Sacred Relationship Update Saturday 19 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 19 June 2021: The Episode starts with Kuhu teasing Kunal by attending his work call. Meenakshi says Kunal and Abir are together, what happened to Kunal that he left without asking me, is just his real mum imp to him. Kuhu says I won’t be angry, I will take a deep breath, did he come to chat with Uma, I won’t leave him. She gets an idea. She recalls Kunal and her wedding night. Varsha says I got these things for Mishti and Kuhu, Gangaur is coming. Rajshri says I will talk to Meenakshi.

Varsha asks shall I talk to Parul. Rajshri says great. Varsha says but Meenakshi can feel bad, that someone is snatching her rights. Rajshri says Meenakshi should have told us about everything, truth always comes out. Varsha says thank God, no one hides anything in our house. Rajshri says our girls can change themselves or bring a good change in that house, I m sure that they will do what’s right, like Kunal got rights for Parul, then our girls became bahu and went there, this change has come. Abir and Mishti burn the bonfire. Dheere dheere…..plays…. They smile and hug

Kuhu dancing on humma humma…. and romancing Kunal. He gets Meenakshi’s call. He says its mum’s call, I forgot to tell her that we are here. He goes. She asks him to listen. Abir gets close to kiss Mishti. Kunal and Kuhu come. Abir asks what’s happening. Kunal says I m going home. Mishti asks is everything fine. Abir says mum isn’t fine, she is calling Kunal back, right. Kunal says I have imp work. Abir says mum can handle work, she wants to control Kunal. Kuhu says mum is still upset on Parul’s logo unveiling. Kunal says if she called me, then there will be something imp, I don’t want to upset her. Abir says we have to explain mum that its not wrong to call Parul as mum. Kuhu says I m with Abir. Mishti says Meenakshi isn’t a torturing britisher, we should go home, she wants Kunal home. Kuhu says I won’t agree. Abir says I will call her. Kunal says you don’t go, but we will decide what to tell her. Mishti says yes, until then no one will talk to her. Abir says fine.

Kaushal says when did I say that Meenakshi can’t handle the project alone. Nanu asks him to stop it. Parul comes. Nanu says we know Kunal was everything for Meenakshi, maybe she feels his love got divided, she needs time to accept the truth. Parul says yes, Kunal should have been with her, but he went for a holiday. Nanu says its good. Kaushal says we messaged Abir, not to answer Meenakshi’s call. Parul says I will ask Mishti when are they coming back. Meenakshi says great, I was worried and asked everyone since morning, now I know Kunal has gone for a holiday with his wife by telling his mum, I have spoiled everything, its my mistake, house runs when business runs. She scolds Parul. Parul cries and says I didn’t know about Kunal, I will call him back. Meenakshi says no need. Nidhi scolds Parul. Meenakshi taunts Parul and goes.

Mishti says Meenakshi is Kunal’s mum. Kuhu says she doesn’t want us here. Mishti says its not right to say bad about her. Kuhu asks why did you become her lawyer, to become great Mishti again. Mishti messages Ketki, is everything fine at home. Nidhi goes to get rice. Meenakshi sees Ketki. She asks Ketki to get Ajwain water. Ketki goes. Meenakshi checks her phone.Mishti calls Ketki and says what’s happening there, Abir is upset and doesn’t want to go home. Meenakshi says so sorry Mishti to disturb you. Mishti says I m sorry. Meenakshi says no, I m sorry to spoil your holiday, you have returned the company, so Kunal is the owner now. Mishti asks can Kunal stay here for a day. Meenakshi says we decided to complete summer festival, Kunal has to sign, if he doesn’t want to come back, then I will cancel the contract. Mishti says no, I will talk to him, he can come back after signing. Meenakshi says of course. Mishti says Meenakshi won’t be upset.

Meenakshi says Kunal and Kuhu will come back and get upset on you, thanks for doing my work Mishti. Abir asks were you talking to mum, did she call you. Mishti says no, I had called Ketki. Kuhu comes and scolds her.Mishti says I spoke to mum by chance, its impossible to talk to Kuhu. They argue. Mishti says Kunal has to sign a paper, he can come back here, mum has told this. Kuhu says fine, we all will go together. Abir says its too much. Mishti says I m trying to solve this mess. Kuhu says you have returned the company and made Parul cut the ribbon. Mishti says I have seen you getting jealous. Abir and Kunal get worried seeing the fight. They say enough… Kunal asks Kuhu to pack the bags. Abir says mum has won. Mishti says she was saying wrong things. Kunal says we will go and sign the papers, we will come back. Abir says we four will go. Mishti says I won’t go with Kuhu.

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