Family Secrets Update Friday 18 June 2021

Family Secrets 18 June 2021: The Episode starts with Dadi coming to Anami and combing her hair, while explaining her about Sudha. Anami says I thought you are annoyed. Dadi says when did you care about it, its not wise to take decisions without thinking, your decisions are not just for you and us, it matters to ten thousand families who get a living from our company, after Vatsalya went, the walls got shaken up, you gave a big sorrow to this family today. Anami thanks Dadi. Dadi says you should have asked me once. Anami says you all find justice which is right for lal mahal, would anyone permit me if I asked, everyone’s pain is equal, how did you not know Narottam’s pain.

Dadi says you know why last page is not taught first in college, without knowing the history, you took this decision, once you know this family’s history, you will regret, I will still stand by you. Poonam comes and says food is ready. Everyone comes to dine.Dadi asks cook why did he make so many things. They all dine. Pujan likes the food and praises the cook. Cook says I didn’t make food today. Sudha says I have made the food. They all stop eating. Sudha smiles and comes to them. They all stare at her. Sudha says I have made kheer for you all, its my first rasoi. Satrupa asks cook to make khichdi for her and get her to room, get kitchen washed by gangajal before cooking. She goes. Baldev also leaves. Dadi, Avdhoot and Kamini leave. Sudha says I made food with love, Pujan you liked it, you have it. He asks her to stay in limits. He says its better I eat poison than having food made by you, this girl has no mind, that she got you, don’t make any relation with me next time, else I will throw you far, stay in a corner and do kirtan.

Dada ji asks him not to explain her, pay her for her work and send her. Pujan gives the tip. Anami looks on. Pujan and Dada ji leave.Sudha cries. Anami says they don’t digest food till they make an issue. She asks Narottam to come and dine, everyone did drama and went. They dine together. Sudha smiles. Dadi recalls Sudha’s words. Satrupa gets keys of guest room. Dadi says I don’t want to see Sudha’s face. Satrupa says I die every moment seeing Anami with her, don’t refuse for the last time.Adhiraj gets Anami’s call. He doesn’t answer. Ila looks on. He says don’t answer, let it ring. A man says someone is missing Sir a lot. Anami keeps calling. Adhiraj answers call. She asks him to come and have golgappas. He refuses and ends call. A golgappa vendor comes there. Adhiraj asks staff to send him out. Anami knocks the door. Adhiraj opens the door and sees her as golgappa vendor. She says I m saying with love, have it, else everyone is seeing here. She makes him eat golgappa. He says did you go mad, people are seeing. She says everyone is waiting for your bhog, so that they can also have it. Adhiraj asks why is she forcing. She asks him to end annoyance now. Dadi comes to Sudha. Sudha touches her feet. Dadi says no need of drama, I hate you equally as you hate me. Sudha asks her to sit, its her house.

Dadi says yes, you came to color the walls here. She gives guest room keys. She asks her to shift. Sudha says guest room is for guests, I m part of this family. Dadi asks her to shift fast. Sudha asks are you commanding any servant or bahu, atleast you have me permission to stay here. Dadi warns her to stay away from Anami and leaves.Anami apologizing to Adhiraj. She asks how could I say about Sudha. He asks did you not trust me. She says I just trust you, but would you sit quiet if I said, you did my DNA test without asking me, I did this without asking you, scores even, now cheer up. She signs the golgappa vendor to make one. She asks Adhiraj to have it and swallow the anger, what happened, why are you crying, did you get emotional. He asks for water. He drinks water. She asks can’t you manage some spice. Ila says this is an office, not a zoo. Anami says I m Banarasi, friendship and relationship are in my blood, I can do anything. Adhiraj comes back.

Anami asks him is he fine, she has to file a complaint, her friend lost his smile. She says you look angry young man and get scared of some spice. He smiles and asks her to be quiet. She says anyone will get smile seeing you holding back your smile. He asks Ila to try golgappas. Anami jokes on Ila. Ila goes to have golgappa. She can’t tolerate it. Adhiraj and Anami laugh. Ila says I didn’t eat such spicy golgappas till now. Adhiraj gives her water. Ila drinks water. He says Anami is joking.Baldev asks Dadi what happened, where is your focus. She says in Lal Mahal’s future, I can see it going in darkness, till Sudha is here, my wounds will be fresh, make her away, then we can sleep in peace. She goes.

Narottam comes to Sudha. He asks how did you know you will get this room. Sudha says I know them well. Baldev comes. Narottam says Papa has come. Baldev says you have come here for money. He gives a blank cheque and says fulfill your wish, don’t come back here. She writes something. She says place is falling short like your heart. She gives the cheque back. He reads. She says dreams of 20 years, husband’s love, son’s affection, right to be a wife, identity of a bahu, I have more demands, you have to pay for my sorrow, my pain to be an unwed mother for 20 years, you know the pain to spend a day in a mental asylum, pay for every day and then I will go. He tears the cheque and throws on her. He goes.

Adhiraj sees Sudha’s pic. Ila says Munna will be reaching. Munna comes and says I m present. Adhiraj asks what happened, did you run away. Munna says if you send a normal man to mental asylum, I will come like this, I have met Sudha. Adhiraj says don’t joke, she is in Lal Mahal. Munna says real Sudha has gone, someone else is staying there, Lal Mahal is paying her expenses. Adhiraj says I want full info about her. Munna says I have to get married and settle down, I won’t do anything. Adhiraj asks him to go and rest. Adhiraj says we have got this info, Sudha’s father was a temple priest, her brother Purshottam, we have no photo of him, he has been an old criminal, absconding since 15 years, Baldev fell in love with Sudha and promised marriage, when she was pregnant, he went to US, Narottam is their love child, Lal Mahal fed her money and sent her to mental asylum, why did she come back, just Sudha can give us the answer.

Anami asks the kids to practice. Sudha smiles. Anami says Lal Mahal gave you a room. Kids say our class ended, tell us some story. Anami tells them a funny story. Sudha says story didn’t end. She continues. Satrupa comes home and sees them. Sudha smiles. Anami says so moral of the story is, if you show tantrums, you will fall in trouble. She sees Satrupa wearing shades. She laughs. She says sorry, kids have struck a wrong chord. She goes.Sudha stops Satrupa and says people wear black glasses to hide the truth of their eyes. Satrupa says one who has to keep an eye on someone also wears black glasses.

Sudha says I m glad seeing your love. Satrupa and Sudha argue. Anami gets some pictures and makes notes. She calls someone and says I have to talk something imp when we meet. Naina looks on. Anami looks out and goes to see. Adhiraj comes and meets Baldev.

He says I have to ask few questions to Sudha. Baldev says you think she can answer, her mental state is not fine. Satrupa says let him ask, we should also know the truth. Baldev says you are wasting time on useless matters. Adhiraj says big palaces cases are such, sometimes a ray in darkness reveals many secrets. Sudha comes. Adhiraj asks why did you come here. Sudha says Anami got me here. He says you also wanted this, you believe this is your house. She says yes. He asks what’s your relation with this house. She says this is my Sasural, I m mother of Baldev’s child. He says so Narottam is your son. She says ours…. He asks do you have any other relative. She says no. He asks who was taking care of your expenses in mental asylum. She says Lal mahal gave charity. He asks why did you run away from mental asylum six years ago, some other woman was staying there by your name, is this true. Baldev and Satrupa get shocked.

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