Ring of Fire Update Saturday 20 March 2021

Ring Of Fire 20 March 2021: Anurag thinks even after 15 days, Ragini has not forgiven her. Rohini gives leave food plates to Ragini and says today brahmins will come for lunch, she should make arrangements well. Ragini turns and drops plates seeing Anurag. Anurag picks plate. Ragini takes them without speaking and leaves. Rohini thinks something is wrong between them. Revathi falls sick. Dulari asks her to go and rest. She gets up and slips. Ragini and Anurag hold her. Daadi calls Ragini and asks her to serve brahmins well. Anurag tries to speak to Ragini. Ragini says she is doing this for devarji thats all and leaves. Vikral hears their conversation.

Inspector meets Shristi and shows pyscho killer’s photo. Shristi identifies him and says he killed her Vishuji. Inspector says this man hired psycho killer. Purshotam identifies as getting goon punished and goon challenging to destroy him. He cries that because of him, his damad died. Inspector says killer wanted to kill Shristi, but Vishu came in between, but killer got punished for his sins. Vidhvan says he lost his son and is facing a big loss. Purshotam and Vidhvan console each other. Revathi says it is her sin that her son left them all, let us make arrangements for pooja now.

Shristi prepares food and remembers Vishu liking her food a lot. She says Dulari vishu likes her food so much. Dulari cries. Pooja starts. Chitti na koi sandesh…song…plays in the background. Each family member imagines Vishu. Vidhvan gives pinddaan to Shristi. Shrsiti goes and keeps it on terrace. Ragini comes. Shristi says if crow eats this food, deceased person will get mukti. Ragini says it is a belief. Shristi says just like they find god in stone and suggests her to forgive Anurag and trust him. Anurag comes and pleads Ragini to give him once chance to explain. She tries to leave, but he holds her and says nobody is in his life except her.

Anurag continues trying to convince Ragini to forgive him. She leaves. Vidhvan does charity in Vishu’s name. Ragini walks in and says Vikral let us go home. Vidhvan stops her and says he knows she does what she thinks right, but he wants to know reason before going. Ragini says he should ask Anurag and leaves with Vikral. Family looks at Anurag. Anurag asks not to question him now.Vikral takes Ragini home. Ragini’s mother tries to convince her to return home unsuccessfully. Vikral asks her what happened. Ragini tells him whole story of Sangini and inebriated Anurag kissing and proposing Sangini. Vikral laughs that she fooled damadji well. Ragini says Anurag fell for Sangini. Vikral says she is Sangini. Ragini says he and Shristi are not understanding at all that she was not Anurag’s first choice and she was married to him forcefully, his choice was modern skimy cloth wearing girl whom he found in Sangini. Vikral says he thought he would buy Anurag’s mother’s loyalty with money, but he was wrong, he realized Ragini’s point now.

Rohini gets phone call. Vidhvan asks her pick it. She speaks and says her husband called and told he is unwell, so returned from London, wants her back home. Vidhvan asks if she did not inform Harihar about Vishu. She nods no. He says then she should return home. Rohini says Ragini left already and now she is going, something happened to this house. She brings her bags and tells Revathi that she knows she never liked her, but she should forgive her thinking as younger’ one’s mischief. Revathi says Vishu… Rohini shuts her mouth, hugs her and leaves..

Anurag helplessly shouts how can Ragini leave at this time. Shristi enters and explains him that Ragini is deeply hurt when he expressed his love to Sangini. Anurag says he was inebriated and thought her as Ragini and not Sangini. Shristi says Ragini knows she was not his choice for marriage and it is hurting her.

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