Reach for the Stars update Friday 10 April 2020

Reach for the Stars 10 April 2020: Raghav wakes up to the alarm and recalls the incident of last night and the drive with Kalpi. He says what did  I do? why did I talk to Kalpi like that and why did I go to the Kapoors.

Paki apologizes Kamla for doing that. She tells Kamla that she is waiting for the right person. Kamla says I can’t let anyone come in your life. Its my responsibilty to look for a guy for you. Paki says i will make you meet him.

Raghav is in office. Sammy asks how are you now ? He says my pain is my drug. Sahil is your rival and you appointed his daughter. You went to their home to save her. Don’t forget she is a Kapoor as well. Raghav says she is their weakness. I will use her to hurt Sahil kapoor. That’s the mission of my life Paki is just a path for me to destroy Sahil Kapoor. Sammy says I know you hate them Paki is not responsible for all this. i am sorry to says but this is wrong but I know you will do what you want. He says this is the game of revenge and there is nothing right and wrong. Paki’s mistake is that she is a Kapoor and she has to pay.

Scene 2
Kalpi says to Paki Raghav isn’t that bad. You should give him a little time. A peon says he has called you both in. Paki says I won’t go we will scold ta me. I know he hasn’t forgotten. Kalpi says lets come in and give him a chance he has called both of us.

Scene 2
Nettu finds out that the room of Paki is locked. She says now she won’t even trust me. Muumy ji says am going with my friends. I can’t tolerate your stupids intentions. Manda comes in, Nettu says clean the house in two minutes. Manda says only Rajnikanth can do that.

Scene 3
Raghav says we have to go miss Kapoor to show the housing project. Paki says is that all ? Raghav says what else should I say? Kalpi says there is a problem i have to ask for permission from my home. Raghav says who told you that you are coming ? Kalpi says but last night you said.. He says I know what I said. You have a lot of work here. They both leave. Raghav looks at Paki and says I know you like me Miss Kapoor and you have to confess it today. This is the first step of my success. Raghav writes 27 on the mirror wall. Kalpi sees it.

Scene 4
nettu scolds at Manda for cleaning the house with soap water. Poki comes running in and falls on the ground. Manda laughs. Nettu tries to help but Paki throws her hand off her body. She asks Manda to help her. Manda takes her to the room. Paki calls Raghav and informs him that she can’t come. Raghav says what an excuse. She says no I am saying truth. Raghav says okay rest at home. Sammy says you have to take Kalpi with you she is the best person to take with there. Raghav says i can go alone. Sammy says no its better she will make a report. Raghav says okay call her. He says in heart what’s wrong with my luck the one i want closer is going away and the one I want away is coming closer.

Kamla tells Paki on call that Raghav has went without her. She says how could he. Kamla says Kalpi has gone with him. She says that’s good now she can prove how good she is. Kamla says you should just focus on recovery rather than work. You will get more chances. Paki says yes I will look for the chances. Kamla says I miss you much want to come over and see you. Paki says I am okay Kamla maa. Paki disconnects the call and says I would have been alone with him on a highway all alone. How romantic and now him and Kalpi two boring people together. Kalpi tells kamla that she has to go to Ai bagh with Raghav. Kamla says that’s too far. Kalpi says this is important for her career. kamla says you should wait for your dad t come and ask him yourself. Kalpi says why would he say no Ai. I don’t have time its so urgent call him and ask him please. Kamla says okay i will ask him.

Paki says to mummy ji this is all because of Nettu. Manda comes and says can I apply this medicine on your foot. Paki says Nettu ask her to get out of here. Its all because of her. Paki says I just pray that Raghav cancels the trip and says he won’t go until I don’t come. It is so important. Mummy ji says everything will be okay.

Scene 3
Kalpi asks did she talk to baba? She is out of reach. Kalpi says I am getting late. Kalpi says look Pakiya ai is not allowing me to go. Pakiya says let her go. Kalpi says please say yes. Kamla says stop it Kalpi stop acting like a child. Let me try one more time. She calls again. Kamla says don’t know where he has gone. Pakiya says please Ai. Kamla says okay go. Kamla says let me give you vegetables Raghav like it a lot. She gives her the lunch box.

Scene 4
Kalpi and Vitthal leave for the journey. Kalpi says sir I wanna know a few things before starting. I mean we should discuss about project rather than wasting time here. He put his headphones in his ears. She says earphones need to be connected to something. Raghav says I only do one thing at once. Kalpi says okay the drive only.

Scene 5
Vitthal comes home and asks about Kalpi. Kamla says I was trying to call you. Kali had to go to Ali bagh with Raghav. Vitthal is angry at this. he says how could you ? He is not that 13 years old child. You will decide everything now ? He turns to Pakiya and smiles. Vitthal says I am the man here. How could you send my daughter with her. Kamla wonders did she do anything wrong. Vitthal says answer me now. Kamla says Pakiya said as well tht you won’t be angry. Pakiya laughs. Kamla says you were making me fool. Vitthal laughs as well.

Scene 6
Kalpi and Raghav are on their way at night. Kalpi says he is so rude. Was so good by last night, I know what my work is. Kamla says is everything okay in the office. Kalpi says yes. Kamla says don’t worry we should never as so many questions at once. just keep calm and all the answers will come to you. Suddenl Sammy calls Kalpi and says her something. Kalpi smiles and says i will reach on time. Kamla says did you get the answer ? Whose call was it?

Kalpi wakes up from sleep and wonders what she should do now. How boring Raghav is. She wonders whats the problem with him. A couple tries to stop them for lift. Kalpi says they need help. He says its not safe to stop car on highway at late night. Kalpi says I know you don’t trust people any more but there are still good people in this world. They had a child with them. If you don’t mind can we provide them life. Raghav reverses the car. The man says my motorcycle is broken. We don’t even have water and my wife is not feeling well. Suddenly 3 men come along with sticks. The man says now come out they are gangsters. He says take the key out.

The man asks Kalpi and Raghav to get out of the car. a man is about to touch Kalpi Raghav screams in anger and a fight starts there between them. Kalpi hides behind Raghav. She is scared. A man points knife towards Kalpi and says Raghav to stop. Raghav is feared and stops fighting. He asks him to get the money and stuff. Raghav says all right I will whatever you say just leave her. Raghav gives his wallet, jacket, watch and phone. In the end they ask for the car’s key. He asks for Kalpi’s jewelry. One of them says how about taking the girl with us she looks special to him. Raghav shouts. He marks a cut on Kalpi neck. It bleeds a little.

Scene 2
Nettu enters Paki’s room and says let me know what you want ? Paki says nothing. Nettu says I am your mom not enemy. Just stay here you need laptop right ? She gives her the laptop and asks Manda to get her juice.

Scene 3
They leave. Kalpo is in so much pain. Raghav asks are you okay ? Kalpi says yes I am okay I am sorry sir this is all because of me. Raghav says its my responsibility to take care of my staff. Kalpi says how will we go from here ? I am extremely sorry sir. Raghav says yes everything is your mistake. You shouldn’t have been so over smart. You trust this world so much right ? Kalpi says thats why I am saying sorry. Raghav shouts look you are just sorry. I know you wanted to save a couple. You think you can do anything ? And now stop crying. Kalpi tries to the car but it leaves. Raghavs says look this is the standard of humanity now. Can we get out here now ? I should have come with Paki. It always messes up when you are there. Kalpi is disappointed.

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