Sacred Relationship Update Monday 21 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 21 June 2021: The Episode starts with Abir apologizing and hugging Mishti. Kuhu says sorry, Abir left. Jugnu says Mishti didn’t call Abir, I told that. Meenakshi goes. Kuhu says we can’t forgive Mishti if she got the cake. Ketki says I will go to them and give the news, I will make their mood better. Meenakshi says stop, I will go to them, Parul prepare the breakfast plate. Parul says fine, Kaushal do some drama even today. Abir hangs a windchime. Mishti asks when did you buy it. He says long time back, I like its sound. She thinks he is doing this for my happiness. She says we will go down. He says what would they think about us. She asks what. He says I m a handsome guy, you are so-so, we are married, what would they think. She smiles. Meenakshi comes.

Sacred Relationship 20 June 2021

Mishti greets her and say we were coming downstairs, sorry. Meenakshi says I heard you are unwell, Parul got the breakfast here, I didn’t expect you to come. Abir says sorry, she didn’t forget anything, why are you talking like this. Kaushal comes shouting and says Ketki has run away again, she sent the message, she has run away with Varun. Abir and Mishti ask who is Varun. Parul says she speaks to him for hours. Abir asks who is he. Parul says we have to find them.Abir asks who is Varun, what are they saying. Kaushal says Ketki was crying when she left. Nidhi cries and asks Abir to do something, get Ketki back. Abir asks who is Varun, will anyone tell me.

Kuhu gets Ketki and says Varun is Ketki’s would be fiance. Meenakshi asks you here. She beats Kaushal. Parul says we wanted to tell Mishti and Abir about Varun. Abir asks what’s this. Ketki says I was waiting to tell you. Kuhu says we wanted to tell you, Mishti didn’t come for breakfast and we had to wait. Mishti says congrats Ketki, did you know Varun… Nidhi says Meenakshi found the guy for Ketki. Abir says of course, Meenakshi will find the guy. Meenakshi says I know Mishti’s teaching, I didn’t force Ketki, she liked Varun. He asks when did this happen. Meenakshi says when you got separated from the family. Abir says I was just away, I didn’t had phone before, I used to call every day. Meenakshi says we have accepted your decision to stay away. He asks what, you are blaming me, what’s this love, I have to prove that I m the son of the house. Kuhu says no one is blaming you.

Meenakshi says you were not at home, we told you now. Abir says you wanted to hide it. Mishti says we were away and didn’t know it. Abir asks Ketki why didn’t she tell him, did mum stop you. Meenakshi says yes, I asked her not to tell you, so that you don’t come against your wish. Abir says you feel I m forced to stay here. Kuhu says your behavior got strange. She asks Mishti to say. He asks Kuhu to talk to him, not Mishti. Kuhu says we couldn’t tell this to you on phone. He asks does Kunal know this or not. They get silent. Abir takes Ketki with him.Ketki says I m sorry. He says you think I was running away from responsibilities. She says no, I know you. He asks why did you hide about Varun, you all are feeling bad that we came back. Parul asks him to stop it now. He asks why did you hide it from us. Mishti cries in the room. She recalls Abir’s words. She says Abir did a lot for me and supported me, today Abir and Maa had a big argument because of me. Kuhu comes and claps. She says you are still the old Mishti, stop the drama, why did you put Abir away, stop crying now, tell me, you got the cake and then couldn’t stay for cake cutting, I m away from my husband since three months, you are on your long honeymoon, we had a small argument at the resort, you didn’t let Abir come home, I will find out what you have done, you are the problem, save your tears for the moment when I expose your truth. Mishti cries and goes.

Ketki says I wanted to be sure, Varun is a nice person, he takes care of me. Abir says you deserve much happiness, if you are happy, then its fine. Ketki says thanks, I will go to mum. She goes. Parul asks is everything fine, I think you and Mishti can’t stay away. He thanks her for the trust. She says Meenakshi also trusts you. He says Mishti and I will organize the function, Kuhu can organize the marriage. Nidhi gets a call. She says Varun’s family called and asked us to keep the rasam today. Meenakshi asks how will we do the preparations so soon. Abir says Mishti and I will do the best arrangements. Mishti says sure. Kuhu says Mishti was acting ill, she can’t manage the function. Abir says Mishti and I will manage. Mishti says we will be glad to manage it. Kuhu says you stayed away for your happiness, Abir stayed away for your happiness, Mishti thinks of herself, I think of the family, I was managing everything since 3 months, Mishti is jealous.

Abir says we were away because of work, Ketki is Mishti’s sister in law also. Kuhu scolds Mishti. Meenakshi asks Kuhu to stop it. Kuhu says I missed Kunal so much and didn’t say anything, I supported Ketki, Mishti wants to snatch my right, Abir spoke to me rudely. Mishti cries and says I should have not come back. Parul says this is your house also, Kuhu stop it. Abir asks are you sure that I have no reason to argue. Kuhu says yes, you always supported me, you changed now, Mishti snatched you from me, I hate her. Abir says you would have not spiked my drink on Maha shivratri, if you really regarded me your bro. Everyone gets shocked. Abir says you blame Mishti always, did Mishti ask you to do this, you added sleeping pills in my coffee, you never apologized. Kuhu says you want to protect Mishti and saying this, its wrong. He says it was wrong that I didn’t support Mishti to protect you. She says its unfair.

Mishti cries and runs away. He says I was unfair with Mishti, I called it your immaturity, enough now, Mishti won’t adjust now, you left no option for me. He says Mami, tell Varun’s family that we are ready for the rasam. Servant says Mishti cried and ran out. Abir asks Kuhu what did she tell Mishti. Kuhu says I went to ask why didn’t you come home since three months. He asks why. He runs. Meenakshi says what’s happening. Mishti recalls Kuhu’s words. Abir looks for her. Mishti says I wish I didn’t fight with Kuhu and Abir at the resort, I wish it didn’t happen, if I give up, then I will break down, but Abir will shatter. She stands in the middle of the road. Abir sees her and shouts the truck is behind. She turns and gets shocked. A car comes in between and stops the truck. Abir asks are you fine. The guy looks at them.

Abir thanking the guy for bringing the car in front of the truck. The guy and scolds the driver. He says if family is gone, then everything is over. Abir asks Mishti is she fine. Varun asks her to be careful, what was she doing in the middle of the road. Abir says she went for some work, my sister’s alliance is getting fixed. Varun says even my alliance is getting fixed. Abir says that girl will be lucky. Varun says I value family a lot. Abir says I feel like I m hearing my lines from you. Varun jokes and says I should leave, I wish I could drop you home, but I can’t get late. Mishti says this is our house, Abir’s sister is Ketki. Varun says this has to be a joke. Abir introduces themselves. Varun says I m Varun, I wanted to surprise Ketki, my family would be coming now.

Meenakshi scolds Kuhu. Kuhu says I didn’t add anything in Abir’s coffee intentionally, sorry. Parul asks Meenakshi to forgive Kuhu. Kaushal asks Meenakshi to let it go. Nidhi says yes, we can’t fight in front of Ketki’s Sasural. Meenakshi says I m afraid that Ketki’s alliance can break because of Mishti and Kuhu’s fight. Kuhu says this always happens, Mishti does the mistake and I get scolded. Nidhi asks Kuhu to not do anything in front of Ketki’s in-laws. Meenakshi says I will ask Mrs. Soni to come some other day. She asks Parul to tell them that no one will eat food in their rooms, they all should be together. She says I will run this house until I m here, until Ketki gets married. She asks Parul to call Abir and Mishti. Mishti says we are here.

Abir says see who has come. They see Varun. Varun says my mom and dad are going to come, I wanted to surprise you all, didn’t you like it. Abir says they are overacting. Everyone introduces themselves to Varun. Varun asks Kuhu to bless him. Kuhu says I m not so elder, still 100 years left. Meenakshi asks where did you meet. Varun says I have saved Mishti from coming under the truck. Nidhi asks what. Varun says its an exciting story right, its a joke, I met them outside. Abir says Mishti and I identify dear ones. Parul says family is imp for Abir. Varun says for me too, thanks for welcoming me well. Meenakshi says we will start preparing for the marriage. Varun says of course, everything should be perfect for groom’s family. He laughs and says its a joke, don’t do formalities. Abir says we are happy as Ketki is smiling. Kuhu says you can see the bride once Ketki gets ready. Meenakshi asks Mishti to go. Abir signs Mishti. Mishti goes.

Abir says I don’t want Mishti to talk to Kuhu. Meenakshi says she isn’t a kid, she can take care of herself, at least we can act to be happy in front of guests. She goes. Kuhu says Mishti, you made Abir like you, rude, you made him tell about the shivratri incident, if you come between me and bro, then… Mishti says I didn’t intend to do so, I will go if you want. Ketki says no, end the fight, listen to me, I spoke to Varun and asked him to come home, he really came. Mishti says I m happy for you. Kuhu says I m also happy, me and my Kuhuness approve him. Mishti says Varun is a nice guy. Nidhi comes and says I have to make a request. Kuhu says I have no interest in having problems at home. Nidhi asks Mishti to go and rest. Mishti says no, I want to help.

Nidhi asks her to go. Ketki says don’t force her to rest. Nidhi says for your sake, Meenakshi explained me that these girls always do the drama. Mishti goes. Nidhi asks Ketki to come with her. Meenakshi asks Mishti how is she now, take rest if she is not feeling well. Mishti says sorry, I know, Abir couldn’t come back home because of me. Meenakshi asks what did you do, why are you tensed, tell me, what’s happening. Abir says nothing, don’t blame her. She says I didn’t tell her anything. He says you will blame her later. She asks can you blame me. Mishti says sorry, there won’t be a problem because of me. He says I know, I wish they also understood this, I want the function to happen well, I hope you also want this. He goes with Mishti.

Meenakshi says Abir wants to stay away because of Mishti, she can go, Abir has to stay here. Varun’s parents come. Nidhi says I will do the welcome. Meenakshi says wait, Mishti is the elder babu, she will welcome Varun. Mishti says sure. She gets scared seeing the sindoor in the plate. Abir asks her to relax, she can do it. Nidhi asks her to hurry. Abir asks Mishti to breathe, relax. She recalls his words. He removes the kumkum. He says we will do tika later, just aarti now, come on Mishti. Mishti does the aarti. Meenakshi introduces Abir. Varun says everyone knows Abir well, his NGO has helped many people. Abir says this wasn’t possible without Mishti, I feel everything is easy when she is with me. Mishti says I will go and see if Ketki is ready.

Kuhu brings Ketki. Varun’s mum says we are happy after a long time. Meenakshi says I know. Varun’s mum says sorry, we should talk just good things. Nidhi says Abir wasn’t here, he doesn’t know, Varun’s brother met with an accident three months back, he passed away. Abir says sorry to hear that. Meenakshi asks Kaushal to stop Nidhi. Kaushal stops Nidhi. Abir says sorry for Nidhi’s behavior, she is clean hearted. Varun’s mum says its fine. Mishti recalls Abir’s words. She worriedly goes to have water. Varun coughs. Meenakshi asks Mishti to get the water jug. Mishti stumbles and falls towards Varun. Varun gets hurt by the jug. Everyone looks on. Mishti gets shocked.


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