Sacred Relationship Monday 19 April 2021


Sacred Relationship 19 April 2021: starts with Abir asking Parul why is she saying this now. Kunal asks Parul was she doubting on his mum too. He scolds Mishti. Abir shouts Kunal. Kunal goes. Kuhu goes after him. Meenakshi says Parul and dad don’t believe me. Nanu says its not like that, we all had a question, I believe Meenakshi, can’t you believe her. Mehul comes and says I believe your mum, you should also believe her, please agree. Kuhu asks Kunal to listen. Varsha apologizes to her. Kuhu asks why, its not our fault, we didn’t get Mehul home. Kunal says my mum got much hurt, sorry I want to be alone. Kuhu hugs Varsha. He goes and sees Kuhu and Varsha.

Mishti says we are on the way Badi Maa. Varsha cries and hugs her. Mishti asks driver to stop the car. Meenakshi recalls Abir’s words and cries. She doesn’t take medicines. Kunal comes and hugs her. She says I lost, Mehul has won Abir. He asks her to take medicines. He says I swear, the one who made you cry has to pay for the price, Mishti has hurt you, I promise she will feel the pain now, I will get Abir back. She takes medicines. Mishti asks did anything happen with Kuhu. Varsha says no, Kunal thinks his dad come back and…. Mishti says its my mistake, if you think Abir and my relation will get problems, don’t think so. Varsha asks won’t you marry Abir.
Mishti says Abir an my relation will happen at the right time with everyone’s happiness, Mehul just came home…. you know I got Kuhu and Kunal closer, I promise I won’t let anyone hurt them. Varsha thanks and hugs her. Mishti thinks to talk to Abir.

Kuhu says its impossible to celebrate without the drama. Abir says sorry. She says you became angry young man, I was scared.He says I have no regret. Kuhu says stop it, I can’t handle two guys fighting, keep smiling. He says I know Kunal will forget fighting, being with you, thanks. He goes. Jasmeet calls her up. Kuhu says this will happen everyone if Abir and Mishti get married. She goes. Mehul hears her. Mishti thinks Abir is angry, he will realize that he did too much, if I do wrong sometimes, you will tell me the truth. She writes a letter and makes paper plane. She gets Abir’s video call. Abir says I m sorry. She jokes. He says I feel mum has sent them. She says but we didn’t know about it, a child shouldn’t talk to parent in this manner in any situation.

He apologizes. She asks him to talk to his mum first and then they shall meet. Abir says okay, thanks and good night. She thinks I hope everything gets fine between Kuhu and Kunal. Mehul says I know what happens when your mum doesn’t like anyone, poor Mishti. Abir says it would be tough for mum after I told all that. He says you are an artist, your emotions can’t hurt anyone, how did you say that. Abir recalls Meenakshi’s words. He says I felt few things bad. Mehul asks why. Abir says you will talk about past now. Mehul says I also want to know you, I have long list of things to do with you. Abir says I have to apologize to mum.


Mehul says you promised Mishti, right, I like it a lot, she is a lovely girl, you are very lucky. Abir smiles. Mishti talks to Ananya on call. She asks about Kuhu. Ananya says I met Kuhu at cafe and spoke for long, she told me about her friend, whose husband is having an affair. Mishti asks who. Ananya says I will talk later. Mishti says Kuhu was telling about her friend or herself. Abir comes to apologize to Meenakshi. He says a mum always forgives her son, I have done a sin, I insulted my mum, I should have not done this, I m sorry. She says I can tolerate it as long as you are talking to me, always remember, just keep talking to me, its true, I will lose myself without you.

Abir cries and says sorry. She blesses him. Kuhu and Ketki come. Kuhu says I have an announcement, Navratri has come, we should have Dandiya nights. Nidhi says its good, but none will permit us. Kuhu asks Nanu will he play with her, its her first Navratri. He says I don’t know. Kuhu says it means my first Navratri won’t be special.

Kunal says no, she is right, we faced all problems as we were together, we will be happy again. Kuhu says we are happy family. Kunal says I m with Kuhu and holds her hand. Parul says I m always with you both. Kunal says none can break this family, none can snatch our happiness.
Abir and Mehul have a panipuri competition. Mehul says I know Meenakshi doesn’t let you eat chaat. Abir says you will lose. The vendor says I lose, the khatta water got over. They laugh. Mehul coughs. Abir says I will call the doctor. Mehul asks what will you tell, its just because of spices, I m fine. Mehul asks him to do some work, if Meenakshi does something… Abir asks what will she do.

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