Sacred Relationship Sunday Update 14 March 2021

Sacred Relationship 14 March 2021: Abir saying I know what you are thinking. Mishti says Kuhu and Kunal would be alone. Abir says maybe they have something to talk. She asks what if there is nothing to talk. He smiles and says silence speaks volumes, all you should know is to listen. A cab comes for them. They get in. Driver asks Abir to sit back, the front seat is drenched by rain. Abir and Mishti leave. Jasmeet asks Rajshri to check the messages. She says what a bad joke. Vishwamber answers a call. Meenakshi says Meenakshi here…. Rajshri worries. Meenakshi says you need to be careful, sorry to say but you are not able to control your girls. He says our girls didn’t do anything wrong. Rajshri shows Kuhu and Kunal’s pic. Meenakshi says they don’t see any different in relations and clothes, they are changing relations, Mishti and Kunal’s alliance didn’t happen, Kuhu is trapping Kunal, I don’t accept this.

Mishti says Abir we should think of Kuhu and Kunal’s happiness. Abir asks what about your happiness. She says I will stay happy when my family stays happy. He asks what if someone’s happiness is linked to yours. She says already things are complicated, your mom will be angry. He says they are part of our story. She says a story is getting created, why shall we complicate it. He asks will you lose by this fear. She says I believe it will happen as destined. It starts raining. She moves towards Abir. She keeps her hand on his hand. Saathiya…..plays…. Abir holds his hand and says even I believe in destiny, when the destiny gave me the sign, I will not give up. Shaurya says Saurav is coming to Rajkot, Kuhu should meet Saurav. Jasmeet says Kuhu is meeting guys these days, see this. They see Kuhu and Kunal’s pic. Vishwamber says Kuhu didn’t tell us and met Kunal. Varsha says Kuhu and Mishti promised me that they won’t meet those boys. Jasmeet says I knew this, Kuhu likes Kunal, Mishti’s alliance broke, Kuhu thinks she has a chance, right Varsha.

Shaurya asks Varsha did you know this. Varsha gets silent. Mishti says I should tell truth to Rajshri, I can’t lie. Abir asks do you know your truth. She says I just know Kuhu and Kunal’s truth, I can’t lie about them. He asks will you lie to yourself. He pulls her close. They have an eyelock. They reach home. Abir doesn’t leave her hand. Kunal looks at them. Abir and Mishti get down the car. Abir holds Mishti’s hand. He says you can’t lie to yourself, you have to accept the truth. Kunal recalls Shweta’s words. Mishti says I want to go home. Abir leaves her hand. Parul cries and sees Meenakshi and her sons’ pic. Nanu comes and asks her not to hide tears. Mishti says we lied a lot, we should tell the truth. Kuhu says no one will scold you, they will slap me. Mishti says our families have real enmity, we will deal with it. Kuhu says let something good happen in my life. Mishti asks how long will I lie to you. Kuhu says you can’t tell them.
Nanu says I understand, Meenakshi took the control of the household, you have saved the house from shattering, Meenakshi is daughter of this house, what you did is more than the duty, don’t weaken up by memories, make it your strength. He goes. She says he is right, I can’t fall weak, my hardwork will go in vain if I keep quiet and see the family breaking.

Mishti and Kuhu come to everyone. Kuhu says let me talk. Vishwamber asks from where are you two coming. Kuhu says I was unwell. Mishti says we went to a party, Kunal’s friend called Kuhu and wanted her to get Kunal in the surprise party. Vishwamber asks how can Kuhu get Kunal. Mishti says Kuhu is Kunal’s friend. Rajshri asks how can this happen. Mishti says they are friends since before. Vishwamber says families make relationships and spoil it too. He says your relationship ends right now. Kuhu cries and says no. Mishti says listen to me once. He says enough….
Abir says I don’t want to listen to you until you answer me about Shweta. Kunal says I will answer you, but you have to answer me. Abir asks why did you go to Shweta. Kunal says I didn’t know about Shweta, she tricked Kuhu to reach me, let her play tricks, I don’t care, I care about my brother and family. Abir asks don’t you have any feelings for Shweta, answer me.

Rajshri says you both have to listen to me, Chauhan is Vishwamber’s friend, his son Saurav has come from Australia, Kuhu will meet him.Varsha says you will meet another guy if you don’t like Saurav, you won’t meet Kunal. Kuhu says we knew you will react like this, can’t a girl have her freedom, I liked the alliance, Meenakshi broke the alliance, Kunal came for me, he is my friend, what’s the problem if I meet her. They cry. Mishti asks Rajshri not to cry. Rajshri asks what shall I do, Kuhu likes a guy whose mum has humiliated us and Mishti. Jasmeet says yes, imagine what kind of Saas she is. Vishwamber says you may feel bad, we won’t let you two keep any relationship. Kunal says I had a relationship with Shweta, its difficult to end it, I got emotions for her, I got away as you wanted this. Abir says decisions should be yours, you are smart, you can see, she is a fraud, find someone who values you, value them.

Kunal says you also learn to respect me and mum, we love you, I m talking about you and… Meenakshi shouts Kunal, talk to Abir with respect, lower your voice. Kunal goes. Parul looks on. Yeh rishte….plays… Abir says Shweta’s arrival has troubled him, else he would have not spoken like this. Meenakshi sees Parul. Mishti says Kuhu, your relation with Kunal won’t be easy. Kuhu asks why did you tell truth to them, I would have eloped and married, why did you do this. Mishti says I tolerated Kunal’s taunts so that you both get close. Kuhu says you are so great, stop it, you don’t even know what is love, shut up, you have made my love life impossible, I swear, when you fall in love, I will do the same with you, you will never get the one you love. Mishti looks at her.

Kuhu saying you won’t get the person you love and then you will know how I m feeling. Mishti cries and thinks of Abir. Abir plays guitar and thinks of Mishti. Parul comes to Kunal and cries. He says I thought it was mom, I asked Jugnu to call my mom, please leave or shall I leave. Meenakshi comes and asks him to behave himself. Kunal says Maasi and Abir can’t understand me, I want to talk to you. Meenakshi asks Parul to leave them alone for some time. Parul goes. Meenakshi says I know what Shweta did, Abir told me. He says no, its because of Abir himself, Abir likes Mishti. She gets shocked and asks what. He says Mishti is taking Abir away from us, I m not able to do anything. She asks what, Abir… He says I saw it myself. She says Abir and Mishti, impossible,you are mistaken. Abir thinks of Mishti and does shayari. He sees Mishti’s pic. Mishti is in balcony and cries. Kunal says I think Abir loves Mishti. Meenakshi slaps him and says never say that again, Abir quarrels and disobeys me, but he is my son, I trust my son as much as I trust Maa Saraswati, he can never break my trust, I broke the Sitar and insulted Maa Saraswati, Maa is punishing me by breaking the trust I have towards Abir. She recalls Abir’s words.

She says the truth was in front of me, I never noticed, you had all my attention, I forgot I had another son Abir, I have made a mistake. Kunal says no, its my fault, Abir met her because of me, she is manipulating Abir, I should have broken this alliance before, I never knew that Abir will have a new relation with her.Meenakshi says we are not responsible for this, Mishti comes from a broken family, she doesn’t value a family, I won’t let her break my family, she did a mistake and she will pay for it. Kunal says I m with you. She says I know Kunal, we have to think calmly what our next step should be. He gets a call from Kuhu. She says don’t reject the call, talk to her. Mishti looks for Kuhu. She gets Abir’s good night message. She replies I m unable to sleep. He asks why. She asks can I call you. He makes a video call. He says I know what you want to talk. She asks how do you know that my family knows about Kuhu and Kunal. Kunal asks Kuhu why did you lie to family. Kuhu says its tough for a girl to get permission to meet a guy, they want me to meet Saurav for marriage.

Meenakshi signs him. Kunal asks can you meet me tomorrow, please lie for my sake. Kuhu agrees. Mishti says truth has come out. Abir says I will ask Kunal, be positive, when love becomes public, accept it. She says that painting is behind. Abir says stop snooping around my room. She says don’t make a video call next time. He says no. She says I called to talk about Kuhu, you are interested in hiding that painting, you hug the painting and sleep, you stupid painter. She ends call. He says your painting is better than you, it doesn’t get angry on me. She thinks to ask about the painting. Kunal asks why shall I meet Kuhu. Meenakshi says she likes you, use her to keep Mishti away from Abir, both the girls love each other a lot, right? Kunal says yes. Meenakshi says remember one thing when you meet Kuhu.

Mishti asks Kuhu not to make so much noise. Kuhu says let them see how I pretended to love you. Mishti says you will need my help to meet Kunal. Kuhu says no, he said he is coming to meet me. Mishti says its good if its so easy. Kuhu says no, you rejected Kunal. Mishti says you have been rejected me since childhood, I value you. Kuhu says you don’t value me, I m going to sleep. Mishti thinks I have ruined Abir’s sleep for her sake, Abir reminded me a new problem, that painting, I can never go there. Its morning, Meenakshi comes to see Abir. She says Kunal is my honor and Abir is my pride, you won’t break my ego, your family will break Vishwamber… no one can take my son away from me. She cries. Abir wakes up and sees Meenakshi leaving from his room. Kunal and Kuhu meet at Abir’s NGO. Kuhu says I mean you may find me okay, that’s because I always look okay, I m scared and lonely. Kunal says you are not alone.

Kuhu says I want to believe you, you know our families hate each other. He says your family is overreacting. She says yes, I don’t understand how old people react. He says yes, they started looking for groom for you, we are just friends. Kuhu asks you mean I m just a friend for you. He says yes, what else. She says when you had rejected you. He says I didn’t reject you. She says you rejected me, I m your friend, I love you. Bekhudi….plays…. Kunal looks at her. Meenakshi hears him on the call and says I know this Kuhu. Kunal asks you love me, when, I didn’t know. Kuhu says I know you are a big idiot, and I m a bigger idiot, I know you don’t care at all, I m leaving, I know that you won’t stop me. Meenakshi says stop her Kunal, the network is lost. Kunal stops Kuhu…. He asks will you give me a day’s time, I need to speak to my mom. Kuhu smiles and runs to hug him. She asks will you talk for my sake. He says people do a lot for their dear ones, I can do at least this much.

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