Eternal Love Update Sunday 14 March 2021

Eternal Love 14 March 2021: starts with the producer spiking Sonakshi’s coffee and taking her to the room. Rohit comes there and sees her portfolio there. Some time back, Akash says Sonakshi was just giving us best wishes. Nishi says Suman and Sonakshi can’t wish good for us, Sonakshi is an actress, she will always act. Veena calls them out. She shows the gift from Rastogis. Veena asks Yash to throw it out. Nishi says we will first see what they have sent, wishes or curse. She checks the gift. They see a cactus. Veena says they have guts. Nishi says Akash and Deepa, did you see that now, she has sent thorns for you. Deepa says not done Sonakshi.

A waiter gets coffee and says I used to watch your show, I m your fan, I left watching the show after you quit it. Sonakshi smiles. Producer comes and asks for her photos. She says I have the pics in pendrive also. He asks for it. He adds some pill in the coffee. She gives the pendrive. He says my laptop is in room, my assistant will get it, have coffee, I will call him and come. Sonakshi drinks the coffee.
Doctor says don’t know what happened to Pari, she has lost her mind, we doctors don’t share patient’s info, but you are a doctor and can explain Pari, she wants to take revenge by using her baby, its wrong. Rohit says she has gone mad, don’t know what will Sonakshi undergo. He asks Dr. Vandana to call Pari at classic life coffee shop, I will go and talk to her. The producer says yes, I m coming with her to the room. Sonakshi holds her head. The producer says my assistant will get the laptop. She gets dizzy. He asks her to come along, the team is in the room, they will see the pendrive there, is she fine. She says yes.

He takes her. Rahul asks will Rohit tell this to Tanya. Rohit says he won’t disturb Tanya by telling this, she is 6 months pregnant, I have to get Pari’s baby aborted. Rahul asks how is this possible, Pari is four months pregnant. Sonakshi stops the producer and makes fun of his baldness. She removes his wig. She says you want to take audition in the room, what happened. Producer asks what are you saying, Sonakshi ji.
The people look on. Sonakshi says everyone is seeing your real face, come, I will introduce you to everyone, he is Mr. Taklu/bald, Mr. Ranjan, he wants to give me a role in this film and have an audition in room, what does he want to do, girls look at his face, if he calls you to give work, then don’t do, such people defame our industry badly, you spiked my coffee, right, what did you think that Sonakshi will get mad and I will take her to bedroom, with how many girls did you play this game, I m not a weak girl, I admit I need work, I m not shameless to fall in your lap for work, I know to keep my head high in tough work. He says she is drunk, nonsense. A girl slaps him.

Sonakshi laughs and says how sad, will you have some coffee, have a bath with it. The people catch him. He runs away. Rohit comes there and sees the people running after the producer.He says Pari didn’t come yet. He sees Sonakshi’s portfolio and asks about it. Waiter says its Sonakshi’s, she taught a lesson to the producer. Rohit asks what happened. Sonakshi thanks everyone. She walks at the pool side. Rohit sees her stumbling. He runs and holds her hand. He lifts her and takes her. Pari comes there and looks for doctor. She calls Vandana. Rahul sees her. Rohan says keep an eye on her, I can’t see her ruining my life. Rohit sees Sonakshi and recalls their moments. Kahaan hum Kahaan tum….plays… He sprinkles water and asks are you okay. She asks how do you know I m Sona. He smiles and says I… She says you look like that actor. He asks SRK, John Abraham. She says no, one who is very handsome. He says Hrithik Roshan. She says no, Prateep Kumar. He says I don’t know. She says actually no, you look like my husband.

Rohit asking Pari to open get up. Sonakshi asks him to get away. She asks Pari to get up. She asks what did you do with her, what’s these pills. Rohit says its truth, don’t act concerned, you don’t know that Pari is four months pregnant. Suman and Sonakshi are shocked. Some time back, Sonakshi says you look like my husband, my spineless husband. She holds the phone and voice recording starts. He asks are you saying so about him. She says he used to say I love you Sona and then didn’t take a stand for me. He says maybe he was stuck and loved his mum more. She says I didn’t ask him not to love his mum, he didn’t understand that I love his family, he made me out of the house, Nishi Sippy is Chudail, Daayan. He smiles and says Ramola Sikand. She says you also see tv.

He says I just saw one tv serial, KPK. She says I was also in that show, I got removed, maybe bad luck, but you know my rude doctor surgeon knew his Nishi Bua’s truth, even then nothing would happen, he is bit mad, he doesn’t understand, he doesn’t love me. He hugs her and says he love you a lot, maybe he is helpless because of family. She says but he knew that I loved his family a lot, love is useless since he didn’t express, he would have been with me in such times. He cries and hugs her. Pari waits for doctor. Rahul says Pari is leaving, you are doing wrong. Rohan says just do what I said. He ends call and says I won’t leave her. Rohit says look at her Sumit, she didn’t identify me, its good. Sumit says you want me to drop her home. Rohit asks why did she meet such a bad producer, I will get him arrested. Sumit says she is finding work, I told her I can help, but she didn’t listen. Rohit says I can’t let her interact with cheap people, please take her home.

Suman comes to Sumit. He asks is Sonakshi fine. Suman says she is sleeping, people like Ranjan should be punished. He says police won’t leave him, Ro… He will be crying now, stay with Sonakshi. She says God bless you, she trusts you, Lord has sent you as an angel, Rohit gave her many wounds. He says keep Sonakshi happy, I will go now. She asks do you like Sonakshi. He says yes, I like her a lot, she is my good friend and colleague. She says not as a friend, think about it, you help her a lot, you saved her, Sonakshi is broken and needs strong support, I can see that support in you. Sumit says aunty, you know she is imp to me, I m ready to do anything for her, I m sensible because of her, our relation is of friendship, it should be such. She says love changes, friendship doesn’t, think about it. He leaves.

Pari argues with the taxi driver and gets down. She looks around. Rohit stops her. He says don’t shout, I just need to talk. She asks what’s all this. He says what’s all this, I know you are pregnant, you think none will know if you wear loose oversized clothes. She says you made my sister out of your house, by what right did you come to talk, why do you care. He says I know its Rohan’s baby. She says you came to save Rohan, its too late. He says fine, but I know you didn’t tell this to Sona and Suman, I don’t know your plan, you can’t raise a baby for revenge, its wrong. She asks why are you interfering. He says Rohan and Tanya’s lives are related to this, so…. Pari says your so called lifestyle will be stained, I don’t care, I didn’t tell Suman and Sonakshi, since they would get my abortion done, just few weeks, I will tell everyone that I m pregnant, Rohan has to come to me, you can’t stop me. She goes. He says she has gone mad, she is taking big risk, fool.

Suman says Munya, call Pari and ask where is she, I will feed the soup to Sonakshi. Pari cries and talks to baby.
Rohan and Rahul come there. Rahul faints her using chloroform. Pari’s phone calls. Suman calls her. She shouts she isn’t answering. Sonakshi holds her head. She says I don’t remember anything. Suman asks her to rest. Sonakshi asks why are you in tension. Rahul says its wrong. Rohan says no, I m just saving my marriage, these pills will do the work, get water. Sonakshi says I m fine, come with me. Rohan tries to feed the pill to unconscious Pari. Rohit comes and stops him. He throws Rohan out of the car. Rohan gets shocked. He says you here…. Rohit says you were giving poison to your baby, you are married, Pari is carrying your baby. Rohan says its not my child, listen to me. Rohit beats him.

Rahul puts Pari out of the car. Rohan and Rahul leave in the car. Rohit shouts on Rohan. He asks Pari to get up. Sonakshi and Suman ask for Pari. Watchman says she got down the taxi, but didn’t come in. Rohit asks Pari to open her mouth.
Sonakshi asks him to get away. She asks Pari to get up. She asks what did you do with her, what’s these pills. Rohit says its truth, don’t act concerned, you don’t know that Pari is four months pregnant. Suman and Sonakshi are shocked. Rohit says you love her, where is your focus. He lifts Pari and takes her. Akash says thanks pandit ji, this puja will happen before marriage as mumma wants. Akash and Deepa thank Sukhmani. Deepa says my parents wanted to be part of the marriage, but they can’t come. Sukhmani says your mum will be fine, then we will keep the reception. Veena asks them to take Sukhmani for dinner. He shows Rohit’s kundli to pandit and says tell me if his life will get better, he is much problem since much time. Rohit asks Pari to make sure that she didn’t swallow the pill. Sonakshi looks on. Pandit says Rohit‘s future is in darkness, he needs emotional support, it can be deadly to leave him alone at this time. Nishi smiles. Veena get shocked.

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