Ring Of Fire Update Wednesday 19 May 2021

Ring of Fire 19 May 2021: Sakshi walks to dining table to drink water and sees Devi crying on her wheelchair, asks reasons. Devi says her husband misunderstood her for the first time and thinks she does not care about her son’s happiness, what if something happens to her lonely son and thinks only Yashi cares about her son. Sakshi says she is facing problems because of her. Yashi reminisces Devi’s rude words and cries. Husband enters and consoles her. Sakshi consoels Devi and cheers her up with her buttery talks. Devi says only Sakshi should has right to become Kishen’s wife. On the other side, Yashi feels sad for Kishen’s condition.

Kishen angrily scratches his and Sakshi’s name on cupboard. Agni enters and gets hurt. Kishen gets tensed and holds her hand. Agni pulls her hand back. Kishen says before marriage, she used to sleep on his hand, now she does not even want to touch him. Agni says with the current situation, she does not know what to do. Their conversation continues.Next morning, Agni walks in corridor when Revathi stops her and gives moral gyaan saying in Mahabharath, Arjun stood against his brothers for justice, even she should stand against her sister for her rights and justice. She says she wants her to perform post-wedding kitchen rituals. Yashi joins Revathi and insists same. Agni says she can do anything to get smile on her aunty’s face. She walks towards kitchen with Yashi when Devi asks Yashi to give store room keys as Sakshi will perform post-wedding kitchen rituals. Yashi helplessly gives keys. Agni asks Yashi not to get sad, she will cook tasty food once Sakshi finishes her cooking.

Sakshi prepares food under Devi’s guidance. Devi praises that Kishen will love her food. Agni prepares food alone. They both serve food to family. Devi says Kishen will love Sakshi’s food. Kishen joins family and looking at Agni picks Agni’s prepared food. Devi and Sakshi gets jealous. Devi asks Sakshi to take her to kitchen, she is not hungry. Yashi asks not to be hungry as she is on heavy medications. Devi yells not to show fake concern and says she prepared food, but nobody likes it. Chachi asks how did she prepare food with paralyzed hands. Devi cries that she guided Sakshi to prepare food and wants her son to be happy with Sakshi, but nobody cares about her happiness. Kishen stops her and tastes food for her happiness.

Agni and Sakshi serve food to Kishen’s family. Papa tries to give shagun to Agni. Devi gets jealous and says Sakshi is her bahu and she will give her shagun. KD says she is elder and will give shagun to both bahus. After food, Kishen calls his lawyer Mr. Verma and asks to come soon. Sakshi butters Devi massaging her shoulders. Chachi informs neighbor women have come. Yashi asks who called them. KD says problems come uninvited. Neighbors enter taunting that they came to know which bahu they chose. One says both. They continue taunting with their poisonous words when KD reverts back asking if they have guts to give shagun to both bahus or they come here just with their bitter tongues. Women walk away yelling. Papa says amma/KD did right. KD says yes, they came uninvited.

Kishen tells family she has accepted Sakshi as wife. Devi gets happy hearing that. Kishen says he will given shagun to his Sakshi wife and calls Mr. Verma. Mr. Verma hands over divorce papers to Kishen. Kishen says this is special surprise just for Sakshi, it is divorce papers. Devi followed by whole family are shocked hearing this. Kishen says they heard right as he is divorcing Sakshi.Sakshi stands shocked. Kishen asks her if she thought she will play games and he will fall in her trap, he knows she married him degrade her sister. He insists her to sign papers and get out. Sakshi says she will not. He signs papers and forcefully takes her signatures. Devi cries no.. Kishen asks Verma to submit papers in court. Verma says he will submit papers tomorrow morning, Kishen can take divorce in 6 months. Kishen asks if he is out of his mind. Verma says according to rule, he cannot marry Agni until he divorces Sakshi and Sakshi can file adultery case on him. Kishen says he cannot wait and wants divorce immediately.

Verma says he cannot break rules and divorce cannot happen. Sakshi takes papers from lawyer, tears them and throws on Agni. Chacha and Devi smirk seeing that. Sakshi thanks Verma and asks him to leave. She taunts Agni that she is Kishen’s legal wife, that means Agni is Kishen’s mistress. Agni tries to slap her, but she holds her hand and says as inspector she has to protect law and not break it. Daadi says she will decide who will stay as Kishen’s wife.KD tells family that during wedding’s 7 pheras, 7 vows are taken, and since Agni and Sakshi have taken 3 pheras each, they both have to follow vows, whoever wins will be Kishen’s wife. Chacha thinks he will get a lot of time in this drama. Agni and Sakshi agree to KD’s plan. Everyone one by one ask how can it be. Kishen objects and says he loves only Agni and considers her as his wife, Sakshi is a traitor with evil intentions,he never will love her, so Agni will not give any exam. He walks to his room. After sometime, Yashi and Devi walk into his room. He says he cannot change his decision, Sakshi is not his wife, so he will not let Agni take any examination. He continues confronting that there won’t be any exam as his wife is only agni. They both walk away.

Agni and Sakshi walk into Kishen’s room. Kishen repeats that Agni is his wife and not Sakshi, so there won’t be any exam. Sakshi says he is afraid that she will win, so he is trying to stop her. She continues her commentary. Kishen confronts and asks if she thinks he will give up and accept her, she is wrong, he loves Agni and there is no need for her to compete. Sakshi continues and says she wants Agni to lose and wants to see Agni’s pin. Kishen asks her to leave his room. She says soon she will get into Kishen’s heart soon and will get Agni out of Kishen’s life.

Next morning, family discusses what exam ammaji has planned. KD brings 2 dolls and says both bahus have to decorate doll. Sakshi applies lipstick on dolly’s lips and says she will win competition for sure. Agni fixes her googles on dolly’s eyes. Sakshi continues she will win anyways. After sometime, Agni tries to follow challenge. Kishen stops her and says she does not have to do this. Their romantic discussion continues. Agni says she wants to win to prove Sakshi that she is right.Sakshi looks at her parent’s pics and thinks her parents are with her, she will win over Agni and punish her..

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