Reach for the stars update Thursday 9 April 2020

Reach for the stars 9 April 2020: Raghav is not responding, Sammy says let me talk to Maya. Raghav points him to sit down. Vitthal and Kamla see the conference room. Kalpi enters the room and says I would like to present on behalf of Raghav Singhaniya. Sorry for the delay., Sammy sasy you have no right to be here.

Kalpi says asked you for 30 days but now I just need 3 minutes. Sammy says stop it Kalpana you are not our employee. Paki says there is still a lot of tension why are you doing this. Sammy asks Kalpi to go out. Raghav stops Sammy and points Kalpi to start.

Kalpi starts the presentation. She says we are talking about the low cost housing society, For a middle class man who has to work 17 hours a day. When he comes home he want rest and that is the result of Singhaniya’s project. We have named it after mother. The presentation goes on and Paki and Maya are smiling. Sammy smiles as well. It ends and everyone claps for her. Vitthal and Kamla are so proud. Kamla says lets go home we will meet her there.
Maya comes up and says the judry has decided that this project goes to Singhaniyas’ Evand company.

Everyone congratulates and clap for Raghav. Sammy says I am feeling bad that I said all that about kalpana. She proved her loyalty and dedication. Paki goes to Kalpi and says wow you dazed everyone Kalpi. Kalpi says I did what i had to. Paki yes I will do what I should. Can’t believe my brother could do this to me. This is all my fault.

Scene 3
Sahil and Prem come in the house. Nettu asks what happened ? Sahil says we lost it. Neetu says how is this possible ? Sahil sasy Kalpana came there and took it away from us. Nettu says what I did was all useless. How i took that file from Paki’s room and all. Paki listens to all this and shouts out Nettu’s name.

Nettu says I stole the presentation from Paki’s room and it was of no benefit. Paki listens to all this. She is in tears and out of her mind. She says I can’t believe my own family could do this to me. How can you all be so selfish.

Paki says how will i face Raghav. The guy who appointed me even on being daughter of his rival side just because I am talented. I was alone in this house by now today you made me alone in the whole world. Thank you so much dad.

Scene 2
Kamla and Vitthal has got Kalpi a cake. Vitthal says you know me and Ai came there to see my daughter. Kamla says I won’t be worried about you now. Vitthal says how will you stop worrying about us. Kamla says you have made me believe that my daughter can get to her destination and make her own ways. She can remove all the hurdles in her path. When people were clapping for you I thought you have won it for all the poor people. Pakiya gets the call that the taxi is ready. He says we are going to madir to say thanks. Stay at home otherwise Aaji will come and kill all of us.

Scene 3
Raghav is drinking and thinking all what has happened between him and Kalpana and how everyone clapped for her today. Sammy said that she has saved you from the biggest defeat in your life. He throws away the glass.

Scene 4
Kalpi is making food. She says I will surprise you both by cooking for you Ai baba. kamla’s phone rings its Sahil kapoor. He says Kamla bhai Paki has locked herself in the room. She is breaking everything. I know I have no right to say this all. Kalpi says I am Kalpana Ai has gone out and forgot her phone at home. Kalpi wonders why Paki is doing all this.

Scene 4
Paki is throwing everything on the ground. Sahil says don’t mix your personal and professional life. Prem says open the door stop this drama. Paki says I never thought you would do this to me papa just go away from here Nettu. Mumy ji comes and says I feel ashamed of you Sahil. Money is everything for you. Call Kamla bai she is the only one that Paki understands. Muumy ji says there is no mathematics in love if you could understand this we won’t be facing all this. Door rings Prem open the door. its Kalpi. Kalpi says where is Paki ? He says that is non of your business.

This is not the house of Raghav where you can do anything. Don’t need to come in. Mummy ji says come in Kalpi. Nettu says yes Kamla must be sitting in the house and waiting for me to beg her. Kalpi knocks the door and says please open the door everyone is so tensed here. Paki says you know who stole the presentation, Nettu.

Raghav won’t ever forgive me. How will I face him. Just go and forget Paki Kapoor. I can’t even apologize Raghav, everything has ended. Kalpi goes out. Nettu says go and tell your evil mother that she is successful. Paki says this is all because of you Nettu go away. Prem wonders where has kalpi gone.

Scene 5
Raghav can see his childhood in front of himself. He says why are you here. The childhood says I come here because you miss me. Raghav says I don’t miss anyone. He says you are scared of being alone. Raghav says i am not scared of anyone. He says why are you drinking because you didn’t trust Kalpi. You just heard from a third person and fires her. You saved her when she was accused of stealing you never trusted her and saved her. You never trusted her since the day you came back. You even didn’t say her thanks for saving your life. You are scared that she shouldn’t take care of you. Raghav says i don’t want anyone. Sammy says what’s wrong with you stop drinking. First time ever you came close to defeat you have gone mad.

Raghavs says just leave me alone. Sammy gets the call from security and say Raghav Kalpana has come to meet you. Raghav says let her come. Sammy asks are you sure. He nods. Kalpana comes in. Sammy asks what’s the matter kalpana. She goes in front of Raghav. She says sir I am here to take you with me. Paki has locked herself in the room. she needs you if anything happens to her my mom won’t forgive me. Please come and save Paki with me.

Kalpi says to Raghav I am here to take you with me. Paki has locked herself in the room. She needs you sir. Sammy says Raghav won’t go there. Raghav says why ? just because for one second kapoors’ won over me. What will they do kill me ? Lets go and see what they can do.
Vitthal and pakiaya enter the chowl. Pakiya comes to them and asks if they have seen Kalpi? Kamla says where can she go ? They all are worried and start looking for her.

Scene 2
Mummy ji and Nettu are crying. Pem says she will open the door. Nettu says first she was worried about Kamla and now Raghav. Kalpi opens the door and Raghav comes in. Prem says what are you doing here.
Prem is so angry to see Raghav in his house. Sahil stops him and says that’s it Prem. Raghav goes to the door. He say Miss Kapoor. Paki is stunned to listen his voice. He says you don’t have to be ashamed. She says you don’t know sir my family.. Raghav says are you okay ? She nods. Raghav says good.

Scene 3
Kalpi is walking by the road to go home. Raghav stops the car and opens the door. Kalpi looks at him for a moment and sits in the car.paki says thanks Raghav thanks for coming, you were here when I needed you the most.

She is really happy.
Raghav turns on the music and song ‘Khudaya vey’. He is not driving well. Kalpi wonders why is he driving like that. Kalpi says sir please stop the car. He is not listening. Kalpi holds his hand on the gear. She says lock the car and we will go in the auto. He says nothing will happen to you. Kalpi says i am worried about you more than I am worried about my self. He says I am not used to of care.

He starts the car again. On the way he says sorry. I know thar car is fast but I am driving well. All that happened today shouldn’t have happened. I stay away from selfish people. Someone doesn’t break my trust, that’s the reason why i don’t trust anybody. I am all alone if someone comes in my life that I start trusting I ask them to leave so they can’t betray me. I am not that strict with people that way I am with myself. Its hard to live alone.

He smiles and says what am I saying. I fires you, I am sorry and thanks for saving me from defeat. This contract was so important for me. Kalpi says can i say something. He says yes. She says I thought you don’t care about feelings of others at all but now I know that you are not like that. She stops the car with a sudden break. He holds Kalpi from shoulder to save her. The song ‘khudaya vey’ plays again. he looks out and says here we are at your home, go. He takes off his hand. She says thank you sir. He nods. Kalpi gets out of the car and waves him good bye. She says what is this Raghav Singhniya. Whenever I meet him I feel like I am meeting a new person.

Scene 4
Kalpi enters the home. Vitthal, Kamla and Pakiya are so worried about her. Kamla says where were you Kalpi. Vitthal says did you know we were so worried about you. Kalpi says Ai I went to Paki’s house. Kamla says what happened ? She says Sahil called on your phone. I answered. Kamla asks is everything okay ? Kalpi says Paki locked herself in the room she was so guilty she thought Raghav won’t talk to her. Then she explains the whole story. I took Raghav with me and then she opened the door. Kamla says I have to call her. Kalpi says she is perfectly fine. She will join office from tomorrow.

Kamla calls paki and say what am i listening Paki. didn’t you think what would happen to me if you harm yourself. I love you so much. Couldn’t you call me / You can share everything with me. i am here with you. Kalpi is listening to all this she says I thought you would appreciate me but you forgot me once again.

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