Reach for the Stars update Thursday 7 May 2020

Reach for the Stars 7 May 2020: Everyone is getting ready. Kamla says its dream of every mom to get her daughter ready. Vitthal laughs. Kamla says I am nervous. Vitthal says is he coming to see you ? Gauri says just give them water then ask them what’d they like. Kamla says call them. Kalpi tries to call Raghav.

He says how can I go. I have never been so tensed in an international meeting. Kalpi says he is busy in meeting i guess. Vitthal says Kalpi don’t be worried he will come. Kalpi calls again but he doesn’t receive.

Its 9 pm. Kamla asks kalpi to call again they’re all waiting for him. Kalpi says calls. Kamla asks will he come ? Its too late. Kalpi says i know he’ll come. Its 11 pm and its getting on Kalpi’s nerves. kamla says I don’t think he will come. Kalpi says no there must be something important that’s why he couldn’t come. His phone is off. Let me go and check. Vitthal says no you won’t go. Now we will see tomorrow. Lets have the dinner. kalpi says no I am not hungry. I am going to the park. Kamla prays for kalpi.

Raghav is on road and lying on his car. He says I know it must have hurt yoy but I had no other choice. Kalpi thinks I know you can never hurt me but I am just worried if you’re okay or not. There is a plenty of questions in my mind.Raghav says i am sorry kalpi I can’t says anything even when I want to. Kalpi says I never take you wrong you are so caring you could just share with me. I just pray that you are always safe.
Everyone else has slept. Kalpi recalls all the moments with Raghav.

Scene 7
Next morning Kalpi goes to Raghav’s place an rings the bell. A lady comes and says can’t you see its locked. He left earlier.kalpi wonders why it is locked. She is in tears. She takes out her diary and writes a note. She writes that I am giving love another chance. If you don’t come to meet me by tomorrow I will take it as a permanent no.

Kamla is worried where is kalpi. She comes in. kamla asks where were you ? Kalpi says was down stairs. I wanna take a bath where is my towel. Vitthal says she is old now she doesn’t remember anything. Pakiya says let me get you burger we will eat together. Kamla says my daughter is broken vitthal. Vithal says I wanna go to her office and kill the man who hurt her. Kamla says don’t ever do that. Kalpi leaves for office.

Scene 2
Kalpi is in park. She is in tears. She recalls how she was there with raghav there one day ago. She looks at the grass and says your fate is like me. Every moment is different for you. The same ice cream man comes there. She buys one and recalls when raghav ate from her ice cream. She gives it to a child. She takes her phone out and tries to call. She says i should call sammy and ask him whats the problem. Sammy’s phone is out of reach as well.

Scene 3
Pakhi asks Kamla why is she upset ? Kamla says I am okay. Kamla is about to go mummy ji holds her hand. Pakhi says look she knows you’re upset. Kamla says my Kalpi is broken that guy didn’t come. She kept on waiting whole night and pretended to be happy but I know she is broken. Pakhi says I will talk to sammy. Kamla says there is no benefit of it Nettu over hears it. Kamla says i have to leave. Kalpi must be coming back. Nettu asks Kamla what happened to the guy who was about to came to meet kalpi ? Pakhi says Kamla maa leave. Pakhi says what makes you so happy in seeing others happy.

Scene 4
Vitthal says to kalpi your tea s ready. WOn’t you try my tea. Kalpi says my mood is all set don’t worry baba. Return this cup set to neighbor and these curtains too. Vitthal gives her tea. He says i am your dad. your mom bear all the pain when you were born. I was with you all nights. I know you so well. I know what hurts you when and today you don’t find me worth sharing. He is in tears a little. Kalpi hugs him, and says no one understands me like my baba. I never got my baba. I worked hard in exams but got this result and lost my honesty. Why this happens to me everytime ? I am so unlucky. Vitthal says its not like that. My heart says nothing wrong is gonna happen. just don’t cry. It kills us both. Your ai must be crying listening to us. Vitthal turns kamla on his side and says kalpi has smiled you should smile too.

Gauri says where is this pakiya. He didn’t get me the newspaper. Kalpi says I wrote in the paper that i will leave if he doesn’t come by today. Suddenly they hear some music playing in the ground. Kamla says who is playing this. Vitthal says don’t know whats wrong with these people.
They go down its Pakiya who is doing all this. He shows them newspapers they have photos of Kalpana. She has topped the exams. Kamla and Vitthal are so happy. Kalpi says but I gave no papers for scrutiny. Who did this. Raghav comes and said me. Kalpi smile. Sammy says congratulations. Kalpi says in heart he should have told me. Vitthal says thats why they didn’t come.

Raghav says I can’t believe numbers could do that. Vitthal says I never knew that these will break my daughter’s heart. Sammy says yeah everything happens for good. Raghav says yeah he is right. Until Kalpi’s wounds are healed how can she start a new life. Sammy says we should celebrate kalpi’s win. Kamla syas we should go to the temple. Raghav says yeah we should go to the temple. They wait while kalpi and her parents go upstairs. Sammy says you should appologize kalpi. Raghav says you should holds the ears with me as well. They both hold their ears to appologize.

Pakiya and Kamla come in and Kamla shows the paper to Gauri and she says wow Kalpi congratulations. Kalpi says we should be grateful to Raghav. Vitthal says this must be Sammy’s ideas.

Kalpi says yeah at least they know what it means to me. Kamla says I am ready for this proposal, Vitthal says so am i. Kamla asks Gauri will she come to madir ? She says yes.

Raghav says she hasn’t come still. Sammy says you’re being so desperate. Gauri comes out with Kalpi she says you didn’t show me the guy. Pakiya and Kalpi point at the two.

Kalpi is bring Gauri to Ragahv. His face is turned. Sammy smiles at them. Gauri turns to kamla and says how will I go there without taking bath. You all should go and bring parsad for me. Kamla asks Pakiya to stay and take her when she gets the bath. Sammy says Kalpi looks more beautiful with this smile. Sammy says to Kalpi that we all missed you in the office. A really funny incident took place.

Scene 2
Nettu is worried why kamla hasn’t come. Who will feed mummy ji now. This manda only opens the mouth to as money. Manda says madam i have something to tell you. She says Kamla bai.. Nettu says speak up. Manda says her daughter.. Nettu shouts why are you not telling the complete story. Manda says its too hot I don’t feel good. Nettu says take that juice and speak up.

Manda says our Kamla bai’s daughter’s photo has been published in the newspaper. She has topped the exams. Raghav and Sammy came and they were all so happy. Nettu says whatever she is not intelligent as my daughter.

Scene 3
They arrive at the temple. Kamla says to pandit ji that my daughter has topped the exams. Kamla asks Sammy to join the pooja as well. Kalpi asks Raghav to join as well, he nods. Raghav comes forward. He doesn’t know hat to do. Kalpi tells him how to do it. Sammy comes later and does the pooja. kamla says I think we should leave them alone. Sammy takes Kalpi somewhere. She says where are you taking me. Sammy takes her downstairs where Raghav is standing. Sammy says my role is over now its up to you both.

Kalpi says you didn’t come when I asked you to meet ai and baba. He says first you had to get the happiness you lost, I saw the hope shattered in your eyes that day. I wanna be with you how could I see you with hopeless eyes. Now you can talk to her without any fear. She will trust you now. Kalpi says what if I thought that you deceived me. He says that doesn’t matter. Kalpi says that doesn’t matter to you ? He says not stop the drama of being angry I am tired of going to university for 3 days now came to mandir did the pooja. You should at leaast smile for me. kalpi smiles.
Kamla says to Vitthal they were looking so good together. I wonder why Raghav came for pooja with kalpi but not sammy. Vitthal says they are new generation not much interested in pooja and all.

Sammy sees Kamla and Vitthal coming he comes and stands between them. Kalpi says to Raghav waht happened to you ? He says we are not committed officialy. Let it be yes and i will be with you. kamla asks Sammy which sweet does he like ? She will send with kalpi. Vitthal says she will send you day and night. They all leave.
Sammy says I will drive you should sit with Kalpi. Kalpi says how scared is he. He respects Ai. Kamla says its such a good day. Vitthal says its because of you both. Raghav says we are family after all. There are no favors in family.

Pakhi calls Sammy and asks where are they all. he tells her that they have come to the mandir. kalpi has topped the exams. She talks to kalpi and says when are you giving the party. Kalpi says asks your Kamla maa. Pakhi asks when is the party. Kamla says this evening. Pakhi says what a good news it is.

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