Sacred Relationship Update Saturday 13 March 2021

Sacred Relationship 13 March 2021: starts with Shweta trying to click a pic. Abir and Mishti go. Shweta says Mishti was getting cozy with Abir, I think Kunal should know this, he will trust you. Kunal stops the car. Kuhu asks are you fine, you didn’t talk on the way. Kunal says I m fine. She asks are you really fine. He thinks of whatever happened. Shaurya and Varsha hearing the car horn. Shaurya says I will see who is there. Kuhu says I enjoyed well. He says I left you, I should have not done that. She says its okay, you don’t feel guilty, you didn’t leave me in jungle, I m sure you went for something imp. He says you are really sorted. She says I know. Mishti knocks on the window. She says Kuhu and I went for jogging and had a race, I came first, Kuhu would be coming. Kuhu comes. She goes with Mishti and argues for her wrong timing.

Parul says I m confused, maybe Meenakshi didn’t talk to that Shweta, if Shweta is trying to be back in Kunal’s life, Meenakshi won’t take it easy. Kunal and Abir come home.Kunal says her dad almost saw us and… Abir says Mishti saved you. Parul asks is everything fine. Abir says yes. Kunal asks why were you overhearing our talk. She says no. Kunal goes. Abir says he is worried. She asks why. He says nothing to worry. She says tell me if there is any problem. He says fine, you also tell me if there is anything. Mishti recalls Abir and smiles. Kuhu gets a call. Mishti says the day was strange, how is Abir. Abir takes Kunal’s phone and says Shweta is doing this to trouble you. Kunal says I know. Abir says I will tell mum about this, promise me you won’t meet her. Kunal sees Mishti’s message on Abir’s phone. Abir says don’t forget the promise. Kunal thinks I also asked you to promise to not to talk to Mishti.

Shweta says Kuhu, Kunal is my special friend, its my birthday tomorrow, get Kunal along. Kuhu says you call him. Shweta says he doesn’t know about it, its a surprise for him. Shweta says Abir and Mishti have to come. She messages to thank Meenakshi for sending Mishti and Kuhu’s numbers. Its morning, Parul comes to Meenakshi and asks who were you talking to last night. Shaurya says we are glad that Saurav is coming home. He tells Varsha that Chauhan’s son is coming. Varsha recalls Kuhu’s words. She says Mishti isn’t ready for marriage, we shall make Saurav meet Kuhu, who knows, they like each other. Mishti and Kuhu come. Varsha asks who will come to watch a movie. Mishti says I will come. Kuhu says I can’t come, my friend needs my help in organizing a party.

Meenakshi says you are questioning me. Parul says no, I m clearing my doubt, that Shweta won’t be the one, you won’t let that selfish girl marry Kunal, right.
Meenakshi says Kunal is my son, I want his good, I m doing this for my son. Parul asks did you talk to that Shweta. Meenakshi says yes, I called her. Parul asks why didn’t you tell me. Meenakshi says our relation is of trust, there can’t be doubts. Parul asks don’t I have this right to ask. Meenakshi says not now, if you care for Kunal, go and cook food for Kunal, trust me. Parul cries. Abir comes to hotel and asks for Shweta. Mishti calls him. She asks are you with someone. He says yes. She asks am I disturbing you. He says a bit. She asks are you with that painting girl. He says I m always with her. She asks where was she last day. He dances and says you are irritated about her. She says no way, you be with her. The lady says Shweta checked out. Abir says Shweta understood, I have to tell Mishti. Mishti gets Shweta’s call and asks what is it now.

Shweta says Kuhu… Mishti says its me Mishti, sorry, who are you. Shweta says I m Shweta, sorry to bother you. Shweta says I will tell Kunal about their love story. She strikes off Kunal’s name. Kuhu says what, Shwet means white, Guru gave a new name, fine, he just removed a letter, we will come in party, I didn’t tell her. Mishti comes and asks with whom are you talking. Kuhu says I won’t say. Mishti checks her dress. Kuhu says I m not going anywhere, I just wanted to wear this dress. Varsha comes to them. Mishti says Kuhu is feeling cold, I will stay back and see our fav movie, Jhuti/liar. Varsha asks them to take care and goes. Kuhu says Kunal’s friend Shweta has come to surprise her, don’t come with us, Kunal doesn’t like you. Mishti says you know who is Shweta, you aren’t going anywhere. She locks the door and says sit quiet. Kuhu gets Kunal’s message. Nanu asks Abir to tell Mishti that the painting is of her. Abir does shayari.

Nanu calls him mad. Abir says I didn’t get the chance. Nanu jokes and asks him not to take much time. Kunal comes. Abir looks at him. Kunal says don’t overreact, I m going to have coffee with Kuhu. Abir and Nanu say so sweet. Nanu asks shall I give tips. Kunal says no, I m not going on a date, I left Kuhu yesterday so I m going on coffee with her. They say so sweet. He asks how do I look. They say so sweet. Kunal goes. Nanu asks Abir to call Mishti. Abir asks where is my phone. Jugnu gets his phone and says its Mishti’s call. Nanu says so sweet. Abir says sorry I m busy now, I m with an imp person. Mishti says Kuhu and Kunal are going in Shweta’s party, how did Kuhu run away. Abir worries.

Kuhu saying this is a surprise. Kunal says I don’t like surprises. She says just see this, if you don’t like, I will never surprise you. He thinks she is listening and agreeing to me, she is different than her sister. He compliments her. Shweta says Kunal will come in my party, even Abir will come. The girl says Abir is so cute. Shweta says I know he is cute, but he is much intelligent, I m not interested in him, I have to break Kunal and Abir’s bond. The guy says you can’t break them. Shweta says I found two sisters to do this work. Shweta sees Kunal and goes away. Kunal gets compliments from his friends. He asks did you invite all my friends, not bad. Kuhu smiles. Shweta comes and hugs Kunal, saying finally you have come. Abir and Mishti come there. They look on. Shweta asks is she your current GF. Kuhu asks what. Shweta says sorry, I forgot to tell you on phone, I m Kunal’s ex GF. Kuhu gets shocked.

Kunal asks what’s going on, what is she doing here. Abir says I will say, she was dating Kunal one year ago, Kunal moved on, Shweta changed her name but couldn’t move on. Shweta says if Kunal moved on, he would have not come to me. Kuhu goes. Abir says I will talk to Kuhu. Mishti asks was this your plan to make them fight. She argues with Shweta. Shweta makes the drink fall over Mishti’s dress. Mishti goes to clean it. Parul cleans kitchen and says this is my work, I don’t need anyone. Meenakshi helps and says we all need someone’s help, we both need each other’s help, we always did everything together. Parul nods. Meenakshi says Abir and Mishti are trying to bring Kunal and Kuhu together, Mishti is trying to break my house. Parul says I have no right to ask. Meenakshi says you are upset as I called Shweta to Rajkot, I had no option, if I didn’t call Shweta, Kunal would have got trapped by Kuhu.

Parul says Shweta broke his heart before and this time you are breaking his heart. Meenakshi says we will handle him, are you with me like always. Parul says yes, I have to cook food now, this is my work. She goes. Meenakshi says Mishti spoiled everything, I won’t let my children and family break. Kuhu says I didn’t know Kunal has an ex. Abir says I knew you would react this way. Kuhu asks what shall I do, he is upset with me. He says just you can make him smile. She asks were they serious. Abir says they were engaged. Kuhu says Mishti knew this, she didn’t tell me. Some guys come to the washroom and see Mishti. Mishti says this is ladies washroom. The guy says we know, that’s we are here. Kuhu says Kunal doesn’t like Mishti for this reason, who will like her. Abir says I do, Shweta liked Kunal and he liked Shweta before, not now. She asks and me? He says he likes you. She asks do we have a chance. He says yes, he likes to meet you. She asks what shall I do now. He says tell him you didn’t know about Shweta. She says thanks bro and goes.

Abir hears that Shaan is troubling a Chasmish girl in girls washroom. The guy signs Shweta. Abir rushes. Shweta says Mishti you understood my plan, but half, my plan was to make Abir and Kunal fight, so sad. The guy asks Mishti to drink with them. She asks them to leave. He says real fun is in breaking the rules. She uses pepper spray on them and tries to fight. The guy forces her to drink. Abir gets in there and sees them misbehaving with Mishti. He gets angry. The guys run out. Mishti hugs Abir. Dheere dheere….plays… She cries. He consoles her.He picks her purse. She says I m sorry, thanks for coming, I was scared. Kuhu looks for Kunal. Shweta asks are you finding someone. Kuhu scolds her. Shweta says I will deal with you later. Kuhu sees Kunal and goes to him. She says sorry, I didn’t know who is Shweta, she called me and said she is your friend, she wants to surprise you. Kunal thinks of Mishti.

He says its okay, I know you would never do this intentionally. Kunal hears the guys talking cheap and seeing Abir and Mishti’s pic. Kunal gets shocked. Shweta smiles and thinks I wanted this, brother versus brother. Kunal scolds the guy. Shweta asks the guys to leave. She asks Kunal to relax. Kunal says no, this can’t happen, Abir can’t do this. She says I know, if this is true then… should take it a lesson if family member hurts you. Kuhu comes and warns Shweta. She asks Kunal to come. Kunal says not without talking to Mishti. Shweta and Kuhu argue.Kuhu says back off, Kunal is with me now, sorry babe. She goes. Shweta gets angry. Kuhu asks what was she saying now. Kunal goes to ladies washroom and says open the door. Kuhu opens the door. Kunal doesn’t see anyone. She asks what happened, whom are you finding. He gets Abir’s message… I m going to drop Mishti home, I will meet you outside her house. He thinks that pic can’t be real. He says I will drop you home. She says you don’t look good when you are worried. Meenakshi asks Shweta to just talk of their work. Shweta says I have made Kunal upset, you do something that Kuhu doesn’t go to Kunal, I m sending you pics, you decide how to use the pics. Meenakshi gets the pics. She gets shocked. Abir and Mishti walk on the road. Dono milke chalte hai na…..plays….. They see each other.

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