Razia Sultan update Friday 27 January 2023

Razia Sultan 27 January 2023:  Althunia’s boss’s soldiers surrounding him with swords. They then laugh and ask if he will not hug his friends/brothers. He hugs them and they all laugh.

Razia comes to her mom/Qutub’s room and sees her sleeping. She tells she knows her mom is very sad, but not to worry as she is going to Ghazni to bring back he house and sultanat’s happiness, she will not let things shatter. She kisses Qutub’s forehead and is about to leave when her younger brother wakes up and asks if she is going on a war.

She says she is going to stop war and asks him to close his eyes and stop and let her go. She comes out of room and asks Fathim and Chanda if arrangements are made. Chanda says chariot and other goods are waiting outside. Fathima asks what will she tell if everyone wakes up. Razia says nothing will happen and says she will meet Nasir before leaving. Chanda says at this time, he is busy with army. Razia says she will meet him at any cost.

Nasir gives encouraging speech to Multan’s soldiers and asks them to get ready for the war. He chants islamic slogan and disperses soldiers. Razia disguised as soldier stands behind soliders and thinks iron dress is very heavy, don’t know how soldiers fight wearing them. She walks towards Nasir and tries to drop letter in his pocket when Nasir asks her to give her identity. She gets afraid. Nasir tells her abbu used to tell good’s soldier’s real test is in tougher times and says soon they will meet. Razia drops letter in his pocket and leaves.

Razia comes out of palace and sees a horse, asks Fathima and chanda if she arranged this horse. Chanda says route is very rocky with full of difficulties, so she arranged horse. Razia says she does not know to ride. Fathima asks if she should arrange a chariot. Razia reminisces Nasir’s encouraging speech and says she will ride it. She tries to climb horse, but falls down. Fathima and Chanda help her ride it.

Althunia reaches is boss’s house. His friends taunt him that he came back after a long time. He asks them to stop taunting and asks where is boss. He then goes to him and they both converse. Boss says he has not changed. Althunia says when he has not changed, how can he. Boss says he is not a slave and is a soldier, so he should not hesitate killing people.

Althunia says he does not want to kill innocent people. Boss says he has to murder one last time and will get huge reward. Althunia says he has left all this and requests him to live freely. Boss says he will not stop him and asks him to live his life. Altunia thanks him and says he will not forget his help in life.

Uzma says Qutub that she has prepared her favorite dish and asks her to come and have it. Qutub says her husband and son are waging war against each other, then how can she have food. Shamshad says she should not get weak and asks her to have food. She asks servant to call Razia and Shazia. Servant says Razia is not in her room and Fathima was sleeping in her place. Razia is seen learning horse riding and falling repeatedly. Chanda wakes her up and asks if she got injured. Razia says no. Chanda asks if she falls like this, how will she reach Ghazni. Razia says she will reach Ghazni at any cost and will control this horse. She runs, rides horse, but falls back again.

Shamshad beats Fathima and asks where is Razia. Fathima does not say anything. Shamshad asks servants to throw Fathima from fort. She pleads. Nasir asks servants to leave her and says he has to know where Razia is to protect her. Razia is seen controlling horse and riding it successfully. Chanda claps for her.

Razia riding hours proficiently. Chanda says Razia she does what she aims. Razia says she controlled this horse. Chanda says she is worried for Fathima as she may inform that she has headed toward Ghazni. Razia says she is sure Razia will not open her mouth. Fathima tells Nasir and other that Razia has gone to Delhi to stop war. Razia sayseven if Fathima informs Shamshad, she knows horse riding and will not come in Shamshad’s clutch.

Shamshad says Fathima must be lying. Fathima says Razia has left a letter in Nasir’s pocket. Nasir reads letter and says Fathima is right, Razia must have headed towards Delhi. Qutub gets worried and says what if my something happens to my daughter and requests Nasir to go and stop her.

Razia washes her wound in lake.

chanda applies herbal paste on her wounds. she gets tensed and starts crying. Razia asks what happened. Chanda says she made a big mistake and says she forgot to tie horses and they eloped.
Althunia waves off his friens and says he will go wherever his faith takes.

His boss Haji gives him silver coin. Althunia says he cannot accept it as he had kept it for his no.1 warrior. Haji says he is his no. 1 warrior. Althunia thanks him and leaves. His friends ask Haji how can he give precious coin to Althunia when they served him for years. Haji says they can get that coin by killing Althunia. Friends say Althunia is their childhood friend, how can they kill him. Haji says in their warrior clan, whoever leaves their clan is not among them and they can kill them.

Chanda apologizes again Razia for not tying horses. Razia says it is not her mistake and she will reach Ghazni for sure. She consoles her by saying that she did her duty by heart, but it is god’s wish that horse ran. She asks her to forget everything and start searching horses.

Sultan Khwacha sees Nasir rushing out with soldiers and asks where is he going. Nasir says he is going to bring back Razia to Delhi. Khwacha says if he goes to Delhi, his dad will kill him. Nasir says his dad is not so cruel to kill a single man. Khwacha says his dad has considered him traitor and had even sent soldiers to kill him, then how can he believe his dad. He has sent soldiers to bring back Razia instead. Shamshad says Khwacha is telling right.

Razia and Chanda get tried searching for horses. Razia picks leaves and prepares an umbrella out of it and keeps it over chand’s head. Chanda says she is so caring to take care of servants. Razia says she is her friend and not servant. They both see a man getting up from leaves and following them. They get afraid. Razia asks who is he. Man tells her that nobody will be saved. Razia asks what does he mean. He says there is dead valley ahead.

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