Razia Sultan update Tuesday 31 January 2023

Razia Sultan 31 January 2023: Razia gives silver coins to all the freed slave girls. One of the girl says she does not know how to thank her. Razia says women are stronger than men and they should never feel weak. Girl asks if she is Delhi’s princess.

Razia looks at chanda. Chanda says she just told that to frighten Maroof and says though Razia is not princess, she is princess of our hearts. Razia says they all should thank savior instead, runs towards Althunia and thanks him. He says she should thank her destiny instead as he saved her this time, but will not be there to save her next.

pr*stitute turkan happily tells her joker son ruknuddin that Jingura assasin has reached border and will kill Razia soon.

Althunia tells Razia that she is a girl and should not risk her life like this and should leave it to men. Razia gets irked and says he is same as cruel maroof and does not respect women. He says he saved her, but she is insulting him instead. They both start verbal argument.

Qutub looks at calender and tells Shamshad that she has decided she will attend Dargah yearly festival and will also invite sultan Altamash. Shamshad asks if she is in her senses, she should realize that her husband and her son’s fight has started and she should be on her son’s side instead of her traitor husband.

Qutub says she knows her husband, he cannot be so cruel, she wants to listen it from altamash itself. Nasir says there is nothing to listen now. Qutub says he does not know his father, if he had to marry Turkan, he would have married 20 years ago. Nasir says altamash is his enemy now and he does not want her to meet him. She slaps him and thinks Nasir will not let her meet her husband and prays god to stop father and son’s fight.

Razia while riding her horse reminisces Althunia’s words. Chanda asks Razia if she is reminiscing that unknown person’s words. Razia says his words were bitter but true. Chanda says whole mandi kabran’s slave girls were praising her for her courage.

Althunia washes his face and takes rest on cot. A man comes and asks him to help him transport his goods to another city in exchange of money. Althunia shows money and says until he has money, he will not work. Man says if he had offered money to anyone else, he would have accepted easily. Althunia says he suffered a lot helping someone and does not want to help anyone. Razia on the other side gets tired riding horse and says Chanda that she wants to reach Ghazni at any cost though.

Jingura assasin reaches mandi kabran and asks slave about maroof. Slave says his dead body must be lying somewhere here. Jingura shows Razia’s pic and asks if h e saw her somewhere. Slave says she is the one who destroyed mandi kabran.

Razia and chanda freely walk in market and chanda asks her to hide her face, else someone will identify her. Razia says nobody cares here and says she wanted to enjoy this free life since a long time. She starts playing happily.

Jingura thinks he thought turkan sent to kill a weak bird, but looking at mandi kabran’s destoryal, it looks like she is dangerous cat and he will enjoy killing her.

Razia and Chanda loudly play music. Althunia wakes up and asks them if they have come to their father’s marriage that they are playing loud music. He identifies them and asks Razia why is she following her. Their verbal spat starts again. Razia asks him dare not to badmouth about her father. He asks if her father is a sultan.

She says that is none of his business and says she came following him instead. He asks her to give him fine for waking him up. She shouts at him and leaves. He takes out her perfumed cloth and says this girl is so arrogant, but princess is very well cultured.

Althunia ordering jalebis at a sweet stall. Owner gives him only 2 jalebis and tells a lady bought all the jalebis and is continuing to eat them. Razia munches jalebis yelling at Althunia that he is very arrogant, etc. Althunia tells owner that he heard from elders that if a lady eats more food than she can, it means she is angry on her boyfriend or husband. Razia comes and asks for more jalebis. They both are shocked to see each other and start verbal argument again. Razia asks more jalebis and gets big plate of jalebis, but Althunia holds plate and starts fighting. She snatches it from him and leaves.

Chanda seeing their fight thinks of getting jalebis from other store and walks in market when she see Jingura showing Razia’s pic and asking
people if they saw her anywhere. She clashes with him purposefully. He shows pic and asks if she saw this lady somewhere. She says she looks like a princess and must be in her palace. He says she is right and suspects her. She then rushes to inform Razia and he starts following her.

Razia gets full eating jalebis. She sees Nasir’s eagle and a letter on his legs. She reads it and gets angry on pr*stitute Turkan. She writes back letter and sends it to fathima back.

Fathima in multan hopes eagle must have given her letter to Razia. Sultan khwacha asks Nasir if he stopped Qutub from going to dargah. Nasir nods yes. Khwacha says his decision was right and he should stop Qutub from getting into trouble. Fathima hears their conversation and tells Nasir he is a good man. Nasir says he does not need opinion from slave.

Chanda sees Jingura following her and passes Razia without speaking to her. Razia thinks why she ignored her and is about to go and confront her when Althunia stops her, looks at her eyes and identifies her as princess Razia. Jingura leaves not finding Razia. Razia asks Althunia if he did not see any girl. He says he is looking at her eyes and thought he saw her somewhere else. She asks where did he see her. He says she must be not that girl as that girl was beautiful and she is very arrogant. She asks him to leave her alone.

Razia sees Chanda afraid and asks why is she afraid. Chanda says a man was saking her and has come to kill her. Razia says she is right, shah turkan has sent him to kill her, she got fathima’s message from multan that qutub thinks she has gone to delhi and altamash thinks she is in multan, Shah turkan is planning to kill her and marry Altamash.

They both leave the city and ride their horse towards Ghazni. Jingura follows them, thinks he will not give easy death to Razia, and darts poisonous pin on Chanda. Razia tells she feels killer is following them. Chanda says he cannot as he fooled him. She falls on her horse unconscious. Jingura cuts his hands and thinks he will give a very ruthless death to Razia.

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