Razia Sultan update Wednesday 18 January 2023

Razia Sultan 18 January 2023:  Razia happily hugging her great grandmother. Grandma says she is flying like a bird in happiness today. Razia happily runs to harem. Shamshad asks her to stop misbehaving.

Razia happily informs that Sultan Yaldos and Nasir brother are coming for eid celebrations, so sultan will celebrate eid with us instead of pr*stitute shah turkan. Qutub gets unconscious in happiness. Sultan Altamash comes and asks her to arrange feast for sultan Yaldos and Nasir. Razia tells Shazia that she will go out now. Shamshad says let her go as there is no place for one who does not care about family.

Prince Nasir and sultan Yaldos are on the way to Delhi. Yaldos says the way Razia invited him for eid feast, it is something related to Nasir’s life. Nasir says he judged right.

pr*stitute sits at in her room crying. Her son says something is fishy. She says she is sad that sultan did not celebrate eid with her and did not even invite her for eid feast with Yaldos. He says he is worried about becoming sultan, but she is still stuck in her romance with sultan Altamash. She asks what should she do else and says soon sultan will come back to her at last and she will ask her gift then.

Sultan Yaldos’s comes with his troupe to Altmash’s palace. Altamash greets him in and they both converse. Yaldos says he saw same courage and bravery in Nasir. Altamash asks where is Nasir. Yaldos says he went with some important work and will come back to palace soon.

Nasir comes to meet Razia at their usual meeting place. Razia hides. He provokes and jokes that she is fat and ugly. She comes out and says she is not. They both joke. He asks why did she send fathima to call him. She asks how did Fatima convey her message. He goes into flashback and tells how Fatima conveyed him a message from fruit box.

Sultan Altamash introduces Qutub to Sultan Yaldos. They both converse. Sultan asks about Nasir. Nasir enters reciting poem and then meets his dad and mom. He then meets Shazia and taunts her that he will get her married soon. She says she does not want to go soon. He asks where is Razia. Razia hides behind window. Nasir himself goes and brings her. Altamash introduces her to Yaldos who says he came here on Razia’s invitation. Everyone are shocked to hear this. Shamashad asks why did she invite sultan. Razia says yes and says she knows sultan Yaldos does not come on invitation easily, but she thought of trying.

Yaldos says he agreed as he liked both brother and sister Razia and Nasir. Sultan Altamash thanks them for inviting Yaldos. Qutub also thanks her. Fathima comes in. Razia asks why did she come in, naani/Shamshad will scold her now. Shamshad says Fathima will be Razia’s personal assistant now. Razia thanks naani and smiles.

Ruknuddin destroys flower plants angrily. His pr*stitute mother asks him to clam down and tells her plan.

The episode starts with Razia helping servant decorate palace for sultan Yaldos’s eid feast. Servant asks Qutub to check the gift she has selected for sultan yaldos. She says if he has checked, there is no need to check. pr*stitute’s son Ruknuddin comes with flower vase and tells Qutub and Shamshad that he brought gift for Yaldos. He taunts them that he is legal heir of this dynasty. Razia scolds him. Qutub taunts him that they should not punish him for his mom’s mistakes. Razia says he is incapable of anything.

Sultan Yaldos comes with sultan Altamash and praises his palace decoration. Shamshad asks Qutub not to forget her mission. Altamash comes to Qutub and thanks her arranging eid function so well and asks her what gift she needs. She says she just needs his

love. He says woman’s deep thoughts cannot be calculated and again asks her to ask waht she needs. She asks him to announce subedari to Nasir and him being legal heir of dynasty.

pr*stitute shah turkan comes reciting poem, luring sultan with kaftan and ask him to wear it. Sultan remembers promising her to wear it on eid’s day. Qutub and all ladies get irked seeing pr*stitute. pr*stitute greets salam to Yaldos and tells he must be think who she is. She drapes kaftan over sultan and tells she is shah turkan. Altamash feels embarrassed in front of Yaldos but smiles. She continues to lure him, when Razia brings throne and asks to wear it. Yakdos gets happy and says he will happily wear it. Shazia tells Razia did right by making throne out of kaftan.

pr*stitute tells she wants to gift him one more thing. Shamshad thinks this pr*stitute will start one more drama. pr*stitute says she has only her talent as gift. Rukuddin is seen silently entering room. pr*stitute starts dancing sensuously and luring sultan Yaldos and Altamash. Yaldos praises her. Shamshad says pr*stitute started showing her true colors. Qutub says they should stop her then. Shamshad asks her not to and watch her drama silently. Razia says Shazia that Ruknuddin is missing.

Shazia says no son would like seeing her mom dancing so vulgarly. Ruknuddin is seen in chandelier room, trying to cut its room. Razia says something is wrong. Shazia says becauseof this pr*stitute everything is wrong. pr*stitute takes sultan under chandelier and stats revolving around him. Ruknuddin cuts chandelier rope. Turkan pushes and rescues him on time.

Turkan acts as getting injured instead and starts writhing in pain. Altamash picks her and asks to present the decorator. Turkan says he is saved, that is more important to her and continues her acting. Razia says Shazia she knows something is wrong and goes to chandelier room. Doctor/hakeem comes and says turkan’s nerve has to be fixed. Altamash asks to do whatever necessary. Ruknuddin smirks seeing his pr*stitute mom’s drama.

Razia enters chandelier room and sees cut rop.e Ruknuddin hides. Razia does not notice knife on floor and inspects cut rope.

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