Razia Sultan update Wednesday 1 February 2023


Razia Sultan 1 February 2023: Jingura darting poisonous pin into Chanda’s shoulder and then searching Razia and her. He sees leaves fluttering and thinks it is them, but sees it is goat. He sees blood on ground and follows it. Razia on the other side shouts for help, but does not find anyone. Chanda wakes up and tells someone darted her with poisonous pin.

Razia makes her sit on horse and tries to run, but sees horse’s legs tied. She then sees Jingura walking towards them and runs with Chanda. They both then hide and see a horse moving, see Althunia on it and think of seeking help but stop sensing Jingura. Jingura sees them hiding in bushes and walks towards them.

Razia says Chanda instead of running she will face Jingura. She beats Jingura with stick till he bleeds and goes unconscious
and runs from there.

Sultan Altamash looks at this sword and reminisces Razia giving him sword whenever he goes on a war and gets sad. pr*stitute Turkan tries to provoke him against Razia. He says it is good Razia is not here, else she would feel a lot of pain giving him sword to fight against her brother Nasir. Turkan says she did not even try to know how is he and did not send any letter. A messenger comes with letter from multan.

Turkan shouts with whose permission he came in. Sultan says his permission. He reads letter and gets happy. Turkan asks what is in it. He says Qutub has sent a requests for him to attend dargah annual festival. She says he is busy in political meetings, then how will he go. He says when Qutub requests, he always accepts he requests, so he will definitely go. Turkan feels jealous and irked.

Chanda praises Razia that she has all qualities of a sultan. Razia gets impressed, looks at a dangerous bridge between 2 deep hills and says she will walk over it. She with great difficulty walks a half way when Jingura comes and tries to kill chanda. Chanda asks not to worry about her and cross the bridge. She beats Jingura and kicks him out. she starts cutting bridge rope to stop Razia from coming. Jingura comes back and stabs her. Chanda cuts the rope, falls on floor and thinks Razia’s life is more precious than her life.


Razia crying seeing Jingura killing Chanda. Chanda before dying tells Razia that she is very special and is born to become sultan. Razia ascending stairs and reaches cliff. She reminisces happier times spent with Chanda and then Nasir’s words. She thinks chanda’s sacrifice will not go waste, she will reach Ghazni for sure.

Ruknuddin calls Turkan out of palace and tells her that Razia is still alive as he got Jingura’s message that he did not find her yet. She says if Altamash will know about it, he will kill them both, so they will have to make sure he does not reach dargah/shrine and meet qutub.

Turkan goes for bath and tells servants that they did not prepare bath water as she liked. They say they did as she said with rose petals. Turkan says she has troubled them whole life, so they can take revenge on them. They ask how can they. She drowns one servant in water for not obeying her. Another servant says they will obey as she ways. She asks to break her legs then. They slowly twist her leg, but she asks to break it. They break it. She shouts in pain and asks them to inform sultan that she slipped in bathroom and broke her leg. Once they leave, she has she had to do it to stop sultan from going to dargah and meeting qutub, else her truth will be out and she will be finished.

Razia is in market watching circus. Althunia is also present there asking job to circus owner. Circus owner says he has to show some tricks to get job. Althunia says he saved girls from maroof with his bravery and tricks, else he would have killed those helpless girls. Razia hears his conversation and thinks why is she so weak that she cannot protect herself. She enters circus mirror room. Jingura follows her and breaks all the mirrors. She then hides behind table, but her dupatta gets stuck in vase. Jingura sees her dupatta and cap and gets happy. Razia is seen out wearing men’s clothes and moustache.

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