Broken Bonds update Tuesday 31 January 2023

Broken Bonds 31 January 2023: Shubhra cuts onions. She sees Chaandrani saying is it onion making you cry or someone else? She says how can someone be so evil? How can they break kids’ heart. If Kuldeep doesn’t come home, I will not let Samaira sleep. Chaandrani says if my son was of Rishi’s age I would slap him.

Shubhra says Rishi is so heartbroken. If Kuldeep doesn’t help him with his project he would be hurt. my son is wise but he’s a kid. Chandrani says mine in 34 still acts like a child. Phirki says you’re talking to yourself? Missing my didi? She never asked me any question. Shubhra says your didi never knew where does 25 kg oil go. There were three boxes of haldi, now there’s one. She says they must be here. Shubhra says no chocolates in this box.

Rishi Roli didn’t eat them. Phirki says they are kids, they won’t tell you. They are not innocent. They open fridge every 10 minutes. Shubhra says so they eat your didi’s clothes as well? Shubhra says I know everything. If you come in my way, all of this will be out.

Rishi shows his project to Shubhra. She says well done. You are so grown up. She says let’s do recording. She records him. Rishi says Roli fights with me every day. She’s my sister. When she’s home I don’t need to watch cartoons because she’s one. But we share secrets and never tell anyone.

She makes me laugh. My aai is the best. I feel the worst when aai is sad. I never cry in front of her. She helps us with everything. I want to help her always. She is world’s best mom.

And my papa is most special.

Kuldeep and Samaira come in. She says we will celebrate at the best place tomorrow. Samaira says Shubhra congratulate Kuldeep. Shubhra says congrats. She says ever since I came back to his life, he is only achieving. Doesn’t look like he will ever look back. I gifted him the most expensive phone so he didn’t even look at the old phone. Thanks for waiting but we did our dinner already. She goes to the room.

Kuldeep says look at the phone. It’s so expensive. I couldn’t even dream about it. I earned it today. She says you must be happy. Congrats. Today is a good day. We also earned something else. Bigger than this. She shows him Rishi’s video. He says my papa is most special. I am happiest when we play with him. But these days we don’t get to spend time with him. He’s busy with work so we get everything. Papa doesn’t express much like God, but he loves us the most. Shubhra says he’s living in a delusion that we are a happy family. He doesn’t know his small happiness doesn’t count in front of his dad’s expensive phone.

Scene 2
Samaira wakes up and hugs Kuldeep. He is lost in thoughts. She asks what happened. He says I am neglecting my kids. Samaira says it’s common with ambitious people. We have to decide our priorities. Don’t be an emotional fool. You are giving them everything. Shubhra is giving them time.

You can pay for what they want and their education. Shubhra is making you feel the guilt. I have seen her playing games. Kuldeep says why would she do it? She says I had to alert you. People get jealous. I want to see you successful. Kuldeep says thank you. Talking to you makes me feel better. I have decided, I will spend one hour before with kids. She says sounds nice.

Kuldeep comes to kids. Rishi doesn’t talk to him. Kuldeep hugs him and says I am busy with work. You did so well. Roli says if he used my idea his project would be the best. Rishi says she wrote lame poems. Kuldeep says she’s young. Roli says but more intelligent. But you don’t give me time papa. Kuldeep says I am always thinking about you. She says I am not stupid. I know elders have to work. You can’t leave work and stay home with me. He says smart princess. She says we will come to your office, we can spend time with you. Yayyy. I am genius. Kuldeep says kids can’t go there. Rishi says please we want to see your office. He nods.

Samaira comes and says let’s go. Roli says we are also going to office. Samaira says what? Kuldeep says kids didn’t go outsince they came here. They want to see office. Samaira says is this a joke? He says they will come back with Shubhra.

Roli says we are also going to the office. Kuldeep says kids didn’t go out since they came here. Samaira says is this a joke? Kuldeep says they will come back with Shubhra. Shubhra says yes no problem didi. Samaira imagines them doing a mess. And him hugging Shubhra instead of her while playing blindfold. Samaira says we have a presentation. The kids say please papa. Kuldeep says I promised the kids. Shubhra will pick them. she says yes. Samaira says no. It’s not a family function. Samaira says for a few moments only. Kuldeep says Shubhra get them breakfast. Shubhra says order them something they will be happy. Kuldeep says burgers and cake. Shubhra says say thanks to Samaira. They leave.

Rishi and Roli come to the office and say hi to everyone. People ask them questions. Roli says I live in Pune came here so I thought to see papa’s office. She says didi you would look smart in a brown skirt. The girl says so smartly. Samaira says get back to work. Rishi and Roli play with everyone see cartoons on laptops. Roli says let’s do the assembly. My papa is really nice. You all should tell him jokes. He’s bad at it. Let me ask you a puzzle. Whoever solves will be champ. Samaira and Kuldeep come out. Roli is playing everyone riddles. Kuldeep says the parrot. Roli hugs him and says my papa is genius. I love you, papa. He takes her inside. They check the views. Rishi says your office is so nice. They play with chairs.

Scene 2
Phirki tries Samaira’s dresses. Shubhra says what are you doing here? She says cleaning. Shubhra says lifting? Phirki says don’t accuse me. She leaves. Shubhra takes out drugs. She asks Chaandrani I got it but would it be too much? Chaandrani says she took your husband what’s more than that. She says I have never done anything like this. Chaandrani says you have to fight this. Shubhra puts it under the bed.

Samaira is working. The kids are dancing outside. Everyone dances with them. Samaira comes out and says what is happening here? They pull Samaira and dance with her. Kuldeep says let me call Shubhra. She says no not her. You take them home. She says but.. I will take them. Kuldeep says sure. Samaira leaves.

Shubhra gives Phirki a lot of work. Samaira comes in. Shubhra says where are a kid? She says they will come. Kuldeep isn’t free like you. He has work. I am tired. Shubhra says yes you get so tired with work. You get so late. You will fall sick, you go change. I will get your food ready. She says I am not used to your fake concerns. Don’t do these typical housewife things with me. I can take care of myself. Stay out of my way. Just leave me alone. You and your kids have no class at all. You don’t know what privacy is. She asks Phirki to bring salad upstairs. Shubhra says I will make a healthy salad for you. Samaira says I will shower take champagne and sleep. I don’t want any disturbance. Shubhra says good night. She goes upstairs.

Phirki leaves her champagne in the room. Samaira comes out of the shower and takes champagne. She goes to bed. Shubhra peeks in. Shubhra says didi.. Are you okay? Samaira says I was but you are disturbing me now. Shubhra says sorry didi you rest. Good night. She leaves. Samaira sleeps.

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