Reach for the Stars update Wednesday 6 May 2020

Reach for the Stars 6 May 2020. Kamla says Tell me Kalpi do you like some guy ? Kalpi is shocked at his question. Vitthal says tell me one thing Kalpi do you like some guy ?Don’t be scared. Say whatever is in your heart. We trust you so much. We saw a dream for you. We just hope that you’ll never conceal anything.

Everyone deserves to love but we just wanna know that guy you love is good or not. Kalpi says ai couldn’t you ask yourself. Kamla says I wanted. What do you think U can’t see that you’re acting different these days. A guy came to drop you yesterday but you lied that it was pakhi.

Tell me is there anyone in your life. Kalpi says yeah there is. Kamla says have you gone mad? You are so young for all that. Vitthal stops Kamla. Kamla says who is he kalpi ? Kalpi says i wanted to tell you but I wanted to assure myself if I love him or not. I didn’t says a lie to conceal something last night. i won’t do anything that would hurt you. You both will always be proud. I will introduce him to you and I know that you won’t be disappointed. Pakiya says Ai and baba will have to agree. Gauri says the guy must be good. Kalpi says my mom dad will decide it. You have all rights on me but you should always share things with me. Vitthal says I said my daughter can’t do anything wrong. Kamla hugs her.

Nettu says looks like she doesn’t want it. Kamla says madam give me the glass. Kamla makes her drink it. Pakhi says dadi doesn’t like nettu. Until she doesn’t get well can you.. Nettu says she has a lot to do her friend is not well. We don’t know how long is mummy jo gonna take. Sahil says pakhi is right. Pakhi says I know you don’t like working here. Kamla says I have to ask Vitthal. Pakhi says okay let me know what he says. Kamla says good bye to everyone.
Nettu says to sahil have you gone mad ? Sahil says she won’y allow you to touch her and she is my mom I want her to get well soon. And look kamla will be here and Vitthal on his work. Gauri will be alone.

Kalpi thinks its better that I told Ai. I feel free now. i will ask Raghav to talk to ai soon. Kalpi says good morning to Raghav. He says you are coming at this time. He asks sammy to attend all the meetings and I have an important meeting to attend with kalpi. Kalpi asks what meeting ? He says how can you forget the work lets go.
They both go down to the car. Kamla says what meeting is this sir ? he says Raghav not sir and I am taking my girlfriend on a date. Kalpi says a lot of work is left. He says yeah I have always given time to work its time for heart now.

He sings ‘tum hi ho’. Kalpi says the lyrics are wrong. He says correct me now. He holds her hand. Kalpi says please drive slow sir. He says you think this is fast drive ? He drives even faster. Kalpi enjoys it. She says I never thought you’d be like this. You have changed a lot. You act like a teenager now. He says i am loving it. You came and mad me young. They go to a mall. He says you have to buy some dresses. Kalpi says they are so expensive. He says this is just an ordinary shop. You should try something. Raghav says to the manager pack whatever she likes.

Kamla is out with Vitthal as well. Vitthal says I have bought everything. Why are we going to market then ? She says I have eaten pani puri with you since so long. The order the pani puri. Kamla tells vitthal about mummy ji. She says mummy ji doesn’t like nettu at all. She likes me. Pakhi says can I look after her for few days. Vitthal is shocked.

Vitthal says you won’t ever go back to that home. Kamla says when you became like that ? Vitthal says for them I am like that

Kalpi is trying different dresses and Raghav is directing her which one to choose. She is really shocked at the prices. She wears a red dress raghav likes it a lot. He asks to pack all the dresses she has bought ? Kalpi says you just asked me to try. Raghav says I am gonna buy for you. Kamla says come let me tell you where to buy from. She takes him to the market. She shows him different earrings and stole. He buys her one.

Kamlais in the same market she sees Kalpi with Raghav but couldn’t see Raghav’s face. Vitthal asks why have you stopped now ? She is constantly looking at them. They have gone Kamla comes forward to look for them. Kamla tells vitthal that I saw Kalpi. He says why would she be here ? She must be in office.

Kalpi and Raghav come to a park. He says we could go to a park. Kalpi says no its relaxing her. He lies down with his head in Kalpi’s lap. He says you’re right i feel relaxed. i never thought I will lying under the sky. Its wonderful since you met me I became a new person. Kalpi says I wanna tell you something. Kalpi says lets try ice cream. He says we’ll go to ice cream parlor. She says why we’ll buy from here. He says its not hygienic here. He says buy one. Kalpi says I won’t let you eat from mine. He tastes her ice cream and says I like it all. Kalpi says I talked to Ai and baba I said that I like someone he wanna meet you. He says how can i meet them. What will I say to kamla maa. What am I gonna say to them i will be scared. Kalpi says i am the girl and you are nervous. He says you should talk. Kalpi says no you are coming over tomorrow. Kalpi says I would talk to them but daughters don’t talk about all this. My Ai doesn’t believe me because of my result so you have to talk to her. Raghav asks whats with the result what happened ? Kalpi tells him everything.

Scene 3
kalpi comes home. Kamla asks why you look so happy ? She says he is coming to meet you tomorrow. Kalpi asks whats wrong with baba ? Was there some quarrel ? Vitthal says there is about to be. He says looks she wanna go back to work at sahil’s home. Kamla says just for mummy ji she is so nice to me. She needs me today, why should i go ? Kalpi says baba is right you shouldn’t work there. Kamla says I am going there just as nurse. Kalpi says they can buy many nurses. Vitthal says that what I am saying why don’t they get anyother nurse. Gauri says because she is so soft hearted. Vitthal let her go. Whats wrong is she does something good. is she can be so nice to me then She has some relation with pakhi’s dadi. Kamla says you respect her. Vitthal says do whatever you want. You won’t listen to me. Kamla says thanks to gauri. Kamla leaves for Kapoors’.

Scene 5
Pakhi is trying to give juice to mummy ji. Kamla comes in and gives her. Pakhi says Kalpi is so lucky that she got a mom like you. Kamla says I asked you to look if kalpi is interested in someone. She said everything to me. he is coming to meet us. I guess he is sammy. nettu over hears and says wow congratulations kamla. So Kamla take some money you’d need it Kamla says no i don’t need money. Nettu says to pakhi that my pakhi will choose the prince. Pakhi says why does it matter to you. Mummy ji starts acting weird once agian. Pakhi says go away she doesn’t like you. Kamla says i think mummy ji is not feeling good let me take her to the garden.

Scene 6
Kalpi is fighting with Pakiya for the TV remote. They watch a comedy show. He says this is new show gangs of hassipur. Pakiya says I will be the happiest person in your wedding I will take your closet and will sleep on your place. Kalpi says you’re gonna cry. Vitthal says we will ask her to stay here. He says I went to buy you something. He has bought her some new clothes. He says its a sari for you. Gauri says this is so nice Vitthal. Now chnage Kalpi and show us how you look in it. kalpi wears it. Vitthal takes a photo of her. Kalpi says I have told ai how to see the photos. Vitthal calls Kamla and asks her to look the phoro of Kalpi. kamla says okay I am looking she is so happy to see Kalpi’s photo. Kamla shows it to mummy ji. Mummy ji starts acting weird looking at gauri behind Kalpi. Kamla is dazed at her reaction.

Kamla shows mummy ji Kalpi’s picture. She is acting weird looking at gauri behind Kalpi. Kamla says I think you don’t feel good here. Let me take you in. I have to go to home earlier. Everyone is waiting for me.

Scene 2
Vitthal prays for Kalpi and says please God always keep her happy. kalpi comes and takes the sweets, he catches her red handed. he says why you grew so fast. You were a kid a little time ago. Today you are so old that boy is coming to see you and what will I do with you in this house. Kalpi hugs him and says I won’t go anywhere. I will ask him to stay here. Pakiya says control I was thinking to get her stuff and now she is calling her husband here as well.

Scene 3
Next morning Kamla has applied mask on Kalpi’s face. Kalpi says he is coming to meet you not me. Kamla asks Vitthal to wake pakiya up. Kamla and Vitthal are doing all the arrangements. Kamla looks at kalpi and says stay home today you look so good. kalpi says he will come by 7 pm or so. Kamla asks what he likes in food ? Kalpi says everything you make. Kamla asks do i know him ? Kalpi says he is coming today. Kamla says is he from your office ? Kalpi says he is coming this evevning you can ask him yourself.

Scene 4
Sahil comes to paki and asks what are you doing . Mummy ji is reluctant to take medicine from sahil. Pakhi says I will give her. Nettu comes and says let me give it. Nettu tries to give it but mummmy ji is even more reluctant. Pakhi says why is she reacting like this. Do you both know what she wanna say. Nettu says don’t think that much mummy ji is angry at kamla because she didn’t come. Pakhi says Kamla maa is not your servant. She didn’t come because its an important day for her. Nettu says yeah yeah she is great.

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