Razia Sultan update Thursday 19 January 2023


Razia Sultan 19 January 2023:  pr*stitute shah turkan rescuing sultan Altamash. Sultan Yaldos praises turkan. Shamshad says Turkan should be taken away for treatment. Alatamash asks pr*stitute what she wants in reward. She asks to made her son Ruknuddin as Delhi’s subedar.

Razia is busy inspecting chandelier room and sees cut rope. Servant comes and informs that pr*stitute asked subedari for her son. Ruknuddin escapes from there. Razia goes back to courtyard. Qutub tells pr*stitute that she is a slipper and cannot be worn on head, says she has already asked subedari for Nasir. Their argument continues. Sultan shouts at them to stop and says Ruknuddin and Nasir will both have to fight and whoever wins will be Delhi’s subedar.

Turkan gets tensed and says it will create a rift between two brothers. Ruknuddin comes and tells he is ready to accept this challenge and he will prove his competency in battle. Altamash asks to announce publicly even for common people to participate.

Sultan yaldos waves goodbye to altamash, but before going says he doubts on his intelligence, then says he is a warrior, so he sometimes speaks like a sword. He then says he should not have decided about subedari publicly and made Nasir subedar. Altamash says Nasir is his disciple and will not dissapoint him. Yaldos says even Razia is very talented and soon will be some sultan’s mallika. Razia smiles.

Ruknuddin stands on servant’s back on 1 leg and warns him if he falls down, he will kill him. Serves requests him to get down. pr*stitute comes and scolds him for accepting challenge against Nasir who is a true warrior. Ruknuddin say she is very witty and knows how to handle Nasir. He swipes his sword in air and cuts servant’s clothes into pieces leaving him naked and says he will make Nasir naked in front of everyone like this.

Nasir at night sees slave shivering and drapes his shawl over him. Razia smiles and says she is happy that he is very kind hearted and as a sultan he will take care of his people well. Nasir taunts him to tell what kind of life partner she prefers. She says he should be kind hearted, brave like a tiger, etc. A man is seen running in dessert between camel herd. He rescues a helpless woman requesting for help from the herd. Razia further tells man that he should go to any extent to save people.

Woman who is saved thanks man for saving his life. He laughs and says he was saving flower on her head as it is very rare in dessert. She asks if he has gone mad. He says he does what his heart says.

Shazia jokes that Razia will not get this man even after a rigorous search. Nasir’s sword slips while practicing and it flies towards Razia. Razia jumps and catches it. Nasir says Shazia is right. Razia asks him not to taunt her. He asks how did she catch sword. She says even she is surprised. Servant informs that Turkan pr*stitute wants to meet her. Razia asks why.


with Razia going to meet pr*stitute Shah Turkan on her invitation. Turkan says she has prepared her dry fruit sweets which Ruknuddin likes. Razia asks why is she buttering her. pr*stitute says she is worried about Nasir and does not want him to be harmed by Ruknuddin, so she should ask sultan to stop this competition. Razia asks her not to worry about Nasir and feed sweets to her son Ruknuddin. Once she leaves, pr*stitute throws sweets angrily and tells her son that Nasir will not win the competition.

A veiled assasin tries to kill sleeping Nasir. Nasir wakes up on time and overpowers assisin. Servants catch assasin and Nasir is shocked to see Adila who is Shamshad’s personal assisant. Razia and Qutub also come there and Nasir says he should inform sultan about it.

Shamshad comes and says she sent Adila to attack Nasir as she wanted to see Nasir’s capability and he proved that he is capable of becoming sultan. Qutub says she is worried as someone may attack nasir for money and asks servants to increase Nasir’s security. Razia says they should go to Peer baba’s shrine and pray for Nasir.

Dessert man comes to market and hears Royal accouncement of invitation for a competition to become Subedar.

Qutub gets Nasir ready with war attire. Shamshad ties him holy thread. Razia jokes that nobody can remove it now. Qutub says she is worried about Qutub’s chameleon behavior. Servant informs that sultan wants to meet asir. Turkan on the other side readies her son.

Dessert man tells his friend that he will attend the competition for sure and will go to shrine also and get his favorite perfume from there.

Razia’s assistant asks her to wear veil before going to shrine. Nasir meets Razia and taunts her to pray for herself also as who knows she may find her dream man there. Razia gets shy and asks him to go and meet abbu/Sultan.

Nasir walks towards sultan’s room and meets Ruknuddin on the way. They both meet sultan who asks them not to forget they are brothers. Nasir says sultan Yaldos has taught him that. Ruknuddin says he will remember his advice. Sultan then shows them 2 swords, tells usually sword chooses its warrior, but he is giving them opportunity to select their sword.

Turkan goes to horse stable and checks Nasir’s horse Rustom. She hears Razia coming there with horse seat and hides behind grass. Razia ties seat on horse and says once Nasir becomes Subedar, she will ride on it and asks if he will let her ride. She senses something is wrong, goes near grass to check, but then walks back. Once she leaves, pr*stitute takes knife and thinks everybody will be afraid of riding this horse from today, forget about Nasir.



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