Imlie starlife update Wednesday 25 January 2023


Imlie 25 January 2023: Imlie walks on road remembering Aditya’s words that if she leaves him this time, he will not come behind her. A speeding car passes by hitting her hand and she falls down. Car stops. At T house, Aparna prays god. Adi asks what is she doing. Aparna says whenever he used to go on assignment, Imlie used to console her, now who will console her; she prays devimaa that only good should happen to Imlie and let Imlie meet people who will respect her and keep her away from wrong people. Car owner gets out of car and walks to Imlie. Imlie thinks he must be coming to help her and extends her hand. Man ignores her, removes stone from road, and walks away ignoring her again. Imlie angrily shouts at him and runs behind car, but he drives away ignoring her.

Adi tells Aparna that he liked her praying for Imlie, but she shouldn’t pray god to send Imlie away from him as it makes a lot of difference to him; he was wrong when he against his and Imlie’s forceful marriage, was wrong when he didn’t inform Malini about it, was wrong when he didn’t divorce Malini immediately, etc., but was he wrong if he questioned his wife. Aparna says he was never wrong as he knew Imlie better, but today they were supporting Imlie and knew Imlie would never fire Malini; he didn’t trust Imlie and forced her to leave house.

Imlie reaches college and seeing same car again decides to punish nakchad bagga/NB. She hears a sound in an underground fight club nearby and walks towards it. NB enters and orders its organizer to vacate the place as he bought it. Organizer tears papers and warns to do whatever he can. NB says he got 2 hours to vacate this place.Back at T house, Malini tells Aparna that she always loved Imlie even after finding out that she is her stepsister, her husband’s first wife and her husband loves Imlie instead; she just spoke what her eyes saw; even Adi would have believed Imlie if she had not been melodramatic. Dulari shouts at her to stop her drama and warns T family against Anu and Malini. Anu warns her to shut up. Dulari shouts to shut up and curses that Imlie will never return to this house and takes Mithi along. Aparna holds lamp and tells Adi that she will light it for Imlie and will continue until Imlie returns home, even Adi will burn like this lamp thread.

Imlie enters auditorium and sees men fighting. Organizer challenges him to fight with his best fighter first if he wants this place vacated or else go home and wear his sister’s bangles and send her to him, he will send keys with her sister back tomorrow morning. NB gets angry and accepts challenge. Imlie rushes inside ring and tries to stop fight, but is kicked out of ring.Adi returns to his room and cries looking at Imlie’s pic. Malini walks to him and thanks him for supporting her; says this situation was most difficult for her; Imlie is her sister and got insecure due to her immaturity, but Adi trusted her and taught her to support truth, so she is thankful to him; she cannot imagine what is going in his mind and wants him to share it with her.

He asks why Imlie left him. She says Imlie was wrong and felt better to run away instead of defending her lies. Adi gets his boss’ call who informs him to cover illegal underground fighting ring story. Adi agrees. Malini asks him not to work in this condition. He says he will remember Imlie if he stays here, so he will better go and do what he does best.Goon provokes NB (Imlie’s given nickname nakchadbagga) to fight with his best fighter khoka and take his property keys. NB ignores his challenge and warns him to vacate the place in 2 hours. Goon humiliates him. He gets angry and challenges to end the match in 2 minutes. Imlie enters ring and tries to stop fight but is pushed away. NB walks into ring ignoring her again.


NB fights with khoka. Aditya reaches there and over phone gives update to police. Khoka overpowers NB, but NB defeats him with his brain and smart moves and walks out of ring. Adi stops him and asks who is he. NB says he is the owner of this place. Adi calls police and gets him arrested for organizing illegal fighting racket. Imlie stops police and says this man saved a defeated man’s life and fight club’s owner. Adi says she always gives her verdict without listening to the other person and runs away from situation. Police informs Adi that Imlie is right that someone else was running this racket and this man is a big businessman. Adi apologizes NB and says he was at the wrong place at wrong time. NB says time and place are wrongly alleged, now time and change will change.

Adi says he is confused but will try to understand a business whose both hands and brain are sharp. NB says he just entered this city. Adi says there is nothing left in his life except time and his name is.. NB walks away saying name should be so famous that there wouldn’t be a need to inform.Imlie walks on street. NB stops his car and throws water on Imlie’s face. Imlie angrily confronts him and asks what does he think of himself, she can elbow his back faster than he drives car, she helped him from police and he troubled her instead. He drives away saying he doesn’t take help. Adi noticing him asks Imlie why did she let that arrogant man go, nobody can misbehave with her and he will punish that man.

She asks if he will punish anyone who troubles her. He asks if she has a doubt. She says he should look at a person who troubled her more and shows his face in mirror. He says let us go home and discuss. She denies and gets adamant. He says if one loves someone immensely, he/she will return back or else it means that person never loved her/him. He holds her hand. She asks to leave her hand and walks away. He says he will not come behind her to convince her again. NB notices them and thinks he will meet Adi often.

Adi returns home and seeing home temple lamp flickering remembers Aparna’s words that he will burn with this lamp thread and protects it. Aparna walks to him and says he doesn’t want to hope lamp off, but cannot bring her back home. Malini walks in and says he will move on just like he moved on from her with Imlie Aparna says a friend cannot replace love, one can live without friends but not without love, Imlie is Adi’s love and will have to return in his life. Malini tries to blow of lamp and thinks she is unable to remove Imlie from T family’s hearts.

Imlie sleeps on street crying and thinking she lost everything. She imagines Mithi as Seeta maiya pampering her and saying a person gets oneself after losing everything. She asks if she lit a sun behind her. Mithi says she is Seeta maiya and not her amma and as she said, she should have self-confidence to face any situation in life. Imlie is amazed to see Seeta maiya and asks if she came to meet even when she is wrong. Seeta maiya says when a person’s heart is true, she visits them and gives her advice that decades changed, but woman continue to bear allegations; so she have self confidence and move on and let everything on her Seeta maiya. She wakes up and realizes it was her dream, the sees a flower near her and thanks god.

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