Razia Sultan update Tuesday 4 April 2023

Razia Sultan 4 April 2023: Mirza rushes to his room. Razia had arranged the cushions in such a way that it seems a lady is sitting. She has covered them with her dupatta. Mirza sits down next to it. Time has played such games with us that we all have changed. Hatred has ruined everything.

I thought that you cheated me but I actually became your culprit. I have fallen in my own eyes by mistrusting you. Your love won. My hatred lost. I know you wont forgive me what I have done but atleast we can make things better now. Nani jaan was right. Hatred will only bring me to doom. Nothing has changed still. Mirza was, is and will always be yours. I will rectify all my mistakes. Please say something. I know I have hurt you. Don’t be quiet. Curse me if you want to but don’t turn your face away from me. He touches it and the cushionsfall. He calls out for Mohtarma but gets no reply.

Razia escapes from the palace using the secret passage. Mirza is looking for her. He notices a piece of her dupatta that got stuck in the passage’s door.

Yakut is anxiously waiting for Sultana. My life is for you. I don’t mind it if I lose it while helping you. Our love will be an example for everyone in future. It will prove that love is not just about taking but of sacrificing your life for someone too. I am coming. He hears Razia’s voice just then. He is relieved to see her all fine. He kind of hugs her. I don’t want anything else now. She makes him leave her. He says sorry. What can I do for you? She wants to go away from here. He assures her that no one can do anything to her till he is alive. Razia mounts on the horse.

Mirza and his soldiers are on the lookout for Razia. He asks the soldiers to find Razia at any cost. They all go in different directions.

Yakut keeps looking at Razia. She asks him about Delhi. Are Mirza’s people torturing our citizens? She shakes him out of his reverie. I am very much concerned about my people. I will feel better if you tell me something about them. Yakut has no idea about it. I was almost ready to leave for my place when I got to know about your situation. She wants to reach Delhi. He reasons that this path is dangerous at night. I cannot put your life in risk. We should rest for the night. We will resume our journey tomorrow morning. She refuses to stay back. He says you are the only hope for your citizens. You can fight for them. I request you for their sake. She agrees.

Mirza and his soldiers fail to find Razia. She must be on her way to Delhi. A dangerous jungle is in between. Thugs stay there. It wont be safe. Mirza does not want to wait. She is mistaking her enemy to be her friend. I have to reach her soon. Her life is in risk.

Rukn-ud-din tries to suffocate himself to death but Shah Turkan stops him from doing so. Someone pushes a plate of food inside the cell. They are surprised to see Muiz-ud-din there. He talks about destiny. Whoever wanted the throne is in a tight spot. How can I not help my old friends when destiny is favouring me? Delhi’s throne is empty. I will be the next Sultan. I have come to extend my hand of friendship to you. You can have all the luxuries once again if you help me.

Rukn-ud-din mocks at him. Muiz ud din takes the food back. You lost the golden chance. He leaves. Shah Turkan tells her son to stop. Muiz-ud-din was right. You are laughing at him. At times, some people win in the race who are not at all expected to win! Life plays such games. Rukn-ud-din wonders if Muiz-ud-din will actually become Delhi’s Sultan.

Yakut makes a bed out of hay for Razia. Razia is surprised that he arranged it all for her in this jungle. He says you are my Sultana. It is my duty to try and make you feel more comfortable. She thanks him. I don’t have to worry when you are around. He has made a pillow using hay and flowers for her. Keep your head on it. She asks him to take some rest too. He nods. She lies down to sleep. Yakut keeps looking at her from a distance. He leans closer.

Yakut leans closer to Razia while she sleeps. She asks for water in her sleep so he immediately backs off. She wakes up and looks at him. He offers to bring water for her but she tells him otherwise. I might have blabbered it in my sleep. He still goes to bring water for her. I will be back in a second. She stops him. She holds his hand. I wont be able to repay you ever. You supported me when the entire world was against me. I am very much thankful to you for this. She realises that she is holding his hand and lets go of his hand. He leaves to get water. She thinks how to tell him that her biggest enemy is no thug but Malik Alutina! I will arrange my people together and then free Delhi’s citizens from Mirza’s clutches. There will be war then!

Mirza keeps thinking of Razia’s pleading innocence now and again. He recalls his own bad behaviour towards her. I don’t believe in God but my love was my God. I insulted my love by mistrusting my Shehzadi. I am your culprit. You can punish me however you want to but I am coming to find you.

Razia too remembers what had recently happened with her in Bhatinda. She closes her eyes as she silently cries. You did wrong with my Malik! You used my love. You have hurt my emotions. I did not cheat you, you did! I will never forgive you for it!

Muiz-ud-din tells some soldiers that there is no one to look after Delhi. Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din will eventually die in the cell. Razia will stay captive in Mirza’s clutches. There is no other option. I should sit on the throne. Will you support me? He gives expensive jewellery to them. Change the fate. Kill the rest of Mirza’s people. Soldiers ask him if this means they will revolt. Muiz-ud-din talks about the end results.

The weather is very windy. Yakut reaches near the river side. tastes the water first. This is dirty and salty. Sultana cannot drink it. Clean and sweet water can be found in the middle. I will have to go there. He steps inside the river. On the other hand, Razia tries to hide herself behind a tree as it starts raining. She hears the sound of footstep. A local looks at her.

Razia takes out her dagger. Yakut’s foot gets entangled in a branch. He trips but he does not let the pot fall. The local tribal people surround Razia. She very bravely fights them all singlehandedly. One guy stealthily comes from behind and holds Razia’s hands. The rest of the people tie her and take her with them.

Yakut cuts the branch. I did not let this water fall. I am coming to you.

The locals find Razia’s dagger. This is the royal symbol of Delhi’s Sultan. They deduce that she is Delhi’s Sultan, Razia. We have hit gold!

Yakut returns but cannot find Razia there. He calls out her name too but in vain. Please don’t play hide and seek with me. I want to say something to you. He confesses his love for her loudly. Still there is no reply. He gets tensed.

This is a very dangerous place and not at all safe for you. Where are you Sultana? He suddenly notices that his horse is not there as well. Did those thugs take her? That cannot be! He hears the sound of approaching hoofs. Maybe some caravan is headed this side. He approaches those guys for help. He gets shocked seeing Mirza.

Mirza asks about Razia from Yakut. Yakut replies that he cannot hurt Shehzadi as he loves her dearly. Mirza gets furious. He starts hitting him with hunter. His commander stops him. we have to keep him alive so we reach Sultana. He notices the footsteps of other people. Yakut says I was right. Those thugs kidnapped Sultana. We should not delay. They have no rules. We will have to rescue Sultana asap. Mirza gets Yakut arrested. Cover his face with a black cloth so he cannot act smart.

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