Broken Bonds update Thursday 19 January 2023

Broken Bonds 19 January 2023: Shubra is mad at the kids. She asks why did you do this? We were so worried. Tell me. Kuldeep says why did you have to go to that place? Do I ever go there? No right? He sees a pendant in their necks and says what is this? Shubra says aai must have given this. Kuldeep says say something? Rishi says sorry papa. Sorry aai. We.. Roli says you leave it. She says it’s grandparents’ day. We had to invite them, mama will be so happy if they come. Kuldeep says where did you get the address from? Roli says you gave it along with permission last night. Kuldeep says when? Roli says you were in your room and you were smelling. But you were in a good mood. Shubra says in this condition, people don’t remember what they do. He says I remember everythihng. Rishi says will we go for a picnic tomorrow? Shubra says yes. The kids go back to their room.

Scene 4
The kids ask Shubra for shades they will wear at the resort. She takes them out. Shubra says did you like the house and Aaju baa? Did he speak to you? Rishi says yes. Roli says they have a huge house. Can we shift there it will be fun. Rishi says I liked meeting him. Roli says he got mad when I asked for a chicken sandwich. Shubra says oh God are you mad. Shubra says will he come on the event? Roli says I invited them, he will have to come. He will patch up with you as well. Shubra hugs Roli. She says go sleep, you will go to the resort. Rishi says you will have fun. Shubra says I won’t be able to go with you. Rishi says why? Shubra says I have to prepare for your grandparents day. Rishi says it won’t be fun without you. Shubra says it will be.

At night, Kuldeep drinks and thinks about Samaira. He says why do I keep thinking about her? How can someone come so close to me in such less time.

Kuldeep drinks. He recalls Samaira. He says how am I always thinking about her? He imagines Samaira saying why not? No distance can come between two people who love each other. She says sometimes 11 days can be more powerful than 11 years. He imagines Shubra, love gets stronger with time and true love doesn’t blur our. Samaira says really? If your love is so strong why don’t you ever see what Kuldeep wants. Why are you pulling him towards family and taking him away from himself? She says because he isn’t alone. He is married. He has 2 kids. He has to think of his family. Samaira says love gives happiness, marriage only responsibility. That’s why you’re so close yet so far from your husband and I am so close.

She says Kuldeep you have to choose yourself and come out of this life of suffocation. Come to me in Mumbai. Shubra says how can you leave me and kids? We will be together even if we have less money. Samaira says Mumabi. Shuba says Pune. Samaira says think about your dreams. Shurba says think about your responsibilities. Samaira says you love me, Shubra says you married me. Shubra says we are your today. Samaira says think about your tomorrow. He breaks the glass. Shubra comes out and says who is there? She says are you okay? You didn’t sleep? And what is all this? He is about to stand. Shubra says there’s glass on the floor. She cleans the glass and gives him a slipper.

Shubra says is there any tension? He says I will clean it. Shubra says you go sleep, I will clean it. He says are you not going with me tomorrow? We couldn’t celebrate the anniversary. Shubra says there’s a lot of work. I have to get Rishi’s costume and Roli’s project things. I can’t be at two places. I know I will miss out on things, but kids’ happiness is a lot more than that. Kuldeep says sometimes, it’s okay to be selfish. She says kids are always with me. They got time with you, one day, be a responsible father.

Scene 2
Rishi and Roli come to the resort. Roli says such a big pool. If it was in our society, I would swim every day. Kuldeep says where are you going Roli? Roli asks the singer to sing her favorite song. Samaira calls Kuldeep. The kids go near the pool. Kuldeep says don’t go there. Come sit here. Roli sits down to tie her shoelaces near the pool. Kuldeep says sit here. Samaira keeps calling. He says I have a call. Sit here and decide on food. He goes out. Roli says the water isn’t that hot. Rishi says papa said not to go there. Roli says papa loves me.

Aaji says not everyone is lucky to see their grandchildren. You gave me two grandchildren. But I couldn’t even play with them. They are so far from me. Biji sees her and says she scolded me in front of everyone. She sees the Aaji is upset. She says we have a big heart, we don’t take things on the heart. Come let’s talk, you don’t like talking in the temple. Aaji says I have to go home. She says go home with a light heart.

Samaira comes to the resort. Kuldeep is shocked. He says you? Why did you come here? Kids look for Kuldeep. Kuldeep says you came here? Samaira says I don’t know what is wrong with me. I felt like your chapter is over, but I kept thinking about you. I tried to forgive you but I can’t. Kuldeep looks at the kids playing. He says Samaira you shouldn’t have come here. I am already worried about that incident. She says think about me, I couldn’t stay. Didn’t you miss me? What did you tell your heart. I might also be able to get you out of my heart.

Scene 3
Sanjana and Shubra have cucumbers on their eyes. Shubra says give me the phone once. She says no it’s my time. Shubra says just once, I need to be sure everything is okay. They went out without me for the first time. Sanjana says they are with their father. He has to be responsible. Take this time for yourself. Shubra says remember when I went on the first date with Kuldeep you got me ready, but I ate Lolipop and my lips became orange. He laughed and said I look cute. They both laugh. Shubra says I don’t even remember him laughing at me or calling me cute anymore. Sanjana says just chill. Everything will be okay when you get this tension off your face, the Shubra Kuldeep loved. Find your love again.

Roli goes near the pool. Rishi stops her and says only go when papa is back. Going to the pool is dangerous. Roli says I want to go to the washroom. Rishi says let’s go. Rishi waits outside. He sees Samaira hugging Kuldeep. Rishi is shocked. Roli says what are you seeing? He says nothing and takes her from there.

Kuldeep says please try to understand. What you want isn’t possible. Samaira says I can see it on your face that you care about me, you feel the same way I do. I am not asking you to leave anyone. But can’t there be a beautiful relationship between us. HE says this isn’t possible. She says why did you mind what Rajesh said? You care about me, you protect me, I heard everything. Why don’t you accept this relationship then?

Roli says let’s order. We can’t wait for papa for everything. Rishi thinks about what he saw. He sits silently. Rishi wonders why did papa hug Samaira? Roli goes near the pool.

Kuldeep takes Samaira inside. Kuldeep says I won’t lie. I missed you a lot. Rajesh was right am I in love? But I can’t have any relationship with you. I am married. I have two kids. Samaira says at least you accepted you love me. Kuldeep says I can’t leave kids and Shubra. She says I don’t want that. If we like being together, then why not?

The singer says little princess this song is for you. Roli says yayy my song. She dances. Samaira says don’t think a lot. Let yourself flow with the wind. I will take care of everything. Come with me. Roli dances near the pool. Roli falls in the pool. Rishi screams. People run to save her. Roli is downing. The singer jumps in to save her. He brings her to put. Rishi is crying. He looks for Kuldeep. The manager says who was on duty? What if something happened to the kid? Roli is fainted. Rishi screams papa please save Roli. Papa please come. Singer says call the doctor, she is scared. Roli faints. Samaira holds Kuldeep’s hand. He says I have to go. Kids are calling me. Samaira doesn’t leave his hand. Kuldeep leaves. Samaira says you can’t leave me like this.

Rishi says Roli please open your eyes. Please, he cries. Roli throws up and opens eyes. Rishi says I was so scared. Roli says you are such a coward. Kuldeep comes and says Roli.. How did this happen. Rishi says she fell in the pool. TA man says be grateful that your son made noise and she was saved on time. Kuldeep says are you okay? What kind of security do you have? How could you let her go near the pool. The manager says the pool has a sign, kids shouldn’t go near the pool. Where were you? You came so late. She is okay now. She is a bit scared. Roli says I am not scared. He says you are such a brave girl. Roli says where did you go? He says I had a call from the office. Rishi says he was with Samaira, why is he lying? And why did he hug her?

Biji comes into her place with Aaji. They collide with utensils. Aaji says what are they here for? She says this is high-end security system. If anyone enters, I know. She says sit. Aaji is confused. Biji says sit here. Aaji sees a chicken. Biji says I will pick it don’t worry.

Aaji says you live alone? She says the entire city is my family. Aaji says forgive me. You’re such a good lady. Biji says it’s okay. Forget it. No sorry or thank you. Biji says the milk is over. Can’t make tea. Biji says let’s have one peg. Aaji says I don’t drink. Biji says have food? She says no it’s okay. Aaji says you drink? She says I didn’t use to. I started it after his death. When he was alive he asked me to be his peg partner. I made faces like you. I thought people would say a woman is drinking. But I missed him a lot when he died. So I made a peg for him and made one for myself as well and drank it. He said cheers. So I drink two glasses one for me and one for him. She says I brought you here to listen to you. Why were tears running down your face?

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