Twist of fate update Saturday 16 April 2022

Twist of fate 16 April 2022: Prachi ask Ranbir to ask his heart, and says it misses me even now. She asks him to keep his ego away and says I was waiting for you, but you didn’t come. She says I have come, make one step towards me and believe me.

She asks him to walk forward and hold her hand. Rhea shouts enough and says that’s it. She asks her to stop her drama. Prachi asks her to be quiet and asks her not to think of separating them, as there are two reasons for their union. She says the reason is that I will not listen to you. Pallavi says that’s enough and says I am silent, and that’s why you are going on talking. She says Rhea and Ranbir will marry and asks her to leave. Prachi says not today and says let me say, and then I will accept Ranbir’s decision.

She asks him to keep his hand on his heart and asks if he loves him. She says if I need any proof to prove my love. Rhea says I will call Police if you come here again. She holds Prachi’s hand and is taking her out. Ranbir asks Rhea to leave Prachi’s hand and asks her why did you take so much time to come. He says I always hear my heart and my life is not life without you. He takes off the garland and ghatbandhan cloth. He says I love you Prachi. Prachi cries and runs to hug him. Song plays….They have a hug. Rhea is shocked and shouts no. It shows it is her IMAGINATION.

Pallavi asks what happened? Rhea says Ranbir was there. Pallavi asks what happened? Rhea says ghatbandhan cloth opened. Pallavi says that’s why you shouted aloud. Pandit ji says last round is remaining. Pallavi ties the ghatbandhan again. Rhea and Ranbir complete the last round. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Rhea thinks I have lied to Sid, Prachi will believe it and think that Pallavi wanted Ranbir and me to get united, and thinks she will not come here. Pandit ji asks Ranbir to fill Kumkum in her maang.

Prachi comes to the venue and asks about Ranbir Kohli’s marriage. The receptionist says that way. Prachi runs towards there. Ranbir takes Kumkum in her hand and again imagines Prachi, and fills Rhea’s maang. Prachi comes there and sees Ranbir filling Kumkum in Rhea’s forehead. She faints and falls down, before she could stop him. Rhea smiles. Ranbir smiles as he sees Prachi instead. He then makes Rhea wear the mangalsutra and smiles. Prachi is unconscious.

Later she gains consciousness and says where is Ranbir. She collides with the employee of the banquet hall, who tells that the marriage is done and they have left. Prachi thinks this can’t happen, and recalls Sid’s words. She thinks this marriage can’t happen and keeps hand on her tummy. She comes out of the hotel and says you had said that you are one woman man, then why did you do this marriage? She says you had promised me that you will never leave me and says we have sworn to be together for 7 births, then why did you have relation with someone else. She says you have gone far from me, and acted to be upset with me. She says you wanted to marry Rhea and betrayed me on the pretext of moving on. She wipes her tears and says it is enough, you didn’t understand my love and my sister also doesn’t deserve my trust.

She says you both have betrayed me and I will give answer to your betrayal. She says I will not cry anymore, will not request, but will ask for my rights. She says the matter is about my child and his upbringing. She says I will not let you both play with us, and won’t let you live. She says I am coming to give answer to all your doings. She starts walking on the road.

Pallavi calls Servant to bring aarti thaali. Ranbir and Rhea are standing on the door for the grah pravesh. Vikram says he didn’t see her happy before. Dida says she was happy at the time of her marriage. Pallavi says my son and daughter in law are waiting for me. She gets their tilak and aarti. Prachi is seen getting down the car and walking holding her luggage trolley. Pallavi happily does the rituals. Rhea smiles. Prachi is coming there. Pallavi asks Rhea to kick the kalash and step in Kumkum plate and get inside the house. She says bring your auspicious feet inside the house. Rhea kicks the kalash and steps in Kumkum plate, and walks inside the house happily.

Ranbir is still standing on the door and looks at the foot prints. He recalls Prachi’s grah pravesh and gets sad. Shaina tells Rhea that her room is having romantic feeling decoration. Rhea and Ranbir take Pallavi’s blessings. Pallavi says God shall keep their Jodi united. Prachi enters and says you can’t give them, this blessing as God has made Ranbir’s Jodi with someone else before. Everyone is stunned seeing Prachi. Prachi says you are insulting God by making his Jodi with someone else and putting God in dilemma.

Ranbir looks at Prachi. Song plays…..Mainu Ishq Huwa….Prachi steps inside the house boldly, takes water jug from the dining table and pours on Rhea’s footprints. Rhea gets angry and asks what the hell? Prachi asks are you getting angry, as I have splashed water on your foot prints, or because I have ruined your doings.

Rhea shouting at Prachi asking what is she doing? Prachi asks why are you angry, as I have splashed water on your footprints or on your doings. Rhea, Pallavi and Ranbir are shocked. Prachi asks Servant to bring wiper to wipe the foot prints. Pallavi asks how dare to disturb Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage rituals. She asks didn’t your mother tell you that it is very sacred.

Prachi says Kumkum is very scared and says it is used for puja etc and says if it is applied with wrong feet, then think if happiness or destruction come in the house. Pallavi says I don’t want to argue with you and asks her to leave. Prachi comes to Ranbir and looks at him emotionally. She then breaks his garland. Pallavi asks what is happening? She calls security.

Prachi asks why are you calling security, as I have broken the varmala. She says I will break this relation, then whom will you call. Rhea says we will not tolerate your misbehavior. Prachi says breaking the illegal things is not misbehavior and says if this is misbehavior then what is it, which you have done. Rhea says you are crossing your limits. Prachi says I have come here as bahu and you don’t need to tell me. Vikram says we will talk about this later for everyone. Prachi says I used to think about everyone before, but now I am thinking about myself. Rhea asks Ranbir to stop Prachi and say something.

Ranbir asks Prachi, why are you doing this? Prachi says I was thinking that I shall do this before, you claimed to loved me and married my sister. Rhea says I will answer you and says this marriage should have married long before, when you forcibly married him. Prachi says we used to love and I didn’t force him to marry me. She says how can this marriage happen, when Ranbir is already married to me. Rhea says your marriage is broken with him. Prachi says will you decide this and says Ranbir and my relation will never get over.

Pallavi asks her to leave the house without doing any drama. Prachi recalls Sid’s words and says you made tamasha of my love, marriage and everything. She says you used to treat me worst than a Servant and never gave me love and respect which I deserve. She says daily you used to explain my role and judged me always. She says I used to do all the things, as I used to love and respect you. She says I have done my duty as a bahu, now I will do my duty as my wife. She says I have bear enough, now you shall bear some, it is not that difficult.

She folds her hands and asks the guests to leave. She tells the guests that she is Ranbir’s wife and she is alive. She says tamasha is over, which happened in the name of marriage. Rhea asks who are you, to call our marriage as tamasha. Prachi says she is Mrs. Prachi Ranbir Kohli, this house bahu, Ranbir’s wife and your sister.

Dida smiles seeing Prachi fighting for her rights. Prachi tells the guests that she will not bear the inauspicious reflection on the house and that’s why washed the feet impression. She says tell everyone that Ranbir’s wife is returned. She says I am his first wife. Rhea shouts Prachi.

Prachi says you are his second wife and says I am giving you respect, and says there is nothing like second wife in our society, when wife is alive then husband can’t remarry. She says as per IPC section 494, this marriage is null and void, this is not a valid marriage. She tells Rhea that her marriage is declared illegal and says the rights from you is snatched, and breaks her garland. Rhea asks how dare you and raises hand to slap her.

Prachi holds her hand and says you are younger than me and be that, else I will slap you so strong that you will understand what is your respect in my love. She says I have seen your real face and identified you. She asks her not to be sautan. She then asks Ranbir what happened to him, and asks if he don’t know that he can’t remarry when she is alive. Rhea asks Pallavi and Vikram to kick her out from their house.

She says she is calling my marriage as fraud and says such woman doesn’t deserve to stay in society or house. She says we all know that what she has done, she was with my husband in hotel room and now she is claiming her husband. Prachi gets angry and slaps her hard.

She says you have spoken enough, now I don’t bear anymore. She says I don’t care about what you think and says my husband thoughts matter to me. She asks her to be in limits, else she will not bear. Vikram says it is enough Prachi and asks what do you think that we will bear, what you do and say. Prachi says I am sorry, forgive me. I respect you and you know this as well. She says I don’t have any way right now and tells that you don’t know the truth.

She says you used to hear Mummy and supported her. She asks him not to stop her and don’t interfere in my decision. Dida says today I am very happy seeing this girl fighting for her rights, I can’t tell. Prachi tells that she is standing here. Ranbir says why did you come here, when Rhea and I got married? He says you asked me why did I get marry and says why did you come today. You would have come before, then why did you come today. Prachi recalls detecting her pregnancy and recalls her words.

She says I have come here, as I…Ranbir asks her to say. Rhea asks Ranbir not to hear her and says she came to break our marriage. Ranbir thinks Prachi tell that your anger is over, you have come back to me. He thinks apologize to me and think that he wants her in his life. Prachi thinks you have kicked me out of your life, by blaming me with such cheap accusation and thinks to hate him. She says I have only loved you. Ranbir thinks I thought I hate you, but my hatred went and asks her to tell once.

Prachi says I came today as I didn’t know that you will fall low. She says I don’t know that you will marry my own sister and was unaware that you don’t value our marriage, and says you are my husband and she is my sister, but you both are cheap people. Rhea says that’s it, we are together and you are not needed here. Prachi says this is my house and have right on this house, and asks her to leave. Pallavi says I will call Police and Police will take her out. She calls Inspector and asks him to take the girl who is troubling her family.

Ranbir and Prachi look at each other. Dori tutgayi ya. Pallavi asks her to leave before Police comes and arrests her. Prachi asks her to agree silently else Police will take the ones, who doesn’t belong to this family. Pallavi keeps the milk and rose water and tells the guests that this girl has misbehaved with you, I apologize for that and says until Police comes and arrests her, we shall do our work.

She asks Rhea and Ranbir to ignore that girl and complete ring finding ceremony. She says we shall not spoil the function and asks Shaina to perform on the song. She says this marriage is done, and we shall celebrate. Rhea smiles. Pallavi asks her to come. Ranbir asks Prachi, why is she doing this? Prachi asks if this is the reason for what you have married. Ranbir says I married you for love. Prachi accuses him for conspiracy. They look at each other. Rhea comes to Ranbir and holds his hand. She takes him with her. Prachi looks on.

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