Sacred Relationship Update Sunday 20 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 20 June 2021: The Episode starts with Jugnu going to Abir. Jugnu says the gifts have come from the NGO. Abir prepares the noodles. He says everything is perfect, just Kunal isn’t here. Kuhu says you are missing him more than me, there is a surprise, close your eyes now, now open your eyes. He sees Meenakshi. Meenakshi turns aside and shows Mishti. Mishti is pregnant. Abir smiles. Rishtey pyaar ke….plays…. Abir does shayari happily. Everyone smiles seeing Mishti. Meenakshi and Mishti come downstairs. Abir records the moment. Abir and Mishti sit together. They see the idols and smile. Mishti rests on his shoulder.

Sacred Relationship 19 June 2021

Mishti closes eyes. It gets dark in the house. She asks Abir, where did everyone go, I feel they left us alone, I will tell them the truth, whatever happened three months back was an accident, I didn’t do anything intentionally, I will tell family and also the police. She wakes up from sleep and shouts Abir. Abir asks are you fine, relax.She locks the washroom. He asks her to relax, none will know. She cries. He says keep your hand over the door, just remember, I m with you. They sit down and cry. She says I did the mistake, but we both are bearing the mistake, you are away from your mum and brother because of me, I spoiled it. He says remember, when Meenakshi attacked you during Kuhu and Kunal’s engagement, I dropped you home, you made coffee for me for the first and last time. Mishti asks didn’t I make it again. He says you trapped me by asking me for coffee, you called me inside the house, you flirted with me. She says no Abir. He says yes Mishti, you told me… She says whatever the situation, you will never get serious and never let me get serious. She puts a string across the door. He holds it.

Dheere dheere…..plays… She cries. He says you can take time, I m yours and even my time is yours. He thinks we will need time but we will get our happiness back. She opens the door.She sees the family pic. She thinks you don’t say, but I know you are missing the family. Kuhu leaves voicemail for Kunal. She gets upset. She says Abir and Mishti went for honeymoon since 3 months, I have to do all the work. Parul comes. Kuhu says its cereal day today, no need for the plates. She shows the week’s breakfast plan. Parul says I can’t read English, I forgot to give tea to Meenakshi. She goes. Kuhu says Mishti is having fun alone, not fair. Meenakshi plays sitar. She recalls Abir’s words. He says Mishti and I can’t come home. She asks the reason. She says tell me, I will fix everything. He says everything is fine, we can’t come due to NGO work. He ends call. She cries. Parul keeps her tea and goes.

Ketki says I m messaging Abir, its my alliance, we have informed Kunal also. Kuhu says Kunal is away for work, but not by his wish. Parul says Abir also has a reason, he will come. Meenakshi comes. Nidhi says you told me that you will get Abir and Mishti home, but Abir refused, he doesn’t want to come home, Kunal went for work, we know Abir is here, he didn’t choose family, he chose his wife. She asks Ketki not to do this, be a good bahu like Kuhu. Kuhu smiles.Meenakshi says I also want to tell Abir about Ketki’s alliance, family doesn’t need such an occasion to come home. Ketki says they will come soon. Meenakshi asks her not to talk about them. Kuhu says yes, I m ready with my expert advice. Ketki says I know. Kaushal comes and asks did anyone see the news. Meenakshi asks him to slow down. Kaushal gets mute and signs them. Meenakshi asks him to say it. He says lockdown is over, Abir and Mishti can come home anytime. They smile. Abir says its mum’s birthday tomorrow, how to take Mishti home, it won’t be wrong. Mishti packs the bags. He asks why are you packing. She says its mum’s birthday tomorrow, we are going home, we can’t miss it. He smiles and asks are you sure.

She jokes and says I m sure, why are you asking, its been three months, you didn’t meet your family, we should really go before Kuhu tags me a villain bahu. He asks do you want to go home, don’t think of anyone. She says yes, tell them that we are coming. He says you are brave, don’t rush in taking the decision. She says I want to go, you are with me, right. He says always. She says fine, I will settle the bill and come. She goes. He gets a call. Ketki shouts Bhai. He asks how are you. Nidhi says lockup is open, come soon. Abir says lockdown. Nidhi says same to same. Parul asks shall we send the call, will you come. Abir says Mishti and I are missing you all and want to come home, its mum’s….

Meenakshi smiles. He sees Mishti panicking. Meenakshi asks are you coming back Abir, tomorrow is my…. Abir says sorry mum, we can’t come home, there is NGO work. Parul asks how long. Abir says don’t know and disconnects. Meenakshi cries and says my son forgot me, he doesn’t remember that its my birthday. Parul says no, I will call Abir and ask. Meenakshi says no, we didn’t know, Mishti and Abir decided to stay away from the family, truth is, Abir has left the house, its better if we accept this truth, you won’t remind Abir that its my birthday tomorrow, promise me. Parul says sure. Meenakshi recalls Mishti. Mishti cries and thinks where is Abir. Abir says we will stay here for some more days, thanks for the arrangements. Mishti sees Abir and Mishti’s house board. She smiles. They have a romantic moment. Dheere dheere….plays…. She turns and cries. He asks her to smile. He showers petals on her. He says you are lucky, because I m amazing, I know what’s in your heart. She says me too.

Parul coming to wish Meenakshi. She says Kunal asked me to wish you birthday, he would come back soon. Meenakshi says yes, he can’t stay away from me, from us. Parul says he can’t stay away from you, he will come soon. Meenakshi says Abir would have opened an NGO here if he wanted, I m afraid that he won’t return home, this never happened, that he forgot my birthday, we have same blood, but different mindset, we fight, but we didn’t get so distant. Jugnu comes and says Kaushal has fallen down, come fast. They run. Kaushal acts to get electrocuted and signs Jugnu. Meenakshi asks them to get a wooden stick. Kuhu beats up Kaushal. The power goes. Abir and Mishti come home. Everyone gets surprised. Khushiyaan bhi baaten…..plays…. They smile. Mishti wishes Meenakshi happy birthday.

FB shows Abir asking Mishti does she really want to go, is she doing this for him. She nods and says I m doing this for you, its Maa’s birthday, you both will be happy if you are there. He says you and your happiness are my priority. She says you and your happiness are my priority. Kuhu says you surprised us, you refused to come in the morning. Abir says it was a surprise, we shall have cake cutting now. Meenakshi cuts the cake. Everyone sings. Mishti shouts Abir. She panics and runs upstairs. Meenakshi says Mishti… Abir says maybe she is tired, actually I m also tired, I will talk later. He goes. Kuhu says she is acting, she is self obsessed, its her drama. Mishti cries. She sees the room and recalls Abir. Abir holds the rope and says its rope of hope, we have to move on together, come, sit, we are together, that’s imp, everything will be fine. Mishti says sorry, I got reminded of that night. He says forget it, we are with family now. They hear police siren. Mishti runs out to see. Inspector asks does Mishti stay here. Mishti says police has come, everything got over, they won’t leave me. Abir says I told you, nothing will go wrong until we are together, I will talk to them. She says no, they won’t leave me. He says I promised you, I will always take care of you, stay inside, I will talk to them. She goes.

Inspector says we know you, its better to talk to them, you have a right to know the matter. Meenakshi asks what’s the matter. Abir says I will talk to inspector. Nidhi says Abir left, we should go and sleep. Meenakshi says no Parul, police has come to talk to Mishti, Abir is saying its nothing serious, why did Abir take police aside. She says I want to know what do they want to talk to Mishti. Kuhu brings Mishti. Abir worries and asks Kuhu why did she bring Mishti. Kuhu says cops were asking for her. He says I m handling it, better stay away from this situation. Meenakshi asks him to stop, what’s the matter. Abir says nothing, take rest. She says enough, you are hiding something, what’s the matter Mishti, why did inspector come looking for you. Abir says I will say. Constable asks is this your purse, it has your ID. Inspector says we wanted to know if you are at home, we could have given it to your husband. Police leaves. Abir says I told you that its a small thing, I explained Kuhu also, go and sleep now. Everyone goes. Abir takes Mishti. Parul says we will celebrate your birthday well today, Abir and Mishti are having hotel food since 3 months, they would like the food prepared by you. Ketki says Kuhu, I will tell everything to Abir tomorrow. Kuhu looks on.

FB shows Mishti and Abir crying and seeing something…. Mishti says help me Abir, please. FB ends. Mishti says what shall I do, I want to live a normal life. Abir jokes. She says sorry, I spoiled your sleep. He says I wasn’t sleeping, come with me. He shows the noodles. She asks were you cooking. He says yes, come, sit. He says I understand your stomach, I know you are hungry, come on, have it. She says sorry, thanks for handling everything. Kuhu says I have handled the house alone, Mishti didn’t thank me, even Abir changed. Jasmeet says Mishti is shameless. Kuhu says Abir lectured me today. Jasmeet says Mishti taught this to him, she is jealous of your happiness. Abir asks what are you thinking. Mishti says I was panicking, you couldn’t feed the cake to Maa, you scolded Kuhu. He says I will say sorry to her, don’t talk to her, she just argues, I don’t want you to get more stressed. She says I will do as you say, just you are with me. He says everyone loves you, if we tell them the truth, they will also support us, we have to solve it.

Jasmeet says if Abir gets angry, then Meenakshi will also get angry, do something. Kuhu says I wish I could go to Kunal. Jasmeet says so that Mishti gets the credit for your hardwork for Ketki’s marriage, stay there and prove that Mishti is nothing in front of you. Kuhu says you are right, you think Mishti wants to stay separate forever.Its morning, Abir sees Mishti sleeping. He thinks you are sleeping well after a long time, I feel we didn’t make any mistake by coming back, our family is with us. Nidhi asks Parul about the breakfast. Ketki jokes on her. Nidhi says Kuhu is my fav, I will have a diet plan. Ketki says I have to tell Abir. Kaushal says everything happens here in filmi style.

Parul says I didn’t cook. Meenakshi says I have cooked the breakfast, Kunal isn’t here, just Abir will have the uttapam. Kuhu says yes. Kaushal asks why did you not play sitar today. Abir comes. Meenakshi says the treat is for you and Mishti. Ketki says I have to tell something. Abir says Mishti is sleeping. Nidhi asks why so late. Abir says there was much work. Meenakshi says when Mishti comes, you can tell them together. Kuhu says Abir will not be able to eat breakfast if Mishti comes. Parul says just Mishti remembered to bring the cake. Meenakshi says its enough that Abir and Mishti came. Meenakshi asks him to have food. Jugnu says Mishti is looking for you. Abir runs. Mishti screams and says I didn’t do anything intentionally. Abir says there is nothing here, its just sindoor. She says I can’t see. He says you trust me right, relax, its sindoor. She hugs him and cries.

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