Sacred Relationship Update Monday 15 March 2021

Sacred Relationship 15 Monday 2021: Mishti getting breakfast for everyone. She says Kuhu said she is going for jogging, I know its my mistake, I should have handled the situation well, I know you like Kunal, if I hadn’t come in between, this would have not happened. Rajshri says no, we got to know that Kunal will never ask for his wife’s likes and dislikes. Shaurya says yes, Kunal will never consider his wife a partner. Vishwamber says your mistake is to lie to us, we hope this won’t happen again, Chauhan is coming to see Kuhu, Kunal’s name won’t be taken here. Kuhu looks on and thinks Kunal asked me for one day time. Kunal comes home. Abir asks did you meet Kuhu. Kunal says I asked you for keys. Meenakshi looks on. Kunal says I have got everything under control. Abir says Mishti was soundingt tensed tell me do you like Kuhu. Kunal sees Meenakshi.

Abir says nervousness on your face, hope in eyes, it means its a yes. Abir gets Mishti’s message and thinks this is happening with me also, finally we can talk about last night. He replies, I have no time, I will talk in evening. Kunal comes to Meenakshi. She says a mum gives more attention to her younger child, you were alone with Kuhu and it was tough for me to leave you in that position. He says I m okay. She says I m sure you will manage everything, tell me what happened there. Mishti says I don’t want to interfere, but I have to answer everyone, Abir was sounding fine, did you tell everything to Kunal but I don’t know anything. Kuhu says yes, things get fine when you stop interfering. Mishti says fine, I won’t say anything, when I don’t help you, you come to me on your own. Kuhu says I called Kunal 16 times. Meenakshi asks what, 16 missed calls. Kunal says yes, I think she is in a problem, I hope she doesn’t do anything now. She says Abir shouldn’t know it. He asks what’s your plan. She says I have no plan, let things go on, don’t talk to Kuhu.

Nanu asks Abir to come on coffee date with him. Abir says I will come with you. Nanu asks and with Mishti… Kunal comes and hears them. Abir says I asked Mishti to wait, she didn’t ask me anything and waited for me. Mishti says he didn’t call and message, the day ended, how will I know what happened between Kuhu and Kunal, I m sure things would be fine. She sees Kuhu packing her bags and preparing to go to Kunal. Kuhu says I will get up once everyone sleeps. Mishti says what shall I do now. She locks the door and says if Kuhu runs away, everything will get spoiled, I have just one option now.
Kunal does shayari. Abir and Nanu laugh. Kunal says come on, I m trying. Abir says anyone will run hearing such shayari. Kunal asks will you have juice. Abir and Nanu ask for juice. Kunal goes to get it. Mishti comes there in disguise, wearing Jugni’s uniform.

Kunal doesn’t see her. Nanu says Kunal’s love story is going well, what about you. Abir says Mishti is the villain in my love story, she doesn’t understand romance, there was a very romantic moment between us but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Mishti comes and looks for him. She thinks where did Abir go. She falls down and unveils the painting. She gets shocked seeing her painting in the mirror. She thinks of Abir. She turns to see. She says this painting, the centrepiece of the exhibition, Abir wanted to hide this, as he had hidden this from me, he was talking about me, he made this painting much time before. She takes the painting.
She hears Abir coming. Abir asks where did Kunal go. Nanu asks him to call Mishti. Abir says not now, its late. Nanu asks him to learn from him, at least message. Mishti puts her phone on silent. Abir says she is online, but she won’t reply, I feel she isn’t interested in me. Mishti sees Abir and Nanu talking and smiles. Nanu asks Abir to cut his long hair. Abir says just talk about Mishti. Mishti thinks they are sitting here, how shall I run. Nanu says you do poetry, you can express your feelings, maybe she finds hard. Abir says she can ask me to call, how can I tell her, her alliance came for Kunal, she broke that alliance, she is a thief, until Kunal’s life gets set, I will not think of myself. Nanu says this may be late for you, sleep now, good night. Nanu goes.

Abir switches off lights in the room. Jugnu asks who took my uniform.Meenakshi asks what happened. Mishti thinks to run away. She sees Abir sleeping. She opens the door and goes. Abir hears sound and wakes up. He asks who’s there. Mishti hides her face and runs. Abir follows and asks who’s there. Mishti’s shoe falls off. She leaves from the gate. Abir picks the shoe and says he left the shoe, cinderella type of thief. Meenakshi asks is everything fine. Abir says yes. He asks Jugnu what happened to her. Jugnu says some thief took my uniform. Abir asks whom will it fit, go and wear something. Mishti comes home and drops the cycle. Yeh rishte hai….plays…. Mishti thinks of Abir and says Abir likes me, he made my painting…. She cries and smiles. She says since when does he like me. She replies I m sorry, I didn’t wish to disturb you, so I didn’t call, we will talk tomorrow. She looks for her shoe.

Abir texting Mishti and joking. Kunal asks to whom are you talking now. Abir says Mishti, about you and Kuhu, tell me if you likes her, you said that everything is fine, won’t you tell me the truth. Kunal says the truth is nothing is sorted, Kuhu’s family is considering another guy for her. Abir asks what. Mishti comes to the room. Kuhu asks did you lock me. Mishti shuts the door and asks her not to shout. Kuhu taunts her. Mishti says you think Kunal will run away with you, Kunal is an Indian boy, they are always staying with their mom for their whole lives, you should understand this. Kuhu gets angry. Mishti says we will see either you or your Dragon Saas, who is the bigger villain, I went to Rajvansh house to talk to Abir, he was with his Nanu, I didn’t
talk to him. Kunal says I don’t want Kuhu not to marry anyone whom she doesn’t like, she loves me.

Abir asks do you like her, let her go if you don’t love her, you can neither tell mom nor Kuhu’s family, then let her move on. Kunal asks what if I say I will marry Kuhu, the fact is…. I thought I would never be able to love anyone after Shweta, I love you all in family, I was shaken up when Shweta came, I realized that Kuhu felt bad with Shweta’s return so I felt bad. Abir says it means you care for Kuhu, if you don’t want her to marry someone else, you have to give her a commitment when your heart says. Kunal thinks you all are my commitment, I m doing this for you all. Kuhu asks Mishti to just shut up. Mishti says I won’t let you run away and make this family fall apart. She thinks to message Abir and stops. She thinks he has disturbed everything, I never thought of love, this can affect our friendship, he likes me, how?
Its morning, Mishti gets ready. Abir calls her. She sees the video call and quickly propers her hair. Abir asks why did you not call. She says you said you are busy, you didn’t call, I felt like someone else had sent that message. He says seems like you were busy. She says yes, Kuhu tried to run away.

He asks what, you should have called me. She says she is at home, I stopped her some how. He says I think Kunal likes Kuhu. She asks why doesn’t he say something. He says one has to realize it, Kuhu got another alliance now. She asks how do you know. She says Kuhu told Kunal and Kunal told me, he looks upset. She says it means Kunal has something in heart for Kuhu. He says yes, but your family won’t accept Kunal. She asks will it be right to hurt them. He asks won’t you fight for your love. She asks what will I do. He says I will do everything and explain them, I will do anything and won’t sacrifice my love if its destined for me, what if my lover doesn’t stand by me, I will think she never loved me, so Kunal has to talk to mum himself. She says yes, we won’t have much time, Chauhans would be coming.

Ketki asks where is everyone. Nanu gives the breaking news. Abir comes. She asks what’s happening here. Abir says just follow my lead and you will know what’s going on. Kunal comes. Abir says I will tell a word and then you tell me any word that comes in your mind. Kunal comes and says Kuhu on hearing word rainbow… Parul asks what did you just say, Kunal. Kunal says not done Abir. Nanu says you just said Kuhu. Jasmeet says Kuhu is very lucky. Varsha says its not necessary that this proposal is right for her. Rajshri says Kunal wasn’t right for Kuhu. Vishwamber says we don’t know much about Kunal but we know his mum, she won’t let Kuhu stay in peace.
Mishti asks Kuhu not to do anything, Kunal had a sleepless night, its just for tonight, he will convince his mom, don’t take her name. Kunal says I told you everything. Abir asks what will happen if you hide it.

Kunal says I don’t have to tell anything. Abir says let Kuhu get married to someone else, Kunal will have sleepless nights. Ketki says wow, Kunal and Kuhu are just perfect for each other. Meenakshi comes home. Kunal stops seeing her. Mishti says we could never be friends and we will never be. Kuhu says we shall pretend once again. Meenakshi asks do you want to say anything else to shock me, that gives me a heart attack. She asks Kunal to let her finish. She asks does anyone really care for me. Abir says when you rejected Kuhu and found a new bride, she was equally shocked, what about that. Nanu says yes, this would have not happened if you didn’t change the alliance. Meenakshi asks can this problem get solved by blaming me, did I create this problem. Kunal says I realized that Maheshwaris are fixing Kuhu’s alliance, you want me to stay happy right. She scolds him. She says you go and ask her family if they are ready for this alliance, only then you all talk to me. She goes. Abir says we will talk to mum tomorrow, Kuhu needs you now.

Kuhu apologizes to everyone and says I promise I will get ready on time. Mishti asks her to take time to know Saurav. Rajshri says yes, we won’t go against your wish. Varsha says promise that you will give a chance to this relation. Kuhu nods. Kunal gets ready. He thinks of Kuhu. He thinks sorry Kuhu, Abir is more imp to me than my friendship. Kuhu checks her phone. Mishti says don’t worry, I will meet Abir and sort it out. Kuhu says sometimes I feel you really care for me, then I realize that you don’t even like me. Mishti says we are family. Abir sees the painting and covers it up. He hides it. Meenakshi says Kunal is hiding things from me. Abir says we keep secrets from loved ones for two reasons, thinking it may hurt them or if we think that their response would hurt us. Meenakshi says my words always hurt you, right. He says we shall talk about Kunal, if Kunal told you that he wanted to marry Kuhu, would you agree to him, Shweta is back, she is trying to trap Kunal again, good thing is Kunal is worried for Kuhu’s alliance, not Shweta, consider Kuhu once, she is a good girl. She says you will never understand. She leaves.

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