Broken Bonds update Saturday 28 January 2023

Broken Bonds 28 January 2023: Shubhra says where do I look for them? ChaandRani comes in and says no need to find them. The kids come in with her.

Kuldeep says I am missing my kids. I never imagined I would have to live so far away from them. If I said the truth, you won’t let me go. Samaira says I won’t let you go to the kids? Blame me for everything. Tell me the truth. He says the truth? I told you already. You don’t trust me, that’s your problem. You will never understand how important kids are for me. This isn’t a business, they are my kids. I want to talk to them. But you never even let me speak to them. So I had to lie to see them. But you won’t understand, you’re a spy. You know what you will never know what kids are to me because you don’t have your own children. She says I am Samaira not Shubhra, if you step out today never come back to me. Everything would be over.

Shubhra says are you both okay? She hugs them. ChaandRani says I went out to get cheese and saw them at the bus stand. I figured they were doing something wrong. Shubhra says you were leaving mama? Never even thought how worried I would be?

Samaira says I never tried to part you from the kids. I know you love them. But if you meet them this way they would be hurt. They should be given enough time to accept that you and Shubhra are separated. Why give them false hope?

Rishi says we only wanted you and papa to patch up together. Roli says yes mama, please don’t be mad at papa. Aaju ba’s house is pretty and big but we don’t want to live there. We want to live here in our own house. Rishi says with both mama and papa.

Samaira says I planned a surprise for you and called Mr. Varma to postpone your meeting but I was shocked to know there’s no meeting. Anyway, we are going on a Europe trip. Our flight is the day after tomorrow. He says what? She says yes, you’re so stressed. You need a good vacation. Visa and passport are ready. Kids will also have time to adjust then you can call them to Mumbai. Kuldeep says this is my first international trip. He hugs her and says thank you so much. ChaandRani asks the kids to play downstairs. They say no we don’t want to. Sanjana and her husband take the kids with them. ChaandRani says what are you thinking? Kids are right. You and Kuldeep ran from the homes to stay together not stay away. Go to Mumbai, teach him a lesson, and bring him back. It’s your right. You are his wife and my DIL.

Shubhra is shocked. ChaandRani says I never accepted you but you always became my DIL. Madhura is right, my son a donkey. She giggles. ChaandRani makes Shubhra sit and says men have hearts at their palms. They think women are weak. If a woman is a mother, she is a lioness. No one can harm their kids.

Aaju baa comes and says what drama is going on here? He says first your son fooled my daughter and wasted 12 years of her life. I won’t let her waste more of her time with that man. He says don’t fall for their trap again. Sign the divorce papers and end this drama. Take your kids and come with me. Let’s go.

Shubhra stands there. He says let’s go. ChaandRani says Shubhra I know your dad is right. I know what a father goes through when their kid is betrayed. My son has blackened my face. I have no right on you. You do what is right for you. Shubhra takes out the papers. Aaju ba gives her a pen. Shubhra says sorry baba. I can’t sign these papers. Everyone is shocked. Shubhra tears them. Aaju baa is angry. Shubhra says I am sorry. You came the first time to my house, to be with me.

But you’re talking about breaking my heart. I know you’re worried about me. I am your daughter, the same way I am also worried about kids and their future. Kids need a father along with a mother. I can’t take their right from them. He says okay then stay here, let’s go Madhura. We don’t have anyone here. She says please.. ChaandRani says don’t worry. I am with her, to take care of her. you go. Madhura leaves.

Rishi says Aaju baa left? Shubhra says yes he left. Roli says and she? ChaandRani says who is she? Don’t you know who I am? Roli and Rishi hug her and say dadi. And I will always live with you. Roli says our family would be perfect. but when will papa come back? Rishi says what to do Aai? Shubhra says what to do Biji? ChaandRani says don’t worry.

Scene 2
Kids are locked in the room. Rishi says I want to listen in, what dadi and aai are talking about. Roli says we can listen with this glass. Rishi says but it’s bad manners. Roli tries to listen anyway. Rishi also gets in. ChaandRani says you only have to go to Mumbai. Shubhra says what would I do with Rishi Roli? I can’t take them there. Rishi knocks and says mama you won’t go to Mumbai alone. You are going to bring papa back right? We will also go with you.

Shubhra says that can’t happen. ChaandRani says you both are right but mama isn’t wrong either. Let me talk to mama, and don’t listen in. We will tell you what is decided. ChaandRani says I think kids are right. Shubhra says I can’t take the kids there. ChaandRani says you took care of kids when Kuldeep left. You told me Kuldeep loves the kids. Everything is fair in love and war. Make them part of this war. Shubhra says but how can I involve them in all this? ChaandRani says then let him go? let them be fatherless. Kuldeep will see their faces and realizes he’s doing wrong. Take the kids with you. Everything would be okay.

Scene 3
Samaira and Kuldeep are leaving for Mumabi. They check their things. Samaira says Phirki we are going abroad. Will be back in 12 days. Take care of the house. Kuldeep opens the door, he’s shocked. Samaira is also shocked. Shubhra and the kids are standing at the door.

Kuldeep says why are you here? She says got you chooran. He says what? She says you can’t live without it. Did you come here for this chooran? She laughs and says got you laddu, papad, poran polhi. All of this for you. You can’t work without anyone these. She giggles. Kuldeep says shut up why are you here with all this stuff and kids? You gave your mangalsutra to me and never even picked my call and now you’re here like nothing happened? What is this drama?

Everyone is confused. Phirki says to Samaira that woman is back here again and she took Kuldeep to the room. Samaira says she has to go back last time, Kuldeep will kick her out this time. Phirki says these kids will ruin our house. The kids jump on sofas. Samaira says get down, I got this couch from Italy. You can’t step on it with shoes. Rishi and Roli smirk. Samaira says don’t touch my things. She asks Phirki to take things inside. They pick decorations and play catch catch with it. Samaria says no please stop. Samaira says Roli give it to me, I am your cool aunty. Roli drops it.

Shubhra says I needed time to think. He says you broke the relationship. What’s left to think? She says there’s a lot to think. We made all this plan for. He says what do you mean? What is this non-sense? Shubhra says let’s go out and talk in front of Samaira. She’s the third part of our relationship. Let’s go. Samaira says do guys even have an idea how expensive.. Kuldeep says what is going on here? Kids hugs Kuldeep. Samaira says I was asking kids fi they saw the playground. You tell me what’s going on. Shubhra says we don’t talk in front of the kids.

Shubhra asks kids to go downstairs with Phirki. Shubhra asks Samaira to sit and makes Kuldeep sit next to her. Kuldeep says what’s the new drama now? We don’t have time. Shubhra recalls ChaandRani asked her to do drama. She asked her to use her tears.

Shubhra says your happiness is with Samaira. I have realized that. So obviously, you want to stay with your happiness. You can say whatever you want. Kuldeep says why are you here? Shubhra says just to say that your happiness is with Samaira and my and kids’ happiness is with you only. She sheds fake tears and says can’t we all live with our happiness? All happy? Samaira says what do you mean? Shubhra says you wanted me to accept your relationship. I accept it. Kuldeep and Shubhra are shocked. She recalls ChaandRani said make her your sister.

Shubhra says Samaira, you’re like my elder sister from now on. Can I call you didi? Samaira says what? Didi? Kuldeep is shocked. Shubhra says who said we can’t be sisters or friends? We can be friends, try it. Samaira says what is happening here? Shubhra says yes this word ‘sautan’ sounds down market and you feel even worse because you’re not even married to Kuldeep yet. Well we can use any word, but the relationship remains same. Third between two. That’s why I am calling you didi. We are a family now. Can’t all three of us live together under one roof? There would be no problem. Kuldeep says in heart what is wrong with Shubhra. Shubhra says you offered me the same deal?

Samaira says no. You got my deal wrong. Let me explain you again. Listen carefully this time. Deal was that you live as Kuldeep’s wife in Pune and I will live here with him. So your joint family set-up isn’t okay with me. Are you clear now? Pick things and kids and leave, please.

Scene 2
ChaandRani brings Kuldeep’s toys and says our grandchildren will play with their father’s toys. We missed their childhood in this fight with our son. If we accepted Shubhra back then we could see kids’ childhood. Maybe, after being with such a good DIL and such cute kids, you would still be around Chaddha ji. Kids aren’t always wrong. Sometimes parents are wrong as well. We didn’t do right kicking Kuldeep out. He learned from us, running away from relationships and he did the same with Shubhra. It was our mistake and Shubhra had to pay for it. Anyway, it’s gone. I will stand by Shubhra. I will protect her today and tomorrow. She is fainting.. ChaandRani says didn’t eat my meds. She faints and falls down. She’s out of breaths.

Shubhra hugs Kuldeep and cries. She says for kids we have to stay together. Roli is papa’s princess. How would she feel without you? She loves you more than me. How will she tolerate not being with you? She considers you her super hero. Samaira says Kuldeep cares about kids and their future more than you. That’s why he’s saying if they stay here what would happen to their school? Shubhra says they are intelligent like their father. Please didi don’t ask me and kids to go from here. Kuldeep without you everything would be destroyed. How will I do everything? Kuldeep says I don’t think so.. Shubhra says dice.. Rishi swallowed a dice. She cries. Kuldeep says what? When? You didn’t tell me. Shubhra says I was also here. When I went back I found out. He’s fine now. But such things can happen again. I was so scared. Kids really need you. I don’t want anything but kids need you.

She says didi I know you’re too busy. You handle Kuldeep and your work. All of Kuldeep’s love is for you. I will handle kids and the house. I am used to, I do that. Tell Samaira didi I can handle the house very well. It’s such a big house. Give me a small place to live. I won’t come between you and Kuldeep Samaira didi. Won’t ever say anything. Kuldeep and Samaira are shocked.

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