Reach for the Stars update Friday 26 June 2020

Reach for the Stars 26 June 2020: Kamla leaves, Aryan says now I have to think how will I tell suhana. Dheraj says to sanjay suhana is fine now I don’t this she needs a maid anymore. sanjay says I don’t want kamla bai to feel bad. dheraj says we can give her salary of next two months. kamla comes, dheraj says we are satisfied with your work. now suhana is fine she doesn’t need you anymore. We will give you salary of next two months. kamla says no I don’t need it. I just wanna meet suhana for one last time. suahan says who is going ? sanjay says you are fine now I think we should free kamla ji now. Suhana says what are you saying ? She has helped us a lot. kamla says he is right. we will keep talking to each other. suhana says won’t let you go anywhere.

kamla says to suhan sir is right. I will keep in touch with you. Our relationship won’t be terminated. Suhana says no you are not going any where. She says papa I need massi ma. I wanna be with her until I am not good.

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She says I met massi ma and I learnt a lot of things. Sanjay says you know there is nothing more important than your happiness. she will stay here if you want so. Sanjay says kamla ji until suhana get wed you will stay here.

suhan says I am so sorry massi ma. Kamla says they were not wrong. suhana syas I will never let you go away from me.
kamla laughs and says you are mad. Let me bring something for you to eat.
Methi comes in wearing a crown that says sorry. Meethi says this is from Aryan he wanna apologize and he has given this card as well. kamla says I think you should forgive him. Suhana says what if the mistake is unforgiveable. She sees Aryan in the window. Suhana says you can forget what Aryan did in the party but I can’t and I wont pardon him. He tears the card apart. Aryan is shocked. She goes out.

Aryan comes in, kamla says when kalpi used to be angry vitthal and pakiya used to do something that makes her laugh. Suhana is angry too you should do something that will make her laugh. now I should leave for home. He nods.

Scene 2
Vitthal is desperate and is rummaging for money. he calls at kamla’s phone. kamla has forgotten her phone and suhana’s room. Suhana picks up the call. Vitthal says where are you ? I need 100 rupees. She abruptly says yeah they are under the mandir drawer. She then stop and wonders what has she said. Vitthal finds the money and says I got it. Kalpi ? She says no I am not kalpi I am suhana. Massi maa forgot her phone here, inform her when she comes home he says yeah I will tell her.

I thought you are kalpi. He says in heart why I felt like I was talking to kalpi.
kamla comes home. She asks vitthal whats wrong ? He says I am missing kalpi a lot today. kamla says I can understand but everything will be fine. vithal says why you have to tell suhana everything ? kamla says what did I tell her ? vitthal says how did she know that the temple drawer has the money ? kamla laughs and says she is so mischievous she must have joked.

You know when I meet suhana I miss kalpi a lot. she is talks just like kalpi. vitthal says you see kalpi everywhere in everyone ? Same happens with me. But don’t see kalpi in these rich people. kamla hugs him. they are both in tears.

suhana is in her room. she goes to the window to receive a call. she sees Aryan with a placard saying I am sorry. He is holding his ears. Suhana gets a call. She says yes chandni. chandni says suhana hello ? they can’t hear each other.
suhana goes out to talk to her. Suhana if you talk about everything on call what will you talk when you come home ? disconnect the call and talk to me when you come home.

When suhana goes back to her room she finds it decorated with balloons and cards. A card says it was all my mistake pardon me please. kamla comes in with meethi. meethi has a board on which Aryan has written I wish life was like the board so we could erase everything. Aryan comes in disguised as a clown. he gives her balloons.

Sushana says I have pardoned you. Aryan says so can we go out for a long drive ? Suhana says you are still there ? I have forgotten about my past and my relationship with you and now we have broken up so whats the point of trying to patch up. Now even papa doesn’t want us to be together. She leaves.Aryan is upset. kamla says don’t worry you just have to show her that you love her a lot.

Scene 3
Dusheli asks kamal to bring the vegetables. when kamla leaves, she places chachi’s gold bangles in kamla’s purse.
Savita comes screaming in the lounge my bangles are lost. I have looked in the whole room. Dusheli says you can look in our purses. she gives her purse to aman. Kamla is about to give her purse. Sanjay says you can leave we will find them. Dusheli says this is wrong you looked in our purse but not in kamla’s. kamla gives her purse to aman. Aman takes out the bangles from the purse.

Aryan take sout the bangles from kamla’s purse. everyone is shocked. kamla says I don’t know how they came in my purse. I didn’t steal them. dusheli says what are they doing in your purse. kamla says my work was done so I was leaving. Aman says so she wanted to go home so no one can catch her. kamal says I am not a thief. Chachi says you belong to jail. I am calling police. dheraj says there is no need to call police. sanjay says he is right.

Sanjay says kamla you broke our trust. I didn’t expect this from you. kamla says I am not a thief. please trust. Dheraj says there is no benefit of all this. You better leave. chichi says don’t ever come here again. Meethi comes and says don’t go I know you are pious and you will never steal. kanla hugs her. Dusheli says meethi come here. kamla leaves in tears. Dheraj recalls how he asked her to do all this.

suhana goes to the cliff with chandni. She recalls the accident. Chandni says how is my surprise ? Isn’t it a beautiful place ? She says in heart real surprise will be by Aryan. he is going to propose you. Suddenly suhana sees some balloons coming up in the air. On one of them its written I love you suhana. Meethi calls suhana and says massi maa is gone. Everyone threw her out. They said she is a thief. suhana says I am coming. Chandni asks what is wrong ? suhana says there is some problem at house I have to go.

Suahan goes to the house and says papa what is all this ? Sanjay says suhana sit here. Suhana asks where is maassi maa. Chachi says she is a thief. she stole my gold bangles. Suhana says I don’t trust you. chichi says we trusted her my bangles were in her purse. suhana says what we see is not always the truth. Sanjay says I know its hard for you to accept but this is the truth . suhana says I can’t believe she can do this. I don’t trust this. ven if God tells me she stole them I won’t trust. She must have been hurt. I ahev to talk to her. Sanjay says are you going alone ? suahan says I am fine now I can go alone. She leaves.

Scene 2
kamla is at her house. she is tears. vitthal comes and asks what wrong ? kamla says nothing. Just because of onion. Vitthal sits next to her. He holds her hand and says I have been with you for years. I know you so well. There is a difference. I won’t force if you don’t wanna tell. kamla says there is nothing like that.

Dheraj says to aman. I fears she shouldn’t come back. aman says I don’t think she will come back. dheraj says don’t be stupid suhana is her blood.

Scene 3
Suhana reaches chowl. She goes to the temple and prays. pakiya asks what are you doing here ? Suhana says I came here to meet massi maa. He says she has gone to market. come sit I will call her. Suhana goes in the house and looks everwhere. she sees kalpi’s picture. vithhal comes In and says kalpi. Suhana says no its me suhana. Massi ma takes care of me. He hides the wine from her.

Suhana says vitthal uncle I know I am nothing to you but please if your daughter was here and she would see you like this she would have been hurt. vitthal laughs ? suhana asks why are you laughing ? He says I felt like kalpi is standing here. what have I done ? suhana says come sit here. You have concealed a bad thing. You have control yourself. just as every father wants his children to be good a daughter wants her parents to be good as well. for kamla, kalpi and pakiya control yourself.

kamla comes home. Suhana says please forgive my family. the accussed you of stealing, I know you can’t even think to do that. they don’t know how good you are. kamal says go home I will come to meet you. Suhana says you will not come there. you have been insulted there. until I don’t prove that you are innocent you won’t come there. She leaves. Vitthal swipes kamla’s tears.kamla hugs him.

suhana’s car is down on the way. Aryan comes on the bike and says whats wrong ? She says what are you doing here ? He says I am going to meet massi maa. I know she is innocent. Can I help you in proving that massi maa is innocent. She nods. He says come I will give you life. Suhana sits with him on the bike. she falls on him as he starts. on the way the bike slips and suhana falls from the bike. He says I am so sorry suhana you fell because of me. its raining. He cleans her wounds. Aryan covers suhana with his coat. Suhana recalls the balloons.

Aryan get suhana up and says I am sorry you fell because of me. He covers her with his coat. he starts the bike but its not starting. he says what to do now ? We can’t find a rickshaw here. Suahan says lets walk.He takes the umbrella and they start walking.Aryan says are you worried for massi me vowed her that I will prove her innocent. he says I will be with you.
suhana goes to her house. Aryan comes to the chowl to bring kamla.

Manda wonders where is kamla going ?
Suhana says I have called massi ma here to remove the misunderstandings. SAnjay says suhana you called her ? suahan says yes papa I did. Massi maa can’t do this anyway. dheraj says what is this ? We all saw the bangles in her purse. suhana says you saw wrong I have the proof of what happened. She tells when meethi gave her the thing she found in her mom’s room. She says you knew where did I find this purse ? in dusheli’s closet.

Dusheli says she is lying I bought this purse. Suhana sys what is massi maa’s family photo doing in your purse ? there should have been your family photo. suahan says truth is dushela brought the same purse as massi maa and put in the bangles. then she replaced the one with kamla’s purse. sanjay says what is this dushela ? is this right ?

Dushela says to kamal when you came here suhana stopped talking to me I thought you I will gain my importance when you go.Sanjay says dushela you can leave. I am forgiving you seeing your serving to us for years. kamla says pardon them please. How will they run their house?

Sanjay says what can I says to you kamla ? what happened shouldn’t have. I apologize on behalf of everyone. kamla says no don’t be sorry. he says if you have accepted our sorry then please stay here for suhana. Kamla nods. Suhana says thank you.

in the morning suhana and Aryan are home. Aryan asks where are rest of the people ? kamla says they have gone to sanjay’s friends place. Kamla serves the breakfast. Suahan starts fainting. Aryan and kamla asks what wrong with you ? She says I took the medicine and I am not feeling well after that.

kamla takes her to the room and asks Aryan to call the doctor. He calls Mehta but he is not in the hospital. Aryan calls another doctor. Arayn comes to the room and says suhana doctor is coming in a few moments you will be fine.Dushela brings the lemonade for her. Doctor comes in and checks suhana’s pulse. Kamla says suhana was fine before taking the medicine ? Doctor says show me that drug. Kamla shows her. Doctor says what ? who recommended this medicine ? Sanjay comes in and asks what happened to you suhana ?

kamla says suhana started fainting after taking the medicine.Doctor says this medicine isn’t good for health. dheraj says what are you saying ? doctor Mehta is such a renowned doctor. how can he recommend wrong medicine. suhana says actually I don’t like this medicine so I used to trash it. today I had to take this. Doctor says you did good, if you had taken it regularly your condition would have been worse.

She recommends another medicine. Dheraj calls Mehta. Sanjay says how can Mehta give her the wrong medicine ? He says if something happens to suhana I will sue Mehta. Mehta comes in. Sanjay says what kind of medicine have you given to her ? Doctor desh said this medicine is dangerous for suhana.

Mehta shows him the file and says I never prescribed this medicine.
Sanjay says where did this medicine come from ? Chachi says kamla went to chemist to bring the medicine. why did you send he sanjay she is uneducated. Sanjay says its mistake of all of us. we know she is uneducated why did we send her? Aman could have gone. I will go to but her medicines from next time. he says kamla you won’t go for any such thing onwards. kamla says forgive me suhana. You are in this condition because of me. suhana says no its not your mistake.

Scene 3
Dheraj calls Mehta and says there is a trouble. Mehta says I am in trouble along with you. My license will get cancelled if sanjay comes to know.

Kamla says education is so important. She gets a call from pakiya but it disconnects. she doesn’t have credit. She says let me call from landline.
She take the receiver and hears dheraj and mehat talking. Mehta says no one should know that we are giving wrong medicine to suhana. kamla is shocked she says who is giving the wrong medicine ? who is this ? Dheraj throws away the phone.
kamla says who was it ? who wants to harm suhana. I have to figure out.

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