Reach for the Stars update Monday 29 June 2020

Reach for the Stars 29 June 2020: Mehta says don’t worry. But no one should know we are giving this medicine to suhana. kamla picks the phone and hears this sentence. Kamla is shocked. she says hello ? Dheraj and Mehta are quite. kamla says who is this ? Dheraj throws his phone in anger. kamla says who can this be ? Doctor Mehta gave that medicine to suhana and this was his voice.

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she recalls when vitthal was hitting him and said he knows about kalpi. Kamla says but why would Mehta do this ? This means that someone is helping him from the house. I have to figure out who is ding this to my suhana. I wont let anything happen o my suhana.

Aryan is asking suhana to come with him for a movie. She says I don’t like scary movies. he says you can hold me when you get scared. Suhana says really you don’t get sacred ? sHe says look there is a cockroach ? Aryan jumps. suhana laughs kamla says she is so happy I shouldn’t annoy him. suhana asks where are you going massi ma ? Kamla says I am going home. suhana asks why are you worried ? kamla says so I am fine. Suhana says I will drop you. kamla says I will go. Suhana goes with kamla.

kamla asks the driver to stp the car. she goes out.Suhana goes to the chowl. Aryan comes there on his bike. Suhana smiles. Aryan has flowers in his hand. she says so you were following me ? He says yeah I love you. Who else will follow you ? Suhana says we are friends. Aryan says roses for you. Suhana says I am trying to tell you that we are friends. He says I have decided to follow you for all the lives. Aryan says you have take these roses I know you like rose. Vitthal comes downstairs and moves Aryan. he says can’t you understand what she is saying. Manda says hit him he is teasing a girl in our chowl.

Suhana says no you are getting it wrong. he was following me. Vitthal says he was following you ? He and other men start hitting him, Kamla comes and says what are you doing vitthal. Aryan says thank God you came here she wanted people to hit me. suhana syas I was tying to stop. Kamla says this is Aryan he is suhana’s friend. manda says these people are fool Kamla says I am sorry. Aryan says its not your mistake. Aryan says you are so dangerous suhana. You can make people hit anyone.

kamla says I am sorry. Suhana says he deserves it. vitthal says pardon me. Aryan says no its not your mistake. its her mistake she should understand. I will not follow her later. kamla says lets go up and have tea.

Aryan comes in. Vitthal says I will make the tea. Suhana says no I will make it Aryan says really you will make the tea ? Suhana says yeah whats wrong with that Aryan says how will you make in these clothes. suhana says you don’t need any special dress to make tea. judge after you drink it.
Suhana makes the tea. Suhana says vittha uncle I have made one cup extra for you. you will drink twice. Everyone drinks the tea. Vitthal says my kalpi used to make tea like this.

Aryan drinks and says I told you not to make it, taste it. you should know what you have made. Kamla says I will make another for you. Vitthal says its so good just like kalpi. Kamla drinks and feels the same. Suhana says okay don’t drink if its not good. Suhana says no I will drink it you don’t like it. He takes out the flower and suhana take it please. Suhana extends her hand, he puts it down. suhana says I won’t give you now. He says I am sorry. Vitthal says the tea is so good. Let us drink it on and off.

Scene 2
Dheraj calls Mehta and says kamla listened to our conversation. Mehats asy she must have recognized my voice. Dheraj says no she she didn’t she have not talked to anyone. I will handle her. Mehta says I am in trouble because of you. I am doctor not a criminal. You have to do something. Dheraj syas I will do something don’t worry.

Scene 3
Aryan comes to suhana’s room. He starts massaging her hair. she is not seeing his face. she says in slumber thank you massi maa. He presses her head hard. She turns and says what are you doing here ? He says I have brought you coffee. Okay I can go if you don’t want me to stay you are so rude. She says no I am sorry. He says lets drink the coffee.

Aryan says I have said to uncle that I am staying here for chandni’s birthday till next week. I am really serious for you. I know what love is. when you are with me everything feels good. You make me happy but when I think about going away from you it scares me. I don’t know if that’s right or not. I will make to accept my love and love me. its a challenge. He scares her with a teddy. Suhana says I won’t leave you. she chases him they both fall on bed together. Suhana gets up. Aryan says drink the coffee. He leaves.

Scene 4
kamla goes to hospital and asks for doctor Mehta. Nurse asks her to wait. mehat comes and sees her. He says is she doubting me. kamla sees him.

kamla comes to the hospital and asks sister she wants to meet Mehta. sister says she has gone out. he must be coming. kamla waits for him.

Mehta comes in and sees kamla. he says she must be here to ask me questions. Kamla sees him too and follows him. Mehta sits in his car. Kamla stands in front of his car. Mehta says what is it ? Kamla says I wanna talk to you. Mehta says u have an emergency. kamla says you have to talk to me.

Kamla says tell me why you want to hurt suhana ? Who is with you in all this. Mehta says I am saying truth I don’t know anything. Kamla says why are you not looking in my eyes then ? why your conscience is not with you ? Tell me who wants to harm suhana in that house ? Doctors save lives. You have kids too. what if someone does the same to your kids. Please tell me who is behind all this ? There must be someone in that house.

Someone who doesn’t want suhana to live. I beg you tell me. Mehta says I beg you please leave me alone I know nothing about all this. I never wanted to harm suhana or anyone. kamla says your eyes are saying that are lying. what is the secret tell me. I can’t belive that you’re a doctor and you are doing this for money.

Mehta says I am not doing this for money and I have given all the money I have got in charity. kamla says why you wanna do this to suhana then ? Mehta says I am not harming suhana I wanted her to come back. kamla is arguing with him, suddenly a car comes from back. Mehta shoves kamla and the car hits him. he is on the road and bleeding. kamla says don’t lose hope I am getting some help. he writes on the road with his blood kalpana is suhana. kamla says I am uneducated I can’t read. The blood flows with the rain water.

kamla takes him to the hospital. Mehnta is going throw the treatment. kamla is worried and waiting outside. kamla says what kind of justice is that. Mehta wanted to tell me the truth. I want to know who is harming suhana in that house. what will I do now. how will I figure out. You have never disappointed me. I know my kalpi is alive and she is well. Don’t test me this much. Vitthal comes there. kamla tells him everything. kamla tells him.Doctor comes out and tells her that Mehta is dead.

Vittahal says I am with you in this fight. we won’t let anyone harm suhana. I have seen kalpi in her. Vitthal says now you are working in dewan house. you have to be careful.

Scene 2
Dheraj says to aman Mehta had to die because of your mistake. aman says I saved us. I saw kamla going to hospital and called you. dheraj says he was a sentimental kind of man. I knew he would say all this to kamla bai. You did right he had to die.

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