Reach for the Stars update Tuesday 30 June 2020

Reach for the stars 30 June 2020: Dheraj says to aman Mehta had to die because of your mistake aman says I saved us. I saw kamla going to hospital and called you. dheraj says he was a sentimental kind of man. I knew he would say all this to kamla bai. You did right he had to die.

Aryan comes to suhana. Suhana says what? is there anything important ? He says no just wanted to say good morning. Its raining. There is too much water outside and autos are on strike. suhana says so you wanna go somewhere ? he says no I am talking about massi ma. how will she come ? suhan syas I will pick her up. Aryan says no I will. suhana says she is my massi maa first. So I will come with you too. Aryan says in heart thank God I will spend some time with her this way.

on the way suhana says lets surprise her. Aryan says yeah we will go directly to her doorstep. Suhana says you have become intelligent.on the way they see kamla coming. some thugs come on a bike and snatch her purse. Aryan hits the thugs. kamla says whats the need of that ? Aryan runs to her and asks are you okay massi ma ? kamla says take Aryan to doctor. Arayn says will drop you and will go after that.

Sanjay tell dheraj that suhana wants to join the office. dheraj says that’s a good thing. dheraj says ask Aryan when is he going from here ? dheraj ays I will.Aryan scares seeing the injection. he turns on suhana’s side. he says I am having the pain because I have a bruise why are you crying ? suhana says nothing. I a going out. he smiles.

Vitthal calls kamla. He says I met the cop today he told me that Mehta knew something about kalpi. You were right our kalpi is alive and Mehta wanted to tell us. kamla says for the first time you’ve believed in this. I know we will find kalpi soon. kalpi will come back to us soon.

Suhana says Aryan lets call driver you shouldn’t drive. He says no we have got time to spend together after so long.
Aryna is looking for a good song. ‘Teri galiya’ plays. Suhana says stop here this song is so good. She says thanks for what you did for massi maa Aryan. You didn’t care about your life and saved.

Suhana and Aryna come home. kamla asks how is your hand ? Aryna says its fine. kamla says what doctor said ? he says its nothing major. Aryan says I am going to change. kamla gives water to suhana. Suhana says massi ma sit here I wanna talk to you. Do you feel too that Aryan has changed ? I m,ean he saved you. Kamla says I have always trusted him.

He fought for me in the market. He told everyone how t respect a woman. He know relationships and I have seen love in his eyes for you. Eyes never lie. I am sure he will never disappoint you. Suhana recalls all that Aryan has done to make her feel better? How he protected her in the rain. Suhana says what you like I like that too. Kamla says really ? Suhana says yes. Kamla says your decision is right.

Scene 2
Suhana enters her room. Its all decoarated with lights and stars. Aryan comes in. he comes closer and says suhana I know I made a mistake and I got to know that I love you a lot. I am saying truth. I can’t live with out you. I really love you. He bows down and holds a placard will you marry me ? he has designed it delightfully.

He takes out a ring. Suhana says Aryan, she says massi maa. kamla stops. suhana asks her to come in. Suhana says you know Aryan has proposed me. What should I do now ? Kamla says I think love should be answered with love.

Suhana says I like what massi ma like. Arya smiles. kamla says I am glad you both have decided to marry each other. I think sanjay won’t be happy with the relationship and until he accepts your relation will be incomplete. Aryan says masi ma guide me how to talk to him. Kamla says I will talk to him. Lets see if he agrees. Kamla makes suhana hold aryan’s hand. he screams. Suhana says oh I am sorry. he giggles. Kamla says you are so mischievous Aryan. Kamla hugs them both.

Scene 3
kamla goes to temple. She takes a rickshaw and sits in it. she recalls her accident. She sees a car behind which the same cushion is placed that hit Mehta. she asks the rickshaw driver to follow him. they miss he car. vitthal says pakiya since I have met suhana I feel better. I like to go out and work. So bring my shoes. Pakiya gives him his shoes. vitthal says bring yogurt and sugar. pakiya says there is no yogurt. Vitthal says bring the sugar only. Pakiya wishes him luck.

Kamla comes to dewan houseand sees the same car. Kamla asks watchman whose car is that ? he says I don’t know. Kamla says in heart that means someone who wants to kill suhana lives in this house.

Kamla goes in and sees suhana drinking a juice. She sas suhana don’t drink it I will make a new one for you. suhan says in heart I have to talk to her she I worried for something. suhana asks massi maa whats the problem ? Sanjay asks kamla to make tea.

Sanjay gets a call and stands with shock. he says what are you saying ? all right thanks. dheraj asks is everything okay? Sanjay says Mehta is in the hospital. Dheraj stands up and says what ? sanjay says he met an accident but he is alive. he will be fine. Dheraj says okay we wil go to meet him. kamla says in heart no one looks fake here even after vitthal’s call.

Kamla says to suhana there is a silver colored car outside and there is a smiley pillow behind that car. whose car is that ? suhana says I don’t know. But if its in our yard it must be our. kamla says in heart I have to figure out whose car is it.

suhana is busy in doing the presentation. Aryan texts he I love you. he comes in from window. suhana says someone will see you. he says that means we are locked in a room. Suhana says go from here. he holds her from back and says I need one thing that every guy needs. She says I don’t know what you are saying. Aryan says I will make you understand. I want a kiss from my suhana. suhana says go out from here.

kamla sees sanjay going in the same car. She is shocked. She says that means sanjay planned accident for Mehta. that means sanjay is suhana’s enemy. what is the secret ?

Aryan and suhana are out on the beach. They are having a beautiful time. The song ‘muskurane’ plays in the background. Suahana is about to fall. Aryan saves her. Suahan smiles. They take a selfie. Suhana sits with him on the bike. They stop by some street children playing football. Aryan plays with them. Suhana smiles looking at him.

Vitthal is singing to Kalpi’s photo, the theme song. kamla comes and asks whats wrong ? he says the hope of this song has increased. kamla looks at the photo and smiles. The swipe their tears. vitthal says you went to dewan house ? did you figure out who is plotting against suhana ? Kamla says yes. I saw that silver car and sanjay was driving that car. Vitthal says did you see him driving the car ? Kamla says yes I saw him. vitthal says a dad can never do that. kamla says I was thinking the same. Its their car.; Vitthal says that means there is someone from house. kamla tells him their family members. Vitthal says chacha chichi are their family members. Are the driver and his wife doing this ? Kamla says what will they get ? Vitthal says kep trying you will find something. I am with you. kamla says I can’t see suhana in trouble. Vitthal says we can’t see suhana in trouble. He says let me make tea for you.

Scene 2
Dewan is worried for suhana. Its 1:00 am. Suhana comes in with Aryan. Sanjay opens the lights. Sanjay says what is this suhana ? Aryan says uncle Suhana has pardoned me, she loves me. we have decided that we will marry each other. All we need is your nod. SAnjay says Aryan you are misusing my leniency. you have proved what you wanted to. Aryan says just give me one chance. I know I love suhana. I can’t live without her. I promise I will keep her happy. SAnjay says do you think its a joke ? Your mind changed at the birthday, your mood has changed today. it might change later how can someone trust you ? Sanjay says Dushela Aryan is fine now. He is leaving this house. Bring his bag.

Aryan says uncle.. SAnjay says not a single word more. Suhana says papa Aryan has changed I have forgiven him for the party. please pardon him. Sanjay says suhana you are so you people like him never change. They change their color again and again. I can’t see you upset. You are innocent I did what you both wanted but he made me change my decision in the birthday party. I let him live here even after that because he is my pal’s son.

Sanjay says there is no room for you in this house Aryan. he gives him his bag and says please go. Suhana says please papa listen what Aryan wants to say. Sanjay says I said leave. Aryan says I love suhana. sanjay says don’t force me to throw you out of here. Aryan takes his bag and glares at suhana. Aryan leaves. Aryan turns back and looks at suhana. SAnjay says Aryan don’t ever think that you will marry suhana. this will never happen, this is my final verdict. Sanjay closes the door. suhana is in tears. Dheraj says bhaiya this..

sanjay says its too late go to your room. suhana leaves as well. Sanjay tries to stop her but she leaves. Suhana is crying in her room. Aryan look in suhana’s room from the window. suhana comes to the window and looks at him. Aryan comes forward.

Scene 3
kamla comes to dewan house. Pooja is going on there. Dheraj asks sushela to bring aman and kavita. The pooja starts. Kamla says to suhana Aryan told me everything. I will talk to Sanjay after the pooja.Kamla prays God give me strength to find the truth.

kamla goes to sanjay and says I wanna talk to you. Aryan comes in. Aryan says uncle please give me one last chance. I love suhana. Sanjay says one minute Aryan. he gives him the ticket and says you have flight for tonight. I think you should go back to your home.

sanjay says this is your ticket for tonight. I think you should go abck to your home now. he leaves. Aryan, sushela, aman and kavita leave as well. Suhana comes to Aryan. Kamla says don’t worry Aryan. Look God is home. He will take all your problems. Go and rest you were standing outside whole night. Suhana tries to console him. she says everything will be fine calm down Aryan. Kamla goes to temple and says God make suhana and Aryan one.

Aryan is standing on roof top with suahan. he asks will you be with me suhana ? Suhana says on every note. I will never leave you alone. Aryan smiles. Aryan takes out bangles and says mom gave them to me. SHe wanted to you wear these. They are our family bangles. I won’t leave without you. He says now this guy will take his bride from here. He hugs her.

Kamla goes to sanjay. kamla says I know you are worried for suhana but I wanna say something. Sanjay says kamla jee what you wanna talk about ? kamla is quite. Sanjay says about Aryan? I am suhana’s dad. I will never decide anything for her that will upset her. Aryan is an irresponsible person. he should stay away from suhana. You are here to take care of suhana please do that don’t try to be her mom. Kamla says I never tried to be her mom.

Being a massi maa I just want to tell her dad th truth. Truth is that suhana loves Aryan can’t live without him. Aryan has changed and suhana knows he loves her. Aryan did all that because he thought suhana is not happy with Aryan. he didn’t want suhana to be blamed that’s why he did all that. So you can throw him out. But I know the truth. I have seen it. Suhana and arayn are happy together. Kamla says I have seen that they are always happy together. Don’t apart them. They can’t live without each other.

Scene 2
sanjay and everyone come to the roof top and see suhan and Aryan on the edge.
Aryan says if you say yes only the we will come down. Kamla says listen to them sir please. Aryan says uncle you don’t have time say yes. Sanjay says please stop. I am ready come down please. I will get you both married. Please come down. Aryan says yeah we are coming. When they are coming back suhana slips but Aryan grasps her hand. Everyone is worried.

Aryan says nothing will happen to you suhana. He pulls her up and hugs her. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Aryan says I couldn’t live without you. SAnjay hugs her and says are you okay ? suhana says I am fine. Sanjay says Kamla you were right. I should have listened to you. I will announce your weeding at pooja tomorrow. Sanjay says arayn nothing like previous party. Aryan says papa I don’t repeat mistakes. Sanjay hugs him. Sanjay says kamla ji I apologize I anything hurt you. I am dad but I couldn’t see my daughter’s heart and Aryan but you got them easily. Aryan says uncle if you agree can I make her wear these bangles? Sanjay nods. Aryan makes suhan wear the bangles. Everyone claps.

Scene 3
Dheraj is in his room and is angry. Aman says everything will be fine. Dheraj says that suhana should have fell and died. One problem ends and other starts. We have to be careful now. if suhana’a reality exposes we will be on road. Dheraj says think about a solution.

Scene 4
Suahan is in her room and says what should I wear fro pooja. Massi maa isn’t here. Door knocks she goes out but no one is there. suahan says methi no games okay I know its you. She goes back to her room Aryan scares her. suhana sys that was you. Aryan says yes that was me. Suhana says go out of my room. He says you are kicking me out of your room. how will you do the same after marriage? Suhana is shy. Aryan out. Suhan says in heart whenever I try to go away from him I feel like I am losing something precious.

Scene 5
kamla sees the silver car in the parking. she asks the watchman whom does this one belong to ? he says its office’s car and aman, sanjay and dheraj dive it.

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