Reach for the stars update Monday 13 April 2020

Reach for the stars 13 April 2020: Raghav says look this is the standard of humanity now, Can we get out here now ? I should have come with Paki. It always messes up when you are there. Kalpi is disappointed.

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Scene 4
Manda is applying all the makeup. She is happy to see the body sprays. Nettu calls her name and comes in. She asks what are you doing here ? Nettu says I have been calling you. Manda says I couldn’t here you. Nettu says go and make juice for Poki. Manda plans on keeping on of the perfumes.

Scene 5
Raghav is walking so fast on the road. Kalpi says you are going inside if we go from main road we can ask for some help. He says no one will help us there and in this direction we will get some village so someone can help there. Move fast not. He starts moving. Kalpi screams there is a prick in her foot. Raghav sits down and holds her foot. The song ‘khudaya vey’ plays in the background. He takes out the prick and says its not here now you have no reason to move like a turtle.

Scene 6
Sammy calls Paki and asks her if she had talked to raghav or Kalpi. He says I have been calling them since so long but they are out of reach. Kalpi says okay let me try. She calls them and wonders whats wrong with their phones.

Scene 7
Raghav and Kalpana point in different directions. Raghav says I think this is a better way i will go from here. Raghav says life is not like whats written in the books. Its easy to write 30 days on cabin’s walls. I am going there come if you want to. They start moving where Raghav asked to. There is nothing but a jungle there. Raghav says you must be so happy. Kalpi says no sir. He says yes you are always right you are superb congratulations. Kalpi says do you have any problem with me ? I have been looking since this morning. This is too much now

Kalpi says whats the problem with me sir. This is too much i asked for one month but you know I was wrong sir. I can’t spend time with a guy to whom I have to show my capability. I am okay the problem is with you I guess. I have decided sir, I quit. I will give you my resignation soon. Raghav claps and says what a speech miss Raghav. Resignation accepted. She leaves.

Paki is trying to call Kalpi or Raghav. Nettu says why are you still up ? Sleep you will get better. Paki says I am okay just leave I am busy. Kalpi looks for a way. She sees a light and starts moving. She climbs all those rocks and sees behind them from where the light is coming. Its a house there she smiles and says thank you God.
Kamla calls Kalpi and wonders where they are. She asks paki to call Raghav. Kamla calls Paki and asks her to check out if they reached. Paki says I am trying their number but I couldn’t contact them. Sammy called hotel but they haven’t arrived there.

Scene 3
Raghav sees Kalpi climbing the rocks. He gets on those rocks and shouts her name. She turns back and finds Raghav standing on a rock. He says what are you doing ? She says are you ordering me ? I asked about my resignation and you accepted. I am not your employee any more. I am going to that village by crossing that lake. Raghav says I am telling you the water is not safe there are other ways to reach the village. Kalpi says can you tell me some way that leads to the village? She turns and start moving towards the water. Raghav gets down.

Scene 4
Kamla says i should be used to all this now. i am so proud of you Kalpi. Pinky comes in and hugs Kamla. Kanta comes in and says come and make the bread. Pinky says I will finish the homework and then do this. kamla says whats wrong with you kanta ? You will make her work like this ? You wanted her to be like Kalpi. Kanta says that’s what I thought. but in the end she has to get married and she will make us earn something if she knows how to work. Kamla says but its her age to study. Kanta says I know what to do with my daughter. Lakshman comes in and says its easy to dream for a day but in the end she has to work for us. Manda comes in and says look Kamla everyone won’t think like you at least her daughter would return on time. Kamla gets angry at this. Vitthal says you can leave.

Scene 5
Sammy says to Maya there is some problem. Raghav is always in touch with the office. Kamla calls kalpi again. she says she will contact me. I worry about Pinky how Kanta said that she will let her daughter to work in the house. Vitthal says its their own problem. Kamla says its our responsibility to stop whats wrong. If we let this go then everyone will start acting like Kanta and Lakshman. We have to do something and specially when its related to girls. You know teaching a girl is like teaching a whole family. Vitthal says you remembre how you used to bring sweets for kalpi and those candies. You had just one thing on your lips for her, study study and study.

Scene 6
Kalpi moves and tries to jump in the water. She starts screaming for help. Raghav gets up one the rocks and sees Kalpi drowning. He jumps in the water and reaches her. He holds her and says don’t worry i am here. They start moving out of water. He takes her out, holding her

Scene 1
Raghav takes Kalpo out of the water and makes her sit on the ground. He looks exhausted. Kalpi says sir.. Raghav says shut up just shut up. What do you think of your self? I have never sees a girl as stubborn as you. He falls on the ground. His entire back is bleeding. Kalpi says whats wrong sir ? Please get up. She wonders why is his back bleeding so much. She tears his shirt and finds out that the leeches that suck blood are all over his back.

Scene 2
Sammy and Maya are in station. Inspector says that the car went from one checkpost buy never reached the next one. We have alerted all out staff there we will let you know if any information reaches us. A ot of robbery incidents take place there maybe he is a victim of that. Lets see. We will convey you all the informations.

Scene 3
Kalpi screams for help. She asks Raghav to get up. She doesn’t know what to do.
There kamla can’t eat in tension of Kalpi. Vitthal says whats wrong with you. Kamal says she knows that her phone is not working she would have informed her from other phone. Vitthal says she must be busy. Pakiya says she is okay don’t worry. Vitthal says Kalpi will call you in the morning. Now eat please.

Scene 4
A man comes with a lantern. Kalpi stops him for help. She tells him that there are leeches all over his back. He says get these leeches off his back it will kill him. Just burn these leeches. he gives her a matchbox. Kalpi says please sir try to get up,. He says leave me alone. Kalpi starts burning the match sticks but they blow because of wind.

Scene 5
Paki is watching Tv about the Zee cine awards she is excited for them. She is worried about Kalpi and Raghav. She calls Sammy and asks him. He says that they both haven’t checked in. Me and Maya are here at Ali bagh. She says why you didn’t tell me. He says we didn’t tell anyone. We are both looking for them I will let you know. Paki wonders should she tell Kamla or not. She is so worried for them.

Scene 6
Kalpi is failing in burning the matchsticks. She looks for a piece of wood. She wounds her dupatta around it and sets it one fire. SHe gets it closer to Raghav. Raghav screams with pain. She is plucking the leeches out.

Vitthal wakes up and finds out that kamla is still up. She says when children grow old they think that their parents don’t worry about them anymore. Vitthal says when a baby sparrow flies her mom is proud. You should be proud of kalpi. Kamla looks at Pinky studying. She says I will help her out Vitthal she will fly so high. I know how to make Kanta agree. Kalpi is taking the leeches out. She asks Raghav to get up. She thinks to take him. Wind is blowing. Raghav screams.

Scene 7
Mummy ji asks Paki to rest. Nettu says I have talked to doctor shah he is asking me to take you to the clinic. We should not take it lightly. Paki says I don’t wanna go any where. Where were you when I was young. I can take care of my self. I don’t wanna listen anything. She says okay do whatever you want and leaves.
Kalpi gets Rahav up by her own. They start moving. Raghav is in so much pain. She leads him. They sit under a tree. He falls in her lap. She holds him. He holds her hand so hard. She covers his back as the rain starts.

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