu says yes, I m sure about it. Varsha says it doesn’t matter, we have to be with Meenakshi, go and take care of her.

Meenakshi recalls little Kunal and Abir. She goes to a temple. She stumbles and cries. Kunal comes and holds her. He says really sorry. She says I m not your mum, go from here. He says you will always be my mum. She says whatever you did just now, this is nothing, I didn’t give any responsibility to Parul, she took up all responsibility herself. Kunal says I spoke to Abir and Mishti… She says I don’t care, you should have told me, I care for the fact that you left me alone, go to your real mum. She cries. He leaves.She gets angry and says Mishti….. Mishti brings Parul home and says its a new start for you, come. Parul says I didn’t think this would happen. Kuhu comes and looks on.

Parul says this is just because of you and Abir. Mishti says its because of Kunal, we didn’t do anything. Nanu says Kuhu, come with me to the temple, I need to talk to Meenakshi. Kuhu goes. Parul says your family got worried, can you apologize to them on my behalf. Mishti nods. Ketki comes and shows the video. Mishti says 1m views, people are congratulating you and saying Kunal did right. Kunal comes and looks on. Nanu says Meenakshi, you would be feeling you lost, this is your victory. Meenakshi asks how. He says its your upbringing that Kunal took the right decision, its a brave act, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t need you, your Kanha needs you, he is your son, none can change this truth, don’t make him away, go to him. Meenakshi cries and goes.

Parul says Kunal, I got love and respect in this house, I wanted my son to call me Maa, you have fulfilled my wish, I don’t want anything. Kunal hugs her. Abir and Mishti look on. Abir jokes. Meenakshi comes. Mishti takes Kunal and Parul’s pic. Kuhu comes and sees Mishti. Abir goes to Meenakshi. She asks Kunal to leave. She turns and sees Abir. She says I was angry on Kunal, but you have hurt me a lot, Abir, how can a son hurt his mum, you ruined everything. Abir says none can harm your reputation, if your husband left you, then its his mistake, truth is Kunal and I are the sons of this house, why are we discussing this.

She says past always walks with us, Mishti knows this well, her dad’s truth is still with her, you may forget it, I didn’t forget my husband’s bad behavior. He asks her to stop it. She says you have ashamed us. He says why did you keep Parul at home then. She says for the sake of humanity.

He asks how can you say that Parul’s relation brings shame for you, people will respect you more. She asks who are you to tell this truth to everyone, Mishti did this, she got Mehul home and this happened. He says truth is you kept Parul here to protect your fake self respect, you kept her as servant, thank God Mishti got Mehul here and Kunal got to know the truth. She says I never ill treated Parul. He asks did you treat her equally. She says she can’t be equal. He says I wish Mishti was here, I told her you will react like this, she asked me to be calm, I would never like to control my family, I asked Kunal to accept Parul, I can’t trust you, don’t challenge me, either prove me wrong or accept it, you decided to bring Parul home. He goes. She says you like to tell the truth, I will bring Mishti and Kuhu’s truth and see how you accept it

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