Razia Sultan update Thursday 26 January 2023

Razia Sultan 26 January 2023: Multan’s sultan (nasir’s uncle) telling Nasir that his father Altamash does not even care relationships and in a fit of rage sent soldiers to kill them. It is good he knows altamash’s behavior, so he had the army ready beforehand, else he and Nasir would have been killed. Razia says her abbu is not like that and she does not know how to prove her innocence. Shamshad says all these soldiers cannot lie.

Razia sees a solider alive and shows him to multan’s sultan. Sultan asks soldier who sent him. He says sultan altamash and dies. Razia says he is lying, her abbu cannot do this. She tells Nasir, Shamshad that her abbu cannot be so cruel. Sultan says a person who is a big traitor cannot be believed and asks razia to come out of her delusions. Sultan says answers should be given in a style of question asked, picks raja Markand’s head and asks soldiers to send it to altamash as gift.

Sultan altamash gets a gift and happily thinks Sultan khwacha must have send a treasure. He slowly opens pot and is shocked to see Raja Markand’s head. pr*stitute turkan her fear came true and Nasir killed Raja Markand. Altamash, the dumbest sultan, shouts Nasir…

Razia sees Nasir silent and asks him to speak. Her aunt says Altamash killed her brother Adam khan with same brutality and today he wanted to kill Nasir. Razia asks Qutub if aunt is telling truth. Qutub says maybe raja markand became traitor. Razia says markand cannot sell his loyalty. Qutub asks then she should accept that Altamash did this. Sulan Khwacha says let us see altamash’s reaction seeing markand’s head.

Altamash while performing Raja Markand’s last rights reminisces Raja’s loyalty and asks another minister to send a message to Sultan khwacha. Sultan khwacha reads message and tells altamash has alleged prince Nasir for killing Raja Markand, betraying country and kingdom, and annnounces war against him. He thinks his doubt on Markand was wrong, else sultan would not have shocked seeing his head. Shazia says altmash cannot think of killing nasir as he is his very dear one. Sultan says he was, but not now, else he would not have sent soldiers to kill him.

Ugly pr*stitute praises herself that with her bangle sound, Delhi saw many killings, and if she shakes her legs, royal family will be killed.

Sultan khwacha tells though his kingdom is very small compared to Delhi, he will face altamash’s army in war. Razia asks him not to take decision in a fit of rage. Nasir asks to send a message that he is ready to fight with sultan Altamash.

Nasir planning attack on Delhi on a map and reminisces his dad insulting and not believing. Shamshad comes with family. Qutub asks Razia to close door as she wants to speak to Nasir.

She tells Nasir that he will not fight with his abbu Sultan Altamash, says though Uzma aunt, Sultan Khwacha and Shamshad don’t like Altamash and are provoking him for war, Altamash did many mistake, but he fulfilled his responsibilities as father, so he should wage war against him. Nasir abbu is waging war instead and says when abbu took his sword, insulted him and gave his sword to Ruknuddin, uzma aunt and khwacha were not there, abbu even sent soliders to kill him and sent a war message. He asks her to stop consoling herself and says her husband sultan Altamash is responsible for this war.

He says in enemity mirror, only can only see enemity. Qutub starts crying. Razia consoles her and asks her to calm down, she will speak to Abbu. Shamshad asks her voice will go unheard and in war, ladies are confined in rooms, so she cannot go anywhere.

Sultan altamash (dumbest sultan of that time) reads Nasir’s message and asks his minister to start war arrangements. He feels dejected that his son has betrayed him.

Razia tells Fathima and Chanda that she will speak to Sultan Yaldos, and Altamash cannot ignore his request.

Althunia catches his boss’s solider who says if he kills him, he wil not be saved. Althunia ties him with rope. Soldier says he cannot escape after killing his boss. Althunia says he is not a slave and says he is on some mission. He pushes man on floor and leaves.

Fathima tells Razia she cannot go to Delhi as Ghazni’s route is very difficult and dangerous.

Althunia sees his boss’s soldiers surrounding him and tells he did not know his boss has so loyal soldiers. Soldiers says he was most loyal soldier of his boss and asks him to accompany them. Althunia takes out his sword.

Razia tells Fathima and Chanda that she will go to Ghazni at any cost and asks them to arrange her journey.

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