Razia Sultan update Thursday 2 February 2023

Razia Sultan 2 February 2023: Razia disguised as man to escape from Jingura. She sees him standing in market searching her, hence mingles with circus midgets and sits in cart with with them. She sees Althunia with circus boss and asking if he made special arrangements for his traveling.

Boss asks him to sit with midgets. He sits in Razia’s cart and starts boring her with his self-praisal attitude. Jingura also mingles with circus troop. Althunia starts getting friendly with Razia thinking him as a man, but Razia scolds him.

Turkan starts acting seeing Sultan Altamash coming into her room and shouts in pain. He scolds servants for not taking of Turkan. She says it is her mistake that she slipped in bathroom. Althunia says he is going to dargah annual festival/Urs today itself and will pray for her better health. He calls his kingdom’s best docs and says they will take care of her in his absence. Turkan thinks all her tricks are falling flat, earlier Razia escaped and now sultan is going to meet Qutub in Urs.

Circus troupe start their lunch. Razia tries to eat from box, but Althunia interrupts every time. She angrily walks out. He extends box towards her, but she says she does not like begged food.

In Multan, Fathima serves food to Nasir and asks him to have it. He says he will have it when he is free. She says he should allow Qutub to attend dargah urs. He asks how care she is to suggest him being a servant. She says as a woman she knows Qutub cares for her husband first and then her son. Nasir shouts that he does not need her opnion.

Althunia sees Razia having food silently in cart and laughs at her. Razia starts crying reminiscing Chanda. Althunia keeps his head while asleep and holds her. She resists but then also falls asleep. In the morning, she wakes up, sees him holding her, so she wakes him up and asks not to touch him/disguised as male. He says she is acting like a female. Midgets starts laughing on her. Circus boss stops the troupe and asks them to take bath in a nearby lake. Everyone get down.

Razia slips by mistake and her bangle falls down. Althunia asks if she wears it. She/he says it is his gilfriend’s. He taunts her. While others midget males take bath openly, Razia feels shy and says she is a tiger and will not have bath often. Althunia taunts her again.

Althunia sees Jingura walking suspiciously into tents and asks him what did he steal. Jingura says he is not a thief and is searching his boss’s daughter. Althunia asks him to search somwhere else. Jingura laughs that Althunia got fooled.

Razia goes to bath away from her troupe. Althunia goes there and thinks this small man is very shy. The then sees her playing in water and is surprised to see it is an woman. He reminisces meeting her before, saving her, their following events, etc. He gets mesmerized with her beauty and continues starting at her.

Althunia hiding and watching Razia taking bath in river. He reminisces all their meetings and realizes she disguised as man for some reason. Razia comes back to her bullock cart after bath disguised back as man. Althunia apologizes her for his mistake. She thinks what happened to him suddenly. She clashes with Jingura and apologizes, but he does not recognize her. Midgets taunt him.

Sultan Altamash sees soldiers waiting for him. Ruknuddin says he arranged all this for his travel to dargah urs/annual festival. Turkan comes in palanquin and says she is going with him and starts her emotional atyachar. Altamash says he will go as a common man and sends off soldiers. Turkan requests to take her alone and he agrees.

Razia tries to take eat food with troupe, but cannot. Althunia gives her bowl. She does not see his face and hogs food. He asks her to eat slowly. She sees his face and feels embarrassed. Midgets taunts Althunia that he is taking care of this small man a lot. Althunia says this man is very lean, so he is helping him. He gives her water mug. Razia says she is not weak and drinks water from mug.

In Multan, Nasr shows soldiers to Qutub. She asks what is happening. He says we all are going to dargah urs. She gets happy and says she will clear alll the differences meeting his abbu. He says he will just attend urs and will come back. She says as he wishes. Fathima eagerly waits for Nasir’s eagle to send a message to Razia and thinks it will be good if this war stops, but if they will realize that Razia went to Ghazni instead of delhi, they will not spare her. Nasir comes just then. She gets afraid.

He asks what is she holding. She says nothing important. He tries to take it. she says she is sending message to her dear one. He smiles and says he did not ask whom she is sending this message and says he came to tell her that she can come along with him to urs. She asks why. He says she showed him right path by suggesting him to take Qutub/ammijaan to urs and asks her to get ready as he will wait for her.

Althunia tries hand combat with circus men and defeats them. Jingura tries his turn. Althunia says he can use both his hands if he likes. Jingura overpowers him easily. Althunia thinks how can this midget have so much strength, something is wrong. Razia comes and asks him to fight with equal person. Althunia asks him not to provoke him. Razia asks if he got afraid. Althunia says whategver he thinks. Razia thinks what is he knows her reality. She goes with swort and tries to hit him, but he easily owerpowers her and says he does not fight with girls. She asks how does he know she is a girl. He asks her to forget it. She asks how did he find out. He says while she was bathing.

She feels shy and embarrassed. He says he did not see anything and just peeped by mistake. She asks him to stay away from her. He says he knows she eloped from house maybe because she does not want to marry without her wish. She says he doe snot know anything, she disguised as man as a beast is behind him. She requests him not to reveal in front of anyone that she is a girl.

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